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  1. Thank you very much for your quick reply. It looks like Mariner has a lot of exciting new features. Mariner was the very first cruise we ever sailed. It will be nice to sail again on that ship. Brand new to sailing, I thought she was pretty darned impressive then, but it will be fun to see how Mariner has changed after all these years.
  2. We are considering a 2022 cruise on Mariner of the Seas because we especially like the itinerary. Thing of it is, we haven't been on Mariner since one of its earliest sailings out of Port Canaveral years ago. Has anybody sailed on Mariner just before the big cruise close downs? Has it undergone any major renovations, design changes,improved amenities or such in recent years in an effort to be more like Royal's newer ships?
  3. Doesn't the state of Florida have some say in this? Gov. DeSantis placed strict limitations on municipalities to impose restrictions on behavior such as COVID-19 mask mandates, curfews, closures of certain businesses, etc. The state of Florida has other limitations on municipal powers reserving that certain rulings can be made only at the state level. I don't know if anyone in Tallahassee has weighed in on the cruise ship limitations approved in Key West. I do wonder if the municipality of Key West does enjoy unrestricted ability to make such a broad policy.
  4. We've sailed into Key West many times and spent many happy times there when we drove to the Keys and stayed a few days. For us there are distinct advantages either way. I can see why residents of Key West might resent the cruise ships that tower over the piers and unload passengers by the thousands during the day time. But we will miss being on those ships if they really never can dock in Key West anymore. But my understanding was the main issue was the environmental impact of the big ships, It has been said the water has cleared up beautifully since no cruise ships have arrived. Key West
  5. I had my hopes up the OP had inside info on some fascinating new ports, but I had a good laugh anyway, which I need.
  6. Not entirely. Perks such as priority boarding and departure, special exclusive events such as cocktails and meet the captain, premium bathroom soaps and amenities, afternoon canapes and treats delivered to the room, priority seating in the theater and priority reservations in premium restaurants, and so on could go to highest loyalty tiers. What might be impacted is classes such as Concierge Class or Aqua Class cabins. Not sure what advantages they would have if paid perks are now all-inclusive.
  7. Much as I dream of cruising again or going to Disney World, I really don't dare try either one. Even if I did want to, my husband doesn't want to. So that's that.
  8. My husband, my sister and I have enjoyed all three seasons of High Seas. Sis and I really enjoy the fashions, hairdos and red, red lipstick. We enjoy the ship's decor but miss balconies. Those suites seem really big. So much closet space. The plot isn't the best, but so much abut the show makes up for that. We are really saddened that the third season will be the last. We also watch Love Boat. That show really makes me miss cruising and ache to cruise again. We have three cruises booked, but don't know if any of those cruises will be sailing. We are still hoping against hope that the 202
  9. That is really a cute name. I really like it. The masks had better come in sizes for both adults and children.
  10. I miss cruising so much I would be willing to wear a mask in public places if everyone was required to do so. It would bother me, however, if some did not when everyone was required to do so. I assume the captain has the right and power to eject passengers from the ship at the next port if they refuse to wear a mask. Masks should be for sale in the shops for anyone who loses a mask or forgets to bring one.
  11. That is also totally my post cruise grudge...unpacking, laundry, putting things away and missing the room steward cleaning my bathroom twice a day. I get so spoiled on a cruise.
  12. Will do. I'm really upset to think some folks are getting an attractive offer such as this and I'm not. With it maybe we could finally reach Zenith, a goal we won't reach at present cruising rate until our early nineties.
  13. We are Elite Plus, but have not received this offer. I wonder how Celebrity chooses who will get the offer to "Power Up".
  14. Honestly if I have to wear a mask on a cruise ship, I don't think I will go. Maybe I'd wear the Sea Face mask in port, but what fun can excursions be when one is masked? Also, must you wear a mask in the dining room? How do you eat. And if it is safe to be unmasked in the dining room or at a bar, you might as well not wear one anywhere on the ship. I think I'll wait to cruise until masks are no longer needed.
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