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  1. Absolutely!. Our refund request was acknowledged on 31 March. One 29 June, Regent will be in default by their own statement. Our cruise was 4 May. The recent posts put a total end to the explanation that it is a huge backlog causing this. Otherwise, why would the first requestors have had to wait 60+ days...there was no one ahead of them in the queue? The only rational explanation, if they meet their 90 day promise, is that they sat on the requests for most of that 60 days or so. While I understand why they'd do this, a little honesty would have gone a long way to framing our expectations.
  2. Except when cancelled by the service provider. What other business or service would you expect to be told that you'll get a future credit instead of a refund because they cancelled your order/trip/service?
  3. That was my allusion...I taught Clausewitz at the National Defense University (post Army time as an IC senior on loan)...
  4. GOARMY: sorry, I missed your post on the fog of this thread. Still waiting to see repeatable data to allow me and others to extrapolate as to when we might see our refunds. Scott...Army 2
  5. No problem with using this thread for anything anybody thinks of. The original focused intent has long since been co-opted. After hundreds of posts, I'm still waiting to hear of someone (other than those on or embarking for a cruise) whose cruise was cancelled by Regent after they had paid in full and opted for a cash refund. Also cannot understand why someone who is offended by the stated goal of a thread (and who has started threads with a stated intent) has to post in the thread and not just start their own.
  6. I'm trying to remember what I used to do to fill my time other than reading these posts. I started this thread 230 posts ago with a very simple idea. Who has received a full cash/credit card refund on a cruise cancelled by Regent (not including those which were underway) starting (as I recall) on or about March 13. When did you apply? When did you receive your refund? To date, not a single post meets this criteria. And this thread has been hijacked (not uncommon on CC) more times than I will recount to topics which do not bear on the length of time Regent is taking to refund these cruises. Personally, today is day 45 for our May cruise cancellation in the second tranche. I fully expect, for reasons that have been discussed earlier in this thread, that we will see the refund about day 80. On day 90, we will file a complaint with our credit card company...but I think this is what is driving to 90 day policy, so probably will be avoided. If Regent had said up front that there will be a Regent-imposed 90 day delay before refunds are processed, at least it would match reality. We have over 200 nights on Regent and love their product (with 2 upcoming cruises still on the books), but they are failing us big time right now. An please don't bring up the backlog canard...if that's the problem, why are the first folks who requested refunds still waiting? BTW, I like the spreadsheet...thanks SusieQft.
  7. The idea of this thread was to report on refunds requested after Regent cancelled a cruise. They had not done so in February. It was at that point that they began facing rather huge amounts of cash to be returned. Past refund anecdotes aren't relevant except to show that it doesn't take 90 days of dedicated effort to process. I stand by what I said.
  8. It is easy to refute the idea that the 90 day delay is because of processing time. Let's assume that you were the first to request a refund when the first cancellations happened. OK, a Regent employee starts processing your claim...and it takes at least 60 days since, despite Pcardad's anecdotes, no one posting on this board has reported a refund yet for a Regent cancelled cruise even though it has been nearly 60 days since the first round of cancellations. Now, you are the second person requesting a refund, and it still takes 90 days because that's how long it takes to process. Presumably your Regent employee is only working on your case since it'll take them 90 days of total, dedicated effort (note that I being sarcastic here). And so on. If this were a case of backlog, then we'd have reports of early applicants receiving their refunds in days, later applicants in weeks, and late applicants in months, i.e., the queue is lengthening. No evidence of this. I believe that the whole issue is Regent's desire to preserve cash flow, which I understand, though this as an honest explanation would defuse much of the angst posted here. I strongly suspect that there is an underlying issue with credit card terms which suggests to me that the credit card companies won't process a charge-back if Regent says it'll take them 90 days and they are on it. This will be essentially proven if we see those sharing their experiences start receiving refunds at the 80-ish day point REGARDLESS of when they requested the refund.
