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  1. @Oakman58 Packing Depends could be very freeing... You wouldn't have to interrupt your day to take a restroom break... I hear College Students enjoy them 🙂
  2. Alaska Brewing has come out w/ Hard Seltzer’s. Most Alaskan Cruises carry Alaskan Brewing - Maybe they will add a couple hard seltzer’s to the line. I am hoping to pick some up to taste test for you this weekend.
  3. Congrats on your first retirement cruise Lois! Cheers to you enjoying yourself, in any way that feels fabulous…
  4. Kim -- It's been great following you, Sakari & Sam on the Review... I've been very "sloth-like" on attempting to stay on top of this review! I am so excited I have finally caught up - you'll probably add another 5 pages b/4 I'm back. Happy for you to be able to go on this cruise & get around as well as you have... This appears to be a good omen for your upcoming Spring Break Cruise. Thanks for a Superb & Fun Review as always Cheers
  5. Loved our Spirit in 2015 Valentine's Day Cruise... Barcelona RT to Casablanca, Madeira, Canary Islands & Malaga
  6. We did this cruise 3 years ago, on the Connie. Loved it! There was an overnight - you could arrange on your own or use Celebrity.
  7. We received this e-mail & found it interesting as well... I was trying to interpret what Celebrity meant w/ these 2 stats: Have they actually had 306,519 new peeps sail in 2019? Or - did they have 306,519 new peeps signup on the website? If it's the former - they only hosted 380,805 peeps total in 2019...
  8. I tried that argument on my mother when I was 4 I didn't feel it was fair my brother was able to run around on a summer day shirtless & I wasn't... She wasn't buying it 🙂
  9. 72 Days Good Luck on Sailing Mr. Gut - may the seas be calm & the trip uneventful!
  10. @Cruise a holic Thanks! Are you by chance think of RCI?
  11. Happy New Year & Happy Cruising... Cheers to All
  12. What is the unlimited package - I do not see it on the website? We are on a 15-Day Cruise in March - they offer a 14-Meal package... But I don't see the Unlimited.
  13. @luv2trvlnow You'll need to start a countdown for Mr. luv2trvlnow... That's exciting news & we wish him a Happy Retirement!
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