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  1. Brooklyn's in Viera. Excellent Italian food and pizza.
  2. Villa pricing I saw recently was $699 for cruises I was looking at. As another poster stated, prices vary with each cruise. Small cabana was $349. I would have loved to book a villa at $299.
  3. The comment about "kids running amok in the Haven" has me a little concerned. Does this scenario happen frequently in the Haven? We are cruising the second week in December.
  4. Based on graphicguy 's detailed review of his recent cruise and other CC feedback I have read, I am going to book it for my upcoming cruise. It sounds fun!
  5. Does anyone else immediately start singing Whip/Nae Nae in their head whenever one of the notifications from Andrew's very clever thread title come up? Probably just me. 😄 (Now watch me whip, now watch me nae nae...🎵🎶)
  6. Yes, THANKS GA DAVE! All good stuff, graphicguy! I look forward to the Bvlgari products. When we were on the Jade our awesome butler made me a "to go" bag of Bvlgari when we disembarked. I think I was planning on storing them in our guest bathroom and being a gracious host and giving them to guests. Somehow that never happened...😀
  7. graphicguy and Texasgal, thanks so much for your replies. Makes me feel much better. We actually run 5 days a week so walking isn't an issue. I guess it was the overall tone of this particular review that had me worried that the food and service were not good. Think I will just enjoy whatever graphicguy has left to report and stay off the rest of the reviews. We are the type of people to enjoy most vacations and see the positive. Like that amazing aft view and balcony we are so excited about. Thanks again!
  8. I just put Flyby in my Amazon cart. 😀🥂 Thanks! We have an H6 booked on the Breakaway. We liked that suite primarily for the large aft balcony and the bathroom that overlooks the water. I have been reading reviews recently of how much of a hike it is to the Haven proper, one woman described it as "the length of 3 football fields" and she claimed service from the butler suffered because she wasn't in the Haven. Did you ever walk from the very aft of the ship to the Haven? What were your thoughts on the butler service as you were not in the Haven area either? Thanks again for a fun and informative report.
  9. It does help, thanks so much!😀 Paradisus Playa del Carmen sounds great and I will look into it for sure. Especially at half the cost of Sandals. We actually have stayed at two Sandals properties, the one near Dunns River and St Lucia. Dunns River was great, St Lucia was very disappointing. And of course, St Lucia was where we booked the butler category room and spent quite a bit, as you know. Also, my husband almost ended up in the St Lucian jail because another guest was very inappropriate to me on two occasions and Sandals security and management did nothing about it.
  10. Hi Andrew, have you stayed at Sandals before? We are always looking for recommendations for all inclusive resorts when we aren't doing a cruise vacation. Thanks for the fun report!
  11. Cheers to the Dizzy Blonde! 😀 How crowded is Syd's Pour House? Thanks for this great report!
  12. Thanks Georgia_Peaches for all you input! I booked a few hours ago! Now on to researching Tortola. We have done St Thomas a few times, but not any of the BVI. And GSC is new to us as well. Thinking about renting a cabana. If you have any tips on the ports, or what your favorite specialty dining restaurants are, feel free to share! Thanks again!😀
  13. Obviously. Just wanted to know if anyone had feedback about Six or to confirm if it actually is replacing ROA.
  14. Something to note about the Breakaway I read on another thread: The show SIX is coming November 10, 2019. It was not stated in the article if it would replace Rock of Ages but I would think so? What does everyone think of this? I was looking forward to ROA as we are fans of that genre of music.
  15. Hi, thanks. I think you just gave me some clarity. Glass blowing, while interesting, is not really something I value as entertainment. And if most are saying the food and service are equal on both lines then I think I would choose Breakaway. Also, the H6 seems like one of the best suites on any line with the 2 bathrooms and huge balcony.
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