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  1. We did, too. Amazing price difference!
  2. We saved a huge amount booking RT business class to/from Amsterdam. Also saved a lot on a one way domestic after a cruise. The not having to pay until final payment plus the awesome air fares made it a win/win for us. The airline selection may be a tad limited but when going business class that is less of a concern to us.
  3. Tried again today...our class cabin is sold out but other categories similar to ours have dropped in price. The big box TA person I spoke to called HAL and was told it is after final payment and since our category cabin is sold out, there is no adjustment to be made anyway. We have two more long cruises booked with HAL after this one and it is disappointing nothing was even tossed our way. Oh well. We do like our category cabin and, obviously, are ok with the price we paid but some token of loyalty would have been nice.
  4. Definitely Trip Insurance Store and Steve. He and his staff have extensive knowledge and carefully guide you to the correct policy and not try to up-sell. Steve will facilitate any claims processing should there be a need. did not find that to be the case with insure my trip.
  5. We stayed there after an Alaskan cruise and we found it to be perfect. Great location with public transportation close and easy walking to other things. I think you will be more than satisfied.
  6. I have to agree with Trip Insurance Store and Steve. Have had to file claims after purchasing policies from each of them. While there were delays with both, like the personal service of Trip Insurance Store.
  7. Perhaps it has been changed but we were across from one of the crew doors on the Westerdam and it did not have a quiet close and we heard that door slamming shut very very early to very late. It was so disruptive that we requested a cabin change. Since we were on a back to back they did honor our request and moved us. We sre now very aware of similar spaces when selecting our cabin. it seems like an easy fix to put a slow quiet close on those doors.
  8. We have cruised both and even made our own personal list outlining the things we liked about each. For itineraries, unlimited laundry service, length of cruise options, hydropool and San Diego embarkation we like HAL. For loyalty program, price, aft cabins/family verandah on M class ships we like Celebrity. I am sure we noted more items on our list but I do not have it readily available. Food is so subjective although we have never been hungry on a cruise! Staff is outstanding on both ships. We are elite on Celebrity and 3 star on HAL and currently have cruises booked on both. As others have mentioned, a lot depends upon what is important to you. If you want rock climbing walls and belly flop contests, neither of these lines are right for you.
  9. I do not think so. But other cruise lines have that option so I find a ship and sail date similar to one I am interested in and search that way. Or, I guess, you could call HAL and ask them to do a search for you.
  10. Absolutely...we are flying in two weeks early to do some sightseeing around the area where our cruise begins. No problem selecting days before, after or both.
  11. I agree with this poster. I feel I can pack more efficiently without the cubes. There are gaps between the cubes in the suitcase. And it seems like whatever I am packing either doesn’t fill a cube completely or is too much for a cube. I travel with clothing that does not wrinkle so that is not a big selling point for me. I know I must be missing something as I see how almost everyone else raves about them.
  12. I just had a similar experience. Booked through a big box TA and called to change our cabin. In the process they told me of OBC and perks I got from HAL. Tried to find it in our confirmation but big box said it won’t show as it is from HAL and not them. Looked all over HAL website and could not find that info so I called HAL and inquired where this info is on their website. Was told it is not listed! Not even under reservation details. Huh? All that minutiae and important info like that is no where to be found. 🤷‍♀️
  13. https://www.places2play.org/city/henderson-nevada this link lists places to play in Henderson (which is where you will be close to) and gives details on indoor/outdoor options. yes, it is a fun and addicting sport!
  14. Rob-Bob...it was set up on the sport deck and I do not recall the wind being an issue. But I live in Las Vegas where the winter wind is something we contend with regularly as I play outdoors. Paddles and balls are provided but they were "very used" so we were glad we had our own. Pickleball play was scheduled for a certain time in the daily cruise news which enabled us to meet other players and then arrange play on our own. There were some good players on our cruise! The court is permanently set up. I don't recall any tournaments being played...and we definitely played while cruising. There is a net of sorts that tends to block the wind but, again, like I said I do not recall it impacting our play. Hope this answers some of your questions.
  15. I know it was on the Oosterdam when we cruised last year. Took my paddle and played a few games.
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