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  1. We had the same issue very recently with our BTB. Saying it looked like we didn't need a return flight or arriving flight. Took 3 phone calls before someone figured it out. She had to unlink our bookings. I think that's what it was. Unless she had to link them. Whichever it is, it's the opposite of what you have now. So now we can book both ways on our first flight. We've booked plenty of BTBs and this has never happened.
  2. Opps, just read that you know about vacation overrides. We spoke to our BCBS insurance yesterday and asked if they are allowing overrides on everything since the government is saying to have extra on hand. We also brought up the anticipated shortages because of manufacturing in China. Nope!
  3. I can get a vacation override once a year. Try calling your insurance company.
  4. Hand sanitizer is out everywhere! I did find some at the check out lane at Walmart and on the register at Aldi. We usually take a few days extra of prescription pills but will take 2 weeks more now. And I will also take containers or a picture of the labels so that I have the dosage and strength.
  5. Thanks, good to know. I was a little worried about them extending it with all that's going on!
  6. For St. Maarten, check out Random Wind.
  7. We were on that cruise as well. After the Sky, we went over to the Zuiderdam for another cruise. Standing in line waiting to board, we got to talking with the couple behind us. They were part of the polka group that had just gotten off the Sky. They were upset that Princess didn't cater to them as much as they thought they should have. They were upset that they couldn't have Take 5 for as long as they wanted because they waited (some nights!) until the Platinum and Elite lounge was over. They couldn't see our view.
  8. Shallow? It has nothing to do with being shallow. And it has nothing to do with "status" if you're inferring that I feel superior to others being Elite. We can only cruise once a year. We live in the middle of the country and it's expensive for us to fly. I looked forward with each cruise to becoming Elite for the benefits that come with it. I don't think it's fair that it cost us plenty to get those benefits and then Princess just gives it to others.
  9. It was http://www.karamboletoursmartinique.com/nos-circuits/pile-et-face-56.html?lang=en. The tour was very nice IF you don't get motion sickness.
  10. We also did an island tour. I can't remember the name but it was highly recommended. The problem was the roads. I have NEVER, in 27 cruises, been on an island that had so many curves. I thought Dominica was bad but this was terrible!. Curves where you couldn't see up ahead again and again. Our tour guide actually had a motion sickness recipe that she always had with her. It didn't help! I get motion sickness and I would have asked for the front seat if I'd known how horrible it would be. I threw up when we got to the waterfalls. We also had St. Lucia cancelled and I'm looking for something different.
  11. It may not cost Princess much but it totally pisses me off every time I read that this has happened. I think it does cost Princess in customer relations for the people who have cruised enough to earn the status. Good for you but I think it's a stupid move on the part of Princess. And actually, being in suites counted as 10 cruises.
  12. This January we sailed 2 weeks on the Sky Princess and then immediately went over to the Zuiderdam for our first ever HAL cruise. 2 other couples we met (one in line and one when we were on the Sky) both said they much preferred the Zuiderdam. We MUCH preferred the Sky. To be fair, one of the couples were upset with how Princess handled their Polka cruise. They thought Princess should have catered more to them as far as shutting down venues. (We were ticked off they were on our cruise because it caused some disruptions for us 😐) The Sky is beautiful, the Zuiderdam is not. We were shocked at how dark and outdated it was...red velvet couches in the theater? The food was excellent on the Sky with lots of choices. On the Zuiderdam they had some strange choices, nothing delicious and there was a lack of meat dishes many nights. (I dislike fish) I didn't find out until the end of the cruise that there are some selections always available. They were not listed on the menu every night like they are on Princess. Service at dinner was lacking. Muster drill was barbaric. We met out on deck and it was disorganized and hot. We could not hear the person telling us what to do. We could not see them explain how to put on the life vest. I'm glad it wasn't our first cruise!! On Princess, you meet in an airconditioned lounge with many crew members standing in front of you and demonstrating. We did love our signature suite and our cabin stewards were outstanding. But this will probably be our last HAL cruise. Go with Princess.
  13. We both have our own Amex EveryDay Blue card (separate accounts) that we got for just this purpose. There's no annual fee. Why not just do that?
  14. It's usually a separate entrance in our experience. On the Sky in January, it was the same entrance as Anytime. But they had two separate lines with a velvet rope separating them. Anytime entered on the left and Club Class on the right. It worked out fine.
  15. Interesting! We had the same experience. We booked a BTB in different cabins. We'd originally booked in the same cabin which was Club Class. We decided to change cabins on our first cruise to a non Club Class mini. We were very surprised, and delighted, to find out we were in CC for the entire 1st cruise also. We thought it might have been that were we going to be there the second cruise or that we are Elite. We were happy either way. I know the cost is crazy but it makes dining soooo much more enjoyable.
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