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  1. My husband and I sat for a Black and White photo session while cruising in March. We selected our photos and were told we would receive them in 2-3 months. Our onboard account was charged and, of course, the package paid for. It is now 4 months and we have not received our photos nor heard anything. I emailed Guest Relations and have not received a response. I also called HAL and waited on hold for almost an hour before leaving a message to call me back but have heard nothing. This was an expensive package and we, obviously, want our photos. I know I could dispute with our credit card company but would like to resolve it without having to do that. I realize that nothing is running smoothly anymore and understand delays are now normal. However, I would just appreciate an update and estimated completion date. Any thoughts? Thank you.
  2. And I really wonder if any of those advertisements resulted in a sale or a service being purchased. For myself and my husband, I can honestly say, it has not. Not even the flyers showing certain cruise itineraries has triggered us to book a cruise we were not previously interested in.
  3. He would not be insuring the deposit. He would be purchasing a policy with no preexisting condition exclusion and oftentimes has a CFAR inclusion. The premium would not be high since it is only for $600 coverage. At time of final payment, he would up the coverage to cover the cost of the cruise, flights, etc & pay the increase in premium and still have CFAR and coverage for any preexisting conditions. sometimes this insurance is transferable should he cancel the cruise and book another or transfer the cruise to a different date.
  4. it was amazingly simple. Called our big box TA who contacted HAL. Everything transferred and even got extra perks being offered now, picked our cabin. No additional fees.
  5. We were faced with a similar situation; in fact final payment coming due next month. We, too, have air fare paid for and tours booked. After discussion, we decided to transfer our booking to next year. Just got off a cruise last month without an issue . When we left home for that cruise, all was fine. But things changed dramatically during our 18 day cruise. very fortunate we escaped without illness personally or on our ship. We, too, are near your age and do not want to risk traveling so soon. Too many unknowns. We also did not want to tie up thousands of dollars and potentially have to wait months for a refund. Transferring the cruise to next year made the most sense for us. Of course, it is an individual decision.
  6. yes, please post your results as Barb suggested. Because of the confined space of the ship, despite HAL’s relentless cleaning, it is possible than one or more of us could be affected. Let’s hope you feel better and your test result is negative. And, yes, that does seem like an extraordinary long time to wait for results. Claire
  7. I, too, was on board and have the letter. The websites are: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/pge/covid-19-cruise-ship and https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html
  8. Am also on this cruise. Enjoying it very much. My observations and thoughts... listened to the string quartet last evening..a favorite of ours and they did not disappoint. the Dutch Tenors were outstanding! Extremely talented and entertaining. Doing a second, different show Saturday evening which we will attend. one gala night so far. Saw some tuxes and exquisite evening wear as well as some less fancy, but nice evening attire. last night, a smart casual evening, saw one gentleman turned away from the MDR in the evening as he was wearing shorts. Happy to see rules consistently enforced. in the Captain’s noon overhead announcement he mentioned guests should adhere to handwashing recommendations but I only see the gel dispensers at MDR and Lido entrance and compliance, IMO, is inconsistent. No sinks like I saw on Nieuw Statendam last summer. lots of guests utilizing the promenade deck for walking as the weather is perfect. thallasotherapy pool is relaxing and enjoyable. Perfect for this cruise with the string of sea days. It is not crowded so I am thinking they did not sell out of the passes. service is excellent, staff friendly and overall at the standard we know and love about HAL.
  9. We did HAL Nieuw Statendam last July. Was fabulous. Cruised RT Amsterdam where we sailed north to Nor Cap including Bergen, Alesund, Eidjford (an absolutely stunning port) Flam, among other stops.. Over 6 months later and we still talk about it and we consider ourselves well traveled.
  10. looked at booking via cruise website and big box store. Big box store significantly lower cost because of not including all the bells and whistles. This was for husband and I so not sure about single occupancy cabins.
  11. Another vote for Blue Horizon as a nice centrally located hotel. Next visit though we are splurging on Pan Pacific.
  12. My mistake. Might it be possible those cruises have not been released yet?
  13. That is confusing ....a quick search of their website shows Voyage of the Midnight Sun on Nieuw Statendam in July 2020. It goes north of the arctic circle and I am sure there are other dates as well. 🤔
  14. We did Holland for 21 days last July cruising north of the Arctic Circle and we consider it to be our most favorite cruise to date...and we consider ourselves well traveled. Eidjford was probably the most beautiful place we have seen. Bergen and Flam were nice, too. It helped that we had no rain and were on a very new ship Nieuw Statendam. Norway is not to be missed.
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