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  1. I booked Nov 1st, 2020 on Liberty out of Galveston. Betting this will be one of the first ports open for sailings. Guess we will see.
  2. Ovation to Alaska July 31st, gone. Guess now we hold on for Liberty in November.
  3. I am sure I will. Waiting to hear on our Alaska cruise. July 31st out of Seattle. Have plane reservations but have held off on hotel. Still feel it will be cancelled.
  4. I would wait. They will report earnings/loss at the end of this month. Also next round of cancellations will be coming. I still don't see how they sail on June 12th, as expected.
  5. We made our final payment for Ovation sailing July 31, 2020. Not really counting on sailing, since it leaves from Seattle. If not I will move credit forward to Freedom November 1, 2020 out of San Juan.
  6. Liberty April 4, 2021 is $ 77.00 per day plus 18%, would equal $ 1272. Sorry RCL too rich for us. I will pay as we go.
  7. Love the Liberty. We have her booked November 1, 2020 and again on April 4, 2021.
  8. That is a cruise wife and I were thinking about. A;ways been somewhere we wanted to visit.
  9. She is being used to unload crew members. Due in Seattle July 3rd for start of Alaska season. I am booked on her July 31st. Not sure RCL will sail to Alaska this summer. Season is short, both Seattle and Canada ports are closed.
  10. Have Final Payment due May 2nd. With FFC, Final Payment due, Future Deposits should be pushing approx, $ 7,000.
  11. Army 1968 - 1971. Viet Nam - 2 tours. Dong Ha, Chu Lai.
  12. I have final payment due next week. Alaska cruise booked for July 31st sailing from Seattle. Really like to get info soon. This would be the 3rd cruise cancelled this year.
  13. Final payment on our Alaska cruise is due next week. if they do not cancel cruise until 30 days out, make FCC offer or refund that takes another 90 days, free money to RCL for six plus months. Last I heard RCL is holding 3 billion plus in funds for future curises.
  14. I have to wait and see what requirements they put on me if July 31st, 2020 cruise sails to Alaska. I had planned to celebrate my 72nd birthday on board. We will see if it sails and if they let me board. Also have Liberty out of Galveston booked for Oct 25th, 2020. I hope this whole mess works out.
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