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  1. We flew United Business class RT Amsterdam this summer. We were quite pleased with it. Seats were very roomy, great selection of tv entertainment, food tasty plus the usual creature comforts. United is not in my top 10 for domestic travel so I was hesitant booking them through Flightease but we had no complaints.
  2. We were on Nieuw Statendam in July and had the cloth bags. Celebrity has the paper bags and they tear so easily.
  3. We also did Blue Puffin and it was a FULL bus. She did a nice job but did not expect such a large group. I think they are capitalizing on the short travel season since they are now owners of the tour company. Yes, it was less expensive than booking with the cruise line but it was not a small group. never heard of the other company you are referring to..and I don’t recall seeing them when I researched tours.
  4. We used Flightease for our RT Amsterdam business class flights associated with our cruise this past summer. We were able to schedule flights 3 weeks before our cruise so that we traveled by land to several countries before our 3 week cruise. The prices were excellent and the flights were good. We booked as soon as the flights were released. because we had heard of an issue where flights accidentally got cancelled if you went in and price checked after booking, we did not do so on our own. Twice I did call HAL and had them check and the prices were much higher than when we booked and the flight times available were less convenient. we would not hesitate to use Flightease again.
  5. We used it for RT Amsterdam business class this summer. And we flew in over 3 weeks before our cruise so we could travel independently around Europe before setting sail. Price was thousands cheaper than we could have found on our own. Would not hesitate to use them again.
  6. Sailed her for a few weeks. No such issues.
  7. We had an aft balcony for our three week Norway cruise last month. It was fabulous seeing the wake with no wind the deal with. Spent a lot of time on the balcony. Aft balconies are always our first choice.
  8. We just completed a 2 week cruise on HAL Nieuw Statendam to the North Cape. It was amazing. Eidfjord was a favorite port as was Alesund and the Troll Road. The scenery is breathtaking! Flam and Bergen are nice but the smaller cities are what we enjoyed with crisp clean air and waterfalls and sheer beauty.
  9. Was going to suggest same thing...review on Trip advisor...I would think that rough sea conditions are not rare in that part of the world, so it would be helpful to others to know this.
  10. Hotel Estherea was in a good location. Breakfast served for an extra fee but was quite good.
  11. Did not see them during our 3 weeks on Nieuw Statendam last month. Also I missed seeing the fruit crisps on the MDR menu each night. Fortunately the crisps were served each evening in the Lido
  12. We experienced no choppiness when we did this river cruise. The air pollution was memorable though as those living along the river, I am told, burn their garbage. Still that river cruise combined with the land portion was very near perfect.
  13. We flew United business class RT Amsterdam last month and were very satisfied with the service, seats, meals, entertainment. Would fly them again if situation presented itself.
  14. We did this in Skjolden last week. Our price was about 1/3 cheaper than HAL’s price and, I agree, it is a bit steep. I have had both neck (recent) and back (few years ago) surgeries so was concerned as well. But had absolutely no problem at all. It goes fast but is not jarring or bumpy. It was enjoyable. Our driver/guide stopped at a few places and provided commentary. Since there was virtually nothing else to do at that port, we were glad we booked it. While suiting up for the tour at least a dozen people stopped hoping to book but it was completely sold out for the day. a one piece insulated suit was provided as was a ski hat and goggles. For us, no gloves were needed. It was very comfortable during the ride as the wind can be cold. cannot comment on best port...Bergen is a big city so not sure if I would pick that one as our driver took us to quiet tranquil places to see wildlife and waterfalls. Hope this helps.
  15. We just completed 21 days (b2b) cruising Norway including up to the North Cape which was phenomenal and a huge highlight. But realize not all have that amount of time. Agree with this poster that these ports cover major places a short cruise would want to see. Eidfjord was unknown to us before our cruise but became a huge favorite . We were on Nieuw Statendam and between the beautiful ship and jawdropping scenery it ranks as the top cruise out of dozens for us.
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