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  1. So what happened with the fisherman? What was the catch of the day?
  2. Forget sending a blank copy of your spread sheet, can I have the recipe for The Best Chocolate Cake in Tampa Bay??😀
  3. Handmade truffles and chocolates you say? Who knew? CC never stops being a wealth of information!😀 This will be my first request on our upcoming Breakaway cruise to our butler. Best I got before was the old standby of chocolate covered strawberries.
  4. Just wanted to say what an outstanding review so far! We are big fans of NCL Haven and also have our first RCCL suite booked . Your review/comparison couldn't have come at a more perfect time! Very informative and entertaining. Like everyone else reading this, I hope the infamous Mr International Champion of Cruising Blowhards, Boasters and Sociopaths gets a good long chapter in this review. He sounds "fascinating." Oh, and good call on the lobster. Why mess with perfection? I am from New England. Thanks again!😀
  5. Two Wheels, this info was so helpful when I chose my aft facing Haven suite for my Breakaway cruise . I found your post when I was researching, glad this thread gave me the reminder to say THANKS!
  6. I love the challenge of trying to recreate interesting dishes from restaurants when I travel. Chocolate ketchup and chocolate grilled cheese look amazing and fun. Chocobar is now on my travel bucket list. Thanks for sharing.😀
  7. Excellent review! Thanks for writing in such an organized manner while providing so much great information. Glad you checked a box on your bucket list while on the Breakaway.
  8. No way is the picture a Fail! It's too funny! The smiling dogs, the giant grizzly bear that kind of looks stoned instead of ferocious, Sue tossing fake snow balls with such "Joy" You need a pic with both of you in front of that fabulous backdrop! Great photos and information as always, Doug. Thanks!!😀
  9. Sounds like MSC Yacht Club or NCL Haven concept, which we enjoy. We like the service, amenities, and peace of the ship within the ship concept but also have the great entertainment options for a younger family.
  10. Well, this post has me a little concerned. We booked a Haven aft facing suite on deck 12 because of the huge balcony, gorgeous bathroom, convenience of a 2nd bathroom, large sq footage in the room and that great aft view. Hope our experience is better than yours.
  11. Keith Jenner, thanks the feedback. You sound a lot like my husband, we lived in Europe for 3 years and it is our favorite place to cruise. The Caribbean just seems like a let down for him after sailing through the Grand Canal in Venice or the Greek Isles. However, we are doing the Breakaway Eastern Caribbean itinerary just like you at the end of the year for a family vacation. I had been reading the Breakaway reviews and was starting to feel like maybe we had made a mistake because the reviews were pretty bad. Thanks for your perspective, I think one of the most important things about having a great vacation is DECIDING that you will and not sweating the small stuff. Or sending back a steak FOUR times. 😉
  12. Every time I have priced Star class on RCCL it was at least double the price of the Haven so I would hope the service would be "vastly" superior. 😀
  13. Jamie, We are thinking of trying MSC with the Yacht Club category. May I ask what happened with customer service that has you thinking of cancelling your cruise? We are booked on the Breakaway. I have only sailed on the Jade, so I cannot compare to the others. From my research, the reasons I have found to sail on Breakaway are: The Waterfront Syd's Pour House (We are big classic rock fans) Rock of Ages and Burn the Floor shows Lunch buffet at Moderno Maltings Shakers Noodle Bar Cirque show Itinerary and port convenience
  14. When you receive a notification it states a poster "quoted you" does it not? It was a simple observation, one that I said I surprised me. One usually sees this behavior in young people who may not know better, not the older generation who has life experience. With that, I will be happy to allow you the last word as it seems it brings you great joy to pick apart every little word and argue. I don't have the patience nor the time. Have a lovely night!
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