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  1. If you search that large, popular social media platform that we're not supposed to mention here, you'll find several groups dedicated to the resale of CruiseNext certificates. Try there, I've had success buying & selling certificates. (The groups always seem to have "CruiseNext" in the name, but, CruiseFirst is basically the same concept & should be welcome)
  2. I like the Gem better than the Sky, so, it works for me... YMMV... We booked a B2B on the Sky, for 10/10 & 10/17. The Oct 10 sailing was changed from Sky to Gem, so, that's all good. The Oct 17 is still listed as the Sky. I thought, "Well, they'll get around to changing it next week, wait & see." But now I see the Gem has a 4-day Bermuda sailing on Oct 17. This will be the weirdest B2B ever if we have to change ships in the middle of it...
  3. This reminds me of a silly convo I had with The Guy a while back (pre-vaxxed) Me: I don't like this mask, it argues with my sunglasses when I'm wearing my wig Him: No sympathy, you should try it with a hearing aid
  4. One thing I haven't seen mentioned, since both you & your wife are using cpap machines, is that you may need to bring a multi-plug adaptor of some kind. On most ships, the outlet near the desk is just that: a single outlet, not the two-outlet setup commonly used in US homes. I travel with something like this one (not this exact model, but similar.) Just don't use a model with a built in surge protector; the room steward will confiscate it as a fire hazard. https://www.amazon.com/EyGde-Extender-Outlets-Splitter-Rotating/dp/B08HV67YYP/
  5. For my October 10 Sky-now-Gem sailing, Grand Cayman is axed, Roatán & Harvest Caye moved up one day, and Costa Maya inserted the day before Cozumel.
  6. In the very strictest adherence to nit-picking technicality: No. In practical application: Sure, why not, just have them follow you in to the lounge. Don't prop the door open for anybody, though, it's considered bad form & will just tick off your solo neighbors.
  7. I, too, would cancel, being unwilling to risk the disruption factor.
  8. Ah, well, that's a bummer. Another thing that's changed in the post-COVID era, I guess. Thanks for correcting my out-of-date info 🙃
  9. If you book them via the cart, you must prepay; if you call the 800 number, you can reserve them without payment, and they will be charged to your shipboard account after the excursion is completed. Edited to add: This is specifically for the US website. Other countries' websites may be different.
  10. The website can be buggy. Check your invoice that you should have received in email, that one can be considered gospel. If it is showing everything correctly there, you're good; you can also print it out & bring it along just in case things aren't correct once you're on board (but I have never heard of that happening.)
  11. I got a much more generic "thank you for your comments, I love hearing from guests but don't have time to respond to everyone individually" form letter. Maybe we're overwhelming the office staff??
  12. I just sent a similar letter. In my experience, the best way to let a company know how you feel about an issue is to TELL THEM (& then follow up by voting with your wallet as needed.)
  13. Doesn't apply to the OP, but worth mentioning... The Epic also has the largest (and best, IMO) of the Studio lounges in the fleet. With so many studio cabins, the solo meetings are usually hopping.
  14. Correct; the bartender will swipe your card to verify that you have the drink package, but nothing further needs to happen after that (unless you're in port in an area that has an additional municipality tax.) Any additional cash tip is entirely optional & somewhat unusual; but if it's deployed early in the cruise, it's an excellent way to get great service from your favorite bartender for the whole vacation.
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