  9. You know that I started this thread to get actual data about how long it takes to get a full refund for a cruise Regent shut down after they stopped no sailings (not those already underway or cancelled on the date of sailing). To date, not a single report of somebody who requested a full refund after the cruise was cancelled. Lots of reports of people who have requested a refund (but there are lots of us...so not new data), people who received refunds of port costs and excursions when they requested FCC credit, or people who opted to cancel cruises for which they had only placed deposits. All of those are relatively small amounts unlike a full cruise refund. I also see people stating timeframes shorter than the 90 days Regent tells you at cancellation, but again with no actual reports of refunds received within those anecdotal shorter time frames. Our cruise was in the second group of cruises cancelled and it's been just over 30 days. Those in the first group should be nearing 50-60 days...and still no reports. The excuse often cited is how long it takes to do the refunds by hand and determine things like port costs, etc, which is patently false. I have an invoice from Regent which shows all the money we paid for our cancelled cruise (which we expected to be on right now): cruise fare including all port costs and taxes, Regent Choice shore excursions, Culinary Kitchen classes...everything. There is nothing to calculate...we expect the full amount refunded. Please stop adding non-sequiturs or anecdotes and just report actual refunds (and being a bit of a cynic though an ardent Regent fan), I mean you've received a check or a credit card posting and not a vague promise.
  10. Just to clarify, the article says NCLH has raised $2B...not quite the "Regent raised $2B" thread title.
  11. In what country? I don't think the US can shield non-US cruise lines (all of the big ones) from being sued...likely in their off-shore tax-sheltered havens.
  12. Nope, they (the big ones) are all incorporated in offshore tax havens: NCLH in Bermuda, Carnival in Panama, etc.
  13. I'll have to think about a specific cruise to "bet" on, but I think the characteristics will be starting and ending from a US port like many of those have already "bet" on. Because of the uncertainty which will exist any time before there is a vaccine or, possibly, wide-spread antibody testing and certification, as a requirement for boarding, I think they'll want to keep the ships close to home. Harder to deny allowing a ship with (per Regent demographics) a mostly US passenger manifest to return to port if there is an on-board problem. Much riskier IMO to be sailing between foreign ports. And, yes, I'm aware that these aren't American ships by flagging, but the principle of repatriation persists. I also think that the earlier poster who predicted only Explorer and Splendor will sail, at least initially, is on to something. First, since these ships have the best space per passenger ratio, they beat the others for distancing. Second, and purely speculative, since they represent 15+ year improvements in ship design over the others, they are (possibly) more efficient to operate(?). Since we have a Splendor cruise booked Miami to Miami starting January 14th, that fits the "requirements" described above. We'll see. The big decision for us won't be settled if the cruise operates. It'll be that either there is a vaccine by then (not very likely) or that we get antibody tested and discover that we had it without knowing (extremely unlikely so far because we are being VERY cautious...largely due to being the support system for a 99-year old MIL/mother). Realistically, I think it is likely that our first cruise on Regent after the pandemic declines will be in March 2022 (Explorer, R/T Tokyo). That'll be after cancelling 2 prior cruises (one which was to sail in 2 days, and the January 2021 cruise). Depressing to think of waiting nearly 2 years away.
  14. It seems they finally have the Mensa Quiz on a specific schedule: posted Tuesdays (noonish) with answers on Thursday (time unknown). So, the new (v3) quiz is up at: https://rsscblog.com/2020/04/14/mensa-quizzes-with-regent-seven-seas-cruises/
  15. Sounds like we may be on the same cruise (Splendor, Miami to Miami, 14 January). Get to the page for the cruise: https://www.rssc.com/cruises/SPL210114/summary?source=top results&yiel[128916]=close Then chose a port (any port). Right below the box saying "View XX Results," there is a hyperlink labelled "Email All Available Shore Excursions." Enter your email and you'll get a pdf of the offerings for the cruise. Note that a few of them are devoid of much detail other than the name and cost, if any. The pdf has the times for the excursions as well. Note that you can also get there by bringing up your booked cruises and using the link to get to the cruise details (the same as the hyperlink above).
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