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  1. I've sailed a bunch on both, mostly Princess, but now leaning towards Celebrity. A previous poster mentioned the closets. Princess ships have an open closet, which is the width of the room. Two people can leave their suitcases open on the floor of it if they are so inclined. On my balcony rooms on Celebrity, it's a bit of a challenge to find space for everything - and there's a closed shelf above the bed, which I don't see how to even use. A friend sent me a comparison he did after his first X cruise. The only thing he thought was better on Princess was the closet and the bathroom. However he was comparing a Princess minisuite to a Celebrity balcony. We're mostly doing Celebrity now, because their Sky Suites have so many more perks than a Princess mini suite. It does cost more though. I'll also mention that the coffee bar on Princess (equivalent to Al Baccio) is open 24 hours on most ships, and has sandwiches and salads during the day, as well as desserts.
  2. Thanks for the thread, and I'm glad you had a great trip. Just out of curiosity (feel free to not answer) - before the trip, you said that you would never give Celebrity any more of your money. Do you still feel that way, or would you sail them if there was a good reason to?
  3. If you're in Blu on an S class, don't be surprised if they don't let you order of the main dining room menu. Luminae is "carved" from the corner of the main dining room, so uses the same kitchen (maybe they have a special area, but it's the same place). Blue has it's own kitchen, and is on a different deck, so not easy to order off the main menu, except by maybe by special order day before. On the M class, Blue is just above Luminae, on the same deck as the upper dining room, so shares the kitchen.
  4. I haven't been on cruise critic really since Thursday - yesterday we arrived at Disneyland and we were in the park pretty much all day today. I did want to comment on 9/11. My sister lives in NY. One of our cousins worked downtown. she walked from lower Manhattan to the Upper East side and showed up at my sister's apartment. Her clothes were so filthy they burned them. My sister gave her some sweats to wear, and cousin stayed until she could get home the next day. (She had a very moving article about it in her local newspaper - now in California, but you have to subscribe to see it). Exactly one year later, my youngest niece was born. Her middle name is Hope, named for the local fire station. Today (now yesterday) was her 19th birthday. The memorial is very moving. We liked the museum, but thought it could be better edited.
  5. Usually it's by invitation - I've been there as concierge, elite, and suite. I don't know if there's a way to request it. I can't see that it would just be open to everyone because it's not that big.
  6. Thanks for this. I now hope that someone will post about the wait times. Thank you.
  7. I'm on a cruise on 10/8 (as well as 11/3). So far, neither has test requirements, but I full expect the 10/8 email to come soon. I'd really appreciate it if people here who buy the tests (FYI a 2 kit of Abbott is about 24.00 without proctoring, so that seems like a good price) report back on how easy it is to schedule the test. My fear is that I buy it, and can't get an appointment in time for the cruise. Thanks!!!
  8. I can't stand drinking from metal. On our last cruise I bought a water bottle in Aruba to use while ashore. On the ship, I drink out of a glass.
  9. Just curious, where do you live? We're also a few minutes away.
  10. Jim, have you ever read the MC Beaton books? The author (who died in 2019) is from Glasgow. She wrote a lot of historical romance novels under her maiden name (Marion Chesney), but used MC Beaton for her best known mystery series. Agatha Raisen series is set in the Cotswalds, but Hamish McBeth is set in the Highlands. He's the constable of a small village there. They're not great literature but they are fun reads. Also in preparation for my last Alaska trip I read a book by Sue Henry called Murder on the Iditarod. It was the first in a small series, and a fun read.
  11. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your trip. I think we're about 33 days out, and you helped build the excitement.
  12. This is weird, in that I fly UA out of SFO almost exclusively and I don't recognise this picture.
  13. No. They need to be there so I can take ours home with us in October. Seriously, thank you so much for doing this. We're now under a month out from our grand adventure (5 days in New York before the cruise), and getting so excited.
  14. Just curious. The red passport is Iain's dual? Would he rather it be Scotland rather than Great Britain?
  15. On the Summit, I noticed that much of the crew had disposible mask under their branded ones.
  16. Cleared my cookies, updated the browser. Still have problems.
  17. Thanks. On the Summit we got gray one. I got the crew colored one as a favor from the staff. (We got along so well with them that my sister and I are going back in November). I hope they still have them in October. Next Month finally.
  18. Thanks. I'm not doing Galapagos until 2023, but this will be fun to read.
  19. This seems like a good time to ask a random mask question. Are they giving you (all passengers) masks? The did on the Summit.
  20. This is on the X website: https://www.celebritycruises.com/health-and-safety Towards the bottom, under head "We've got you covered is this: If you test positive for COVID-19 during the cruise, Celebrity Cruises will cover the costs of COVID-19 related medical treatment onboard, any required land-based quarantine, and travel home for you and your Travelling Party.
  21. When I looked, the nearest was Carson City, Nevada. About 350 miles I think
  22. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. I hope you can get "sprung" soon.
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