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  1. I think it is $50 per stateroom, not $50 per person so it would be $50 per port, not $100 per port
  2. We preferred Southbound so the longer flight was near the front of the trip, and the land portion is go go go. The cruise portion was more relaxing even with excursions but the few days glacier viewing were more relaxing. We had no issues getting off in Vancouver. We didn't even have to show our passports in customs. We just walked through.
  3. We took the Alaskan Railroad train from Anchorage to Whittier. It was fabulous. You buy tickets in advance and reserve. They had some history and site seeing commentary from conductors. It was relaxing, had a food car and it ends right at the Whittier dock. If you take the earlier one you have time to do a glacier tour before getting on the ship. Highly recommend.
  4. I have never noticed any difference. If I have copies of MDR menus sometimes that helps determine what nights to do speciality but those could change. Or I might book a bigger meal like at Cagneys on a day when at a port and might not eat lunch. The quality has been the same throughout to me.
  5. Nothing was done about the arrangement of the casino and open Atrium. We just got back from the Breakaway. Most improvements looked to be carpet and chairs, etc. There is a non-smoking section in the casino by the casino car that was much more pleasant. But yes you still get the smoke smell in the main atrium area from the casino.
  6. What he said. Just got back from Western on NCL. It might be different my company. On Carnival we always stayed on ship time so I had to make notes when traveling out of times zones to make sure excursion pick up times were correct.
  7. Oh she will. She is the queen of reviews. I've learned so much from Mitsugirly!
  8. and before the Destiny became the Sunshine!
  9. Looking at options for cruise and this looks fantastic. I looked at some pictures on Trip Advisor but was hard to tell. How was the ladder for getting in and out of the water for snorkeling? I'm not the most agile or a jump in the water gal and always worry about tiny little ladders for getting in and out. Do you remember? This looks fabulous and good price.
  10. I agree with Syd's comment. We sailed the Escape last year, Bliss in February and just returned from Breakaway last week. Like the new options like Brewhouse and observation deck better on the newer ships, but I didn't find anything lacking on the Breakaway. I think it was refurbished end of last year and carpet, etc all looked updated. It was a spring break week and it didn't feel too crowded although the trip was port intensive. A few craft beer offerings in bottle might help with the not having the Brewhouse. Syd Norman's was small but it was fun and a talented group. Rock of Ages was great. The only think I can say was a little different were the chairs sitting areas on the Waterfront were not as plentiful or comfortable and that is not a huge deal. You will enjoy.
  11. Sending a follow-up on this thread regarding getting back to the port from Nachi. The taxi ride there was about 20 minutes from the downtown port. We "thought" we gave ourselves plenty of time to get back by calling for a cab an hour before all aboard. The taxi took about 7 minutes. What we had no idea of, is going back to port there is just that main road, and all those resorts along the road heading back with 5 ships in port (about 20,000 people) the trip back was bumper to bumper and it took almost an hour to get back. I have never felt so much anxiety in my life. The taxi driver had a statue of Our Lady Of Guadalope and I was sure praying to her. I am such a planner, but had no idea the trip back would be triple the time and all that traffic. Heads up give yourself a lot of time to get back.
  12. We went to Maya Chan. Great but didn’t get in the water. Book early for dinner other place. People were turned away.
  13. I am sitting under a Palapa right now at Nachi drinking a Bloody Mary. No sea grass today. Costa Maya was bad yesterday however. It’s beautiful.
  14. We are on same cruise 4/14 Breakaway and also had a casino offer inside room comp. My balcony and spa balcony bids were lower than above by about $25pp, but bid in the poor range $50/pp for oceanview and just got it. One of those at front of the ship. I had lost hope after the Oasis incident also and ship showed sold out. Pretty good.
  15. Was on the Bliss in February and the only $5 were at night and in the smoking section. They also had a $5 3 card poker table. We toughed it out as most smokers were pretty conscientious as could see we don't smoke so it was not too bad.
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