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  1. We just booked two Princess cruises yesterday. The first time I clicked into the booking, I acknowledged that it was ok to give info to 3rd parties. I think there was something to opt out (I was excitedly clicking quickly) but I didn't do it. They are both the same company. You probably already oked a 3rd party.
  2. We just received the exact thing yesterday for our Princess cruises in January. None of our ports require a passport. I'm guessing every CCL passenger will now receive this. Our HAL cruise is right after our Princess cruises so we'll probably be getting another email very soon 🙂
  3. It would have been a security issue also if you didn't have the door latched. Even if you had, the people in the other cabin could have looked into your cabin if the drapes weren't completely closed. That was not appropriate!
  4. If you truly think you have a great deal, go ahead and pay for them. Here's the problem. We've had two flights cancelled on our Delta booking. (meaning that Delta no longer offers the flights) If they were booked thru Delta or paid for on Princess, Delta would just change our flights for us at no charge. Because that wasn't the case, Delta said we had to make the changes thru Princess. The problem with that is that it would result in higher costs for us. We were able to get them changed to lousy flights thru a supervisor at no extra charge but we were lucky. The supervisor said it normally couldn't be done but that Delta is more flexible than some of the others. And it took one or two days both times.
  5. Does anyone know how early the porters start taking luggage? We'll be coming over from another ship and just want to drop off our luggage and go shopping.
  6. Airline prices are up. We got our best deal a year ago. We keep checking for better times/prices but they just stink for us.
  7. Same issue for us. I did it from Chrome and they printed correctly.
  8. If you haven't been ticketed yet, you have to deal with Princess. The airline is not able to help you. We have had flight changes two weeks in a row. The first time I called Delta. I called them because changing it ourselves thru Princess would have cost us more money. The Delta person was going to change flights but then came back on the line and told us, because we weren't ticketed and had booked thru Princess, we would have to call Princess to do it. I called Princess and explained that I didn't do it myself because it was going to be more expensive. I asked if she could call Delta and make changes for us. She went away for, I swear, an hour. When she came back she said she got it changed and we would be paying over $100 more. We had to get a supervisor involved to change it to a terrible flight but it didn't cost us. When it happened the next week, I called the supervisor directly. She was able to make changes at no cost (for an even WORSE flight) thru the Delta desk that they have there. But she told me that Delta was one of the easier airlines to work with. She said that they normally can not make changes if you aren't ticketed. So, if you are sure you like your flight and the price, either book EZair restricted or get it ticketed ASAP after booking Flexible.
  9. I can't remember the last time I saw a line for priority boarding. Ticks me off! There's an Elite line at customer service, why not always one to board.
  10. Hi Jeannie, I wanted to tell you that I will never forget the picture on your cabin door of your home. It showed the snow shoveled out and it was like 2 walls on either side. Well, I guess I'm assuming it was your home. You're never there so someone else must have taken the picture. Anyway, it was so much fun to see that on the way to our cabin everyday. It really made us appreciate being on a cruise. (Iowa is almost the same in winter) Have a great cruise season. I can't wait to read about your travels this year! Cathy
  11. Pretty sure you’d have to pay for the flight if you canceled the cruise. Just like if you’d booked with the airline.
  12. Here's a huge problem with EZ Air that I didn't know about. Twice now, two weeks in a row, Delta has gotten rid of a flight we were booked on. Meaning, there is no flight with that flight number at that take off time any longer. I used to love it when that happened because I would call the airline to get what I wanted even if it cost more. You can't do that if you are using Flexible on EZAir because you aren't ticketed. The first time I called Delta and requested a great flight. She said "no problem" and went to change it. She came back on and asked if we had booked with a travel agency (Princess) and said they would have to change it. We didn't want to do it ourselves because our outbound leg had gone up so much in price that we would be paying a lot more. So I called up Princess, explained that I didn't want to change it myself because it would cost more and asked if she could contact Delta to do it for free. She was gone for maybe 45 minutes and came back and said you are now booked on ….flight. I said great. Then she tells me it will be over $100 more. I ended up talking to a supervisor who was able to change it for free to an ok flight, not our preferred. It happens again one week later. This time I call the supervisor direct. (she gave me her extension number) Delta had us leaving FLL at noon, getting into Atlanta at 1:30 and leaving Atlanta at 10:00! There was no other flight to take. Now the supervisor tells me that Delta is under no obligation to make changes for us because we aren't ticketed! So she tries to find a flight for us (which I could have done on my own) and all are much more money. I begged her to talk to the Delta desk at their headquarters. A day later she tells me they changed it for us again, not the flight I requested, but an ok flight at no price difference. And she said Delta was better about doing that than some of the other airlines. She told me the only way to keep our good flights was to book them restricted so they can't be changed. Sometimes we don't have that option and she said to call Princess immediately to get them ticketed. At least for us, the advantage in price on EZAir is that we get the Economy seats for the price of Basic Economy going through the airlines. So if you get a good flight at a good price, get ticketed! Then you can call the airline with problems and not deal with Princess.
  13. On no! The food stops were what I was most looking forward to. It's too bad it happened but I'm sure they didn't realize it would change everyone's copy. I wouldn't have thought so. Hopefully you can fix it!
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