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  1. Received this notification a few hours ago... https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5513/?et_cid=3349588&et_rid=17199455&et_referrer=Popup_Reviews CLIA has extended the voluntary suspension of US Cruise Operations through at least 10/31/20.
  2. Generally our first drink is champagne & our second drink is at the Martini Bar - it's fun to be the first or one of the first to the Martini Bar... We don't generally stay longer than the first Martini, rather mosey on... @chemmo We generally eat dinner later & find we are able to hit the Martini Bar most nights before dinner... Sometimes we'll hit the Martini Bar b/4 heading to the cabin to shower & dress for dinner - usually seats are available then as well
  3. Congrats on 40 years! May you get to celebrate another 40 together... Not sure we will live long enough to see 40 - but we'll give it our best shot 🙂 We had planned to sail Celebrity Eclipse 03/15/20 to celebrate our 15th Anniversary... The cruise was of course cancelled, the afternoon before...
  4. Yes – it was the Jewel... And I thought it was the Owners Suite - but I couldn’t find the listing on NCL’s site... Possibly b/c I did not look @ Haven Suites. We had friends in the Haven on the same cruise & went to their Suite one evening. Another couple generally booked Suites. However, on this cruise, theirs was a last-minute purchase & they had an interior cabin…
  5. The one surprise I remember is learning the reason why people selected the cabin they selected... For Example, if I remember correctly... Transpacific - Couple always purchased inside cabins & had for this cruise - but at some point looked at the price of a Suite & decided to go for it... We had a great party in their suite @ the end of the Cabin Crawl. I don't recall what type of suite it was - it was forward facing, large bathroom, separate bedroom from living room & dining room... And best of all - 2 balconies - (1) on the side & a (1) large balcony out front.
  6. Yes Conscious Coffee is still here & open for business. Great little place.
  7. Wow - meeting for cocktails - risking their health, others health, their careers & the teams capacity to play - comes @ a big price!
  8. @Germancruiser Thanks for sharing your cruise with us. Your enjoyment of being on the water again is fabulous!!! Although we don't currently have the capacity to cruise safely, it's encouraging to know others have the ability... If you find yourself on another last minute &/or not-so-last minute cruise in the future - we'd love to enjoy it with you again! Cheers & Thanks -- Von
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