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  1. Agree. I've sailed on Epic and going again in 2 weeks. It's about the itinerary. I don't understand the issues with the bathroom layout. Someone can use the bathroom while another is in the shower or getting ready at the sink. the separate bathroom keeps the poo-pouri separate. there is still a door and it's not that opaque. to me better than the traditional bathroom when 2 people trying to get ready, etc.
  2. Hi Kim, we did snorkeling at Daniels a few years ago after hanging out with the sloths and monkeys. It was pouring rain so everyone else bailed so it was just the 2 of us with a guide. We did snorkel not far from his place as the boat was around the corner. You could actually see Little French key from there. Even with no sun it was great. The boat was really an old clunker driven by a little old man who was a relative but it was so personal we didn't care. Great reef and for the price it was good. I'm sure if it was sunny would be even better. It helped make an entire day excursion. On the way back our driver stopped at a resort to have a monkey la la cocktail and she just hung out waiting for us. It made for a nice day as she gave us info on the island. Very laid back.
  3. Bad typing on a phone. We had a lot of boats around us, not bats. And yes had processed and sent home. We had to throw back some halibut as could only take back 1 per person. We probably caught at least 5 more and would put the small ones back if we caught larger. The cod other fish had more of a limit. It was delicious.
  4. Baronof in Ketchikan. Awesome day. Just 4 of us. First class. Had it packaged no sent home. A lot of bats around us jealous as we were catching fish. Captain was a school teacher who did this in summer. I did a lot of research on this and glad we went with them. Provided with bibs and boots and a boxed lunch. This was mid July
  5. Ah Kim, feel so bad for you. Thanks for sharing I love to see that. Same thing happened to me 5 years ago. X-rays look the same as does the carnage! I was walking over a chain draped over a driveway entry and did same thing. Right foot got over, but left foot got caught. I am leery about even walking over a nylon rope now! Hang in there. This is the worst part. Once you get a boot it feels so much better but I cried a lot taking sponge baths until I could get it wet. Invest or borrow a shower seat. That was the best. Taking the screws out was just an outpatient procedure so not bad. As for your question on metal detectors, not sure if airport will set them off, but I also have an artificial hip and that sets off in airport but that and ankle hardware do NOT set off sensors on cruise terminal or getting back on the ship so you should be good there. I got a little shower basket zip tied to the handles of my scooter and it helped carry things around. I was back to work but have an office job in a few days and zipped around but I could drive as it was my left ankle. It's a long time healing and it stinks. Hang in there.
  6. I think it is $50 per stateroom, not $50 per person so it would be $50 per port, not $100 per port
  7. We preferred Southbound so the longer flight was near the front of the trip, and the land portion is go go go. The cruise portion was more relaxing even with excursions but the few days glacier viewing were more relaxing. We had no issues getting off in Vancouver. We didn't even have to show our passports in customs. We just walked through.
  8. We took the Alaskan Railroad train from Anchorage to Whittier. It was fabulous. You buy tickets in advance and reserve. They had some history and site seeing commentary from conductors. It was relaxing, had a food car and it ends right at the Whittier dock. If you take the earlier one you have time to do a glacier tour before getting on the ship. Highly recommend.
  9. I have never noticed any difference. If I have copies of MDR menus sometimes that helps determine what nights to do speciality but those could change. Or I might book a bigger meal like at Cagneys on a day when at a port and might not eat lunch. The quality has been the same throughout to me.
  10. Nothing was done about the arrangement of the casino and open Atrium. We just got back from the Breakaway. Most improvements looked to be carpet and chairs, etc. There is a non-smoking section in the casino by the casino car that was much more pleasant. But yes you still get the smoke smell in the main atrium area from the casino.
  11. What he said. Just got back from Western on NCL. It might be different my company. On Carnival we always stayed on ship time so I had to make notes when traveling out of times zones to make sure excursion pick up times were correct.
  12. Oh she will. She is the queen of reviews. I've learned so much from Mitsugirly!
  13. and before the Destiny became the Sunshine!
  14. Looking at options for cruise and this looks fantastic. I looked at some pictures on Trip Advisor but was hard to tell. How was the ladder for getting in and out of the water for snorkeling? I'm not the most agile or a jump in the water gal and always worry about tiny little ladders for getting in and out. Do you remember? This looks fabulous and good price.
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