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  1. Greg - looks like you've been enjoying the first couple of days relaxing... I am so in need of sun, warmth & ocean waves @ my feet... Love crepes... Too bad yours was under cooked today... Do they cook savory crepes as well? The melted cheese is probably similar to Queso Flameado - which we love w/ Chorizo... First time I ever had it was in Mexico served flambé 🙂
  2. I am not a medical professional, but if he tested positive for C-19, (3) days after arriving in FL - I am operating under the belief he was exposed to C-19 prior to arriving in FL. Did anyone else in the family test positive?
  3. Len -- I'm curious. Did he get sick 3 days after he came home or while in FL? If he got sick 3 days after arrival in FL - my belief is he was more likely exposed at home than FL.
  4. @sunsetsoon Ms. Mary -- I started reading your review, when you first posted & then was off-line for quite a while & just picked this back up & finished... Thanks for the marvelous review & musings... We lost my Mom in 2007 & the 2 of you would have gotten on famously!!! She also enjoyed writing & wrote a book - we found the CD's when cleaning out her home. My one sister promised to pull the book together - we have yet to see it... Mom did write a cook-book for us "50 Years Cooking with Katie" and we each received an autographed copy at
  5. Loving the first day!!! Thanks for taking us on vacation w/ you... Almost as good as a cruise - would kill for some sun & warm sand... Snowing here again... We are grilling Moose Steaks tonight 🙂 Johnny took a look @ your photos - he may be interested in an AI now 🙂
  6. @keokukjoe - Wishing You a Fabulous Trip... Packing for a Transatlantic is kind of like planning a Halloween costume in IA... When it could be 70's/80's or Cold & Rainy or Snowing... Let's hope the snowing doesn't ever happen on the route you are taking 🙂 As a rule - I plan for layers, yes... Shirts - Both Long & Short Sleeve... Shorts & Pants Fleece & Shell (Wind/Rain) And - b/c we travel from AK - generally have power stretch gloves w/ us & Johnny generally has a hat... Also - sunscreen & sun glasses!!! You
  7. Sid -- BOGO Cocktails & Pre-Set Dinner... Hope you enjoy both 🙂 It's all becoming real!
  8. Flight ETD - 14 Hours & Counting... Travel Safe & Have a Fantastic Trip for All of Us!!! Glad to hear you are starting to feel better... @sid_9169 - are you able to vaccine shop in Atlanta? We have been in AK - they list what vaccines are available for the location & appt. you are making...
  9. If I am reading this correctly - you have arrived... Yay You!
  10. Have a FANTABULOUS Cruise Sid!!! Many of us will be cruising virtually with you - can't wait for the live review 🙂 We'll raise a glass to toast a night or 2 or 3... while you are on the Joy... Cheers -- Von
  11. Looking forward to your cruise... The count-down clock has started 🙂
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