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  1. We returned home from Sydney last week and I can attest that there sniffer dogs in use at Perth domestic airport. The dog and its handler go past every bag and person including the bags coming out onto the carousel.
  2. Absolutely they do have a border check at the WA/SA border - presumably also up north WA/NT. Officers will ask you if you're carrying any fruit / veg etc, you must declare and surrender anything (including honey). Caravanners / motor-homers can expect an Officer to enter their vehicle and do a physical check. You simply cannot bring anything which might impact the integrity of our environment into WA.
  3. That works out about $365 per night, a lot less than many hotel rooms and includes all your meals, entertainment etc. I'd be grabbing it with both hands. Compared to a Coral Coast Cruise we're doing in September on Princess, where we're paying around $3200 each for 10 days in an ordinary balcony cabin, I think it's a good deal. Mind you, I don't know your personal circumstances and I acknowledge that. As suggested by others, you can always manipulate the system.
  4. From one organised person to another, we're booked on a Coral Coast Cruise with Princess in September and I'm not even going to try the App. I'm simply gonna rock up at Fremantle with all the documentation and passports in hand and let them sort it out. From what I'm reading and hearing, it seems to me the new boarding protocols are more bother than they're worth. I'm absolutely convinced we won't be denied boarding because we 'refused to play the game'. In addition, if I get any superior than thou attitude from any of the check in staff at the port, I'll play the nice little old lady not good with technology card.
  5. Just out of interest, where are you coming from? it doesn't sound as if you've been to Sydney before and I'd hazard a guess that an awful lot of travelling Aussies have had at least one visit. Simply curiosity, if I was a cat I would probably be on my last life.
  6. I see that @possum52 has responded to your question. If it helps to compare I can tell you that I retired 10 years ago and I was on professional salary of $130k per annum at that time. My replacement earns around $175k now. I can also tell you that the only tip I ever got was to be kind to my mother and look both ways before I crossed the road.
  7. While I take you point, I never met anyone who went to work with the intention of doing a bad job. I may be naive, but this has honestly been my experience. Poor service is more often a result of poor management practices and frequently stems from lack of training, insufficient staff recognition and (non financial) reward. Good bosses will attract good staff.
  8. That's a very good way of looking at it. We pay our people a living wage for a reason.
  9. Doesn't seem to matter how many times you ask tourists not to tip, some of them persist. I'm not sure it it's just culturally embedded or just being rude; as if our culture has less importance than theirs. By way of making my point; whenever I visit another country, I do my utmost to adhere to their cultural norms. For example, when in an Asian country I would never touch a child's head but at home there's barely a moment when a grandchild or friends grandchild passes me when I don't ruffle their hair or bend down to kiss their little foreheads.
  10. This entire thread reminds me of the Scared Weird Little Guys 'Come to Australia'. Really hope this links works - .
  11. Look I don't want to sound like a wowser but you seriously need to consider a high sun protection factor sunscreen. Your excitement level will certainly be significantly affected if you spend days in pain nursing sunburn and and blisters or, heavens forbid, in hospital. Not to mention, latent problems of possible skin cancer. As others have stated, the sun here is fearsome and has no respect for anybody's skin dark or light but, it is especially cruel to fair skinned people. Please, wear a hat, cover up wherever you can and use a sunscreen with a high (50+) SPF.
  12. 'er indoors, hey? I've occasionally heard my Grumpy refer to me as 'she who must be obeyed'. Both quotes come from Pommie tv shows if I'm not mistaken
  13. Point taken, Having accepted that, I would suggest that 2 cold beers does not really make the package cost effective.
  14. There's not many people who enjoy a drink more than me and Grumpy (wine / beer /whiskey) . When we first started cruising I priced the drinks package and realised that it was extremely expensive for what we drink. Very occasionally I might have a Brandy Alexander but on a 50 day cruise you could count those times on one hand. These packages rely on you drinking the same amount day after day and to actually make on the deal you have to be drinking a hell of a lot! Imagine for a moment that you've come back from a shore excursion, you may be hot and sweaty and even somewhat tired, are you really going to sit around and drink your whatever many cocktails that day? Remember you're not getting a refund for what you don't use. We had lunch with a couple one day in the buffet and they both ordered a couple of drinks each, I have no issue with a glass or seven of wine with lunch in company. However, she said to me that they never normally drink before dinner but they'd bought the drinks package and felt they were being ripped off unless they drank their money's worth. She also complained to me that her hubby kept missing afternoon events as he needed to have a nap after a couple of drinks at lunch. LOL!
  15. I always get a letter from the Dr stating what medications are prescribed and how many milligrams in each tablet. Once filled I've always found the the pharmacist keeps hold of the script.
  16. Don't think I could be even bothered packing a suitcase for 3 to 4 days. Nothing less than 10 days and even then I'm not sure.
  17. Not entirely sure what a 'move over offer' is? Seems to be an offer to forego a booking or accept an alternative of lesser value. Is that right?
  18. No a scotch finger biscuit is nothing like a twix - we have twix over here and it's a chocolate covered bickie type of thing. A confectionery item. A scotch finger biscuit is very similar to shortbread but comes like two small bars joined together that can be snapped apart. See picture below. BTW, I've absolutely no idea why this just appeared when I tried to attach the scotch finger. ??????
  19. Oh God yes and and anything salted caramel. Oh be still my expanding waist, hips and thighs.
  20. My kids cut their teeth on Ginger Nuts. They used to sit on my knee while gumming the GNs to death and then stick the mush into my mouth. Delicious - NOT!!!!
  21. Oh ditto, and there's always the good old Scotch Finger. Yummy.
  22. Our 10 day Coral Coast Cruise with Princess in September is costing $6400 for a mid ships balcony. Cruising is not always a cheap option anymore but, it is just such a joy! Besides, any cruise from this side of the country is more expensive, we just don't see the 'specials' that our eastern states fellow cruisers do.
  23. I'm trying to put this as politely as possible because it may sound offensive but that's not my intention: Was there a reason your mother didn't drive or ever travel overseas? Our younger daughter is epileptic and can't drive for that reason so she's never had a licence but has a circle of friends who often give her lifts and also she's regular Uber etc user. I can't imagine not being able to drive myself, it must make life quite difficult in some ways. I'm probably going to end up being one of those old ladies that mistakes the accelerator for the brake and smashes through the window of a hairdresser killing a dozen customers. To paraphrase Clint Eastwood; they'll take my licence from my cold dead hand.
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