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  1. I use a lanyard with a plastic sleeve, but I made one out of an old necklace, so it looks more like jewelry and less industrial-office-chic. Darn women's clothing without adequate pockets!!
  2. I'm not a huge Carnival fan, but I did love the Alchemy concept... Your best bet for an Alchemy-esque experience is to chat up one of the bartenders at Mixx, or maybe Tobacco Road. I've yet to run into a 'tender that doesn't love to get a little creative if you catch him when he's not slammed. Go at a slow time & ask for recommendations.
  3. We did it as a poker crawl on the last one I organized, there was a small fee to buy in ($5,) visited 5 bars, draw a card at each stop, the top three hands split the pot 70/20/10. If you want some ideas about creative variations on the theme, google "motorcycle poker run," there's lots of clubs that do these kind of things (although there's a lot more mileage involved when you're talking about motorcycle clubs)
  4. This story made me think about that old axiom: "Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker"
  5. We did a full Panama transit earlier this year (albeit in the other direction) and we had no excursions in Panama. Basically, you don't stop, you just go thru the Canal all day. This is different from the partial transits, where you stop in Gatun Lake & there are some things to do off the ship (the railway, &c.) (Costa Rica, eh, just seemed disorganized. Our excursion there got cancelled so we just walked around the straw market at the foot of the pier.)
  6. Just an aside to all this: I work in the flood insurance industry (which is why I can't cruise during hurricane season; vacations tend to get cancelled during a big storm event.) We have been tracking Dorian for several days, as we do with all named storms with the potential for damage. Our "storm alert" went in place two hours after NCL made their announcement on Twitter/Facebook/web page -- the path was still pretty uncertain prior to that point. So I'm not finding NCL's response to be particularly tardy. It is what it is; storms don't always cooperate with perfectly modeled behavior. Be safe, everyone, and best of luck staying out of the path!
  7. Awesome! Thanks for this bit of info. I always wondered what the stubby little lifeboats were for....
  8. We didn't get to choose our seats, we were escorted to a table once the hostess had swiped our cards. However, assuming you're in line reasonably early, ask the hostess to seat you in an area that's good for short people. Also, advise the server of the vegetarian in your party when s/he first appears.
  9. It works like your average land-based restaurant, just show up & they'll seat you. If it's busy, they'll hand you a pager & you can wait at the bar. That being said, there's usually a run on the hostess kiosk right when the dining room opens (around 5:00 or 5:30,) but once they get all the early birds seated, it'll generally be pretty quiet for the first hour. You should be fine.
  10. Q gets mixed reviews, but I really enjoyed it. It's touted to be "Texas smokehouse" style, but it's more of a blend of several regional styles, so you'll probably find something you like. I'm from Kansas City & I'm a big ol' BBQ aficionado, and while it wasn't the very best 'cue I've ever had, it was solidly good.
  11. In my experience, first-day embarkation is on the Promenade deck. At ports of call, it's usually on one of the lower decks, but it can vary depending on the port & the tidal conditions.
  12. Pearl (like all of the Jewel-class ships) is built to the "Panamax" standards; that is, the largest that could fit in the old locks. The newer mega-ships go through the new locks, but if you want to see the old locks so redolent with history, then Pearl is a great choice.
  13. I think he's talking about something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Scrubba-Wash-Bag-Portable-Backpacking/dp/B01N68XF0O/ I've used one on a longer cruise & it works great. Fill it in the shower, and then agitate it by rolling it around in the shower with your foot. No bending. Stuff gets very clean.
  14. Sailing the Pacific Coastal repositioning on Norwegian Jewel, October 7, 2019. Say hi if you're aboard!
  15. US. Your credit card statement will reflect the Florida address, if they include location in their line items (though not all do.)
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