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  1. I am still trying to work out if post number 8 is meant as a joke or not.
  2. This happens all the time. Flights are redirected due to weather, due to mechanical issues, whatever. Last time my daughter flew out to see me, the first leg of her trip got diverted to a different airport due to high winds, and she missed her connection. The airline did finally get her here, but it was half a day later than expected (& not a penny of compensation.)
  3. Do you just loooove Italian, or are you kind of meh on it? The osso bucco is quite good. The overall menu is about half a step up from your average Olive Garden, but only you can say if that sounds good to you.
  4. Last year, I arrived about 30 min early & got the very last seat stuck waaaay in the back corner for the third show (which is the Sgt. Pepper show, and the best of them -- so if you see only one, make it that one)
  5. Maltings was my favorite bar, but try them all 🙂 The Beatles show at the Cavern Club was really fun. They actually do four different show throughout the week, starting with the moptop Fab Four stuff, and progressing through to their later years. Get there early, it always fills up in a hurry. We rented a cabana on the island, which was a bit pricey, but worth it IMHO. I really enjoyed the ice bar! It's a small upcharge. A very unique experience.
  6. Life's too short to wait around for someone to decide to show up for adventures. If they do, great. If they don't, great, go have your own adventure.
  7. I adore my solo cruises 🙂 It's my preferred mode of cruising these days. Someone upthread mentioned mobility issues, and it's true, it works out really well. At 55, I have mostly good mobility with the occasional bad day, and I hate having to plan around that on land trips... but the spa & the pool lounge is always there on board!
  8. I'm on the 2/15 as well... following! Also, there's a pretty active roll call, come say hi.
  9. I don't mind being in the minority, I love it. An exuberant return to the ribbon theme.
  10. I guess I am in the minority, I LOVED the ice bar on Epic & would do it again. Pro tip: don't wear flip flops! I bundled up pretty well (not like parka bundled... think yoga pants, shoes with socks, and a light hoodie under the cape) & I was perfectly comfortable staying for the full time. I didn't think the drinks were particularly weak. In fact, I got more hammered than expected because several of my new friends gave me their second drink ticket when they left early! (They were all wearing flip flops!)
  11. That's the correct time for the Carnival excursion for the evening show. Some milling around on the dock, a ride across the bay (which is about 30 minutes or so,) and then dinner around five. Seated in the ampitheater around six, show started around dusk.
  12. Trader Joe's has a similar-but-not-exact mix. My local TJ doesn't always have it in stock, though! :-(
  13. Re: optics of raiding the buffet. It's a lot more subtle if you load up a plate with snack-y food, take it back to your table, and then discreetly transfer it to the tupperware you've taken from your beach bag sitting under your chair. Just sayin'.
  14. Your dining credit will cover one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert at the a la carte restaurants. Some people report that they are able to order additional apps/desserts. Others say they have been charged for them. YMMV according to what server you get. Absolutely bring the thermal mug, it's great for taking your coffee to-go from breakfast (or lunch, or whatever.)
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