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  1. We frequently cruise in early December, almost always on Celebrity. There may be Christmas music on the public background music that plays in public areas day and night, but it is so unobtrusive one hardly notices it. Noise from passengers and ship activities tends to drown out background music anyway. Holiday music is certainly not a major part of early December cruising.
  2. That is a good point. I hadn't thought about it that way. We are cruising very soon. I had planned to take two weeks meds, but now I think I'll take a month's supply for this ten night cruise...just in case of a worst case scenario. Thank you for your advice.
  3. We have something else in common. When we lived in Portugal, one of our favorite restaurants was named Reijo! Honest.
  4. As a frequent traveler on both Royal and Celebrity, my impression is that Celebrity is dressier at night, especially on non-chic nights. That is not to say men absolutely must wear a jacket at night on Celebrity. I include my own husband in this because his favorite attire at nights on the ships is Greg Normal polo shirts and slacks. He compromises on chic nights and wears a long sleeved shirt, but no tie. He also does this to eat in Murano where guests do seem to be dressier.
  5. We have done a two-night cruise twice. I didn't care for either one, feeling too rushed to learn much about the ship. Of course, the bigger the ship and the more features available, the more rushed one feels to see it all. One of the two cruises even had a formal night which I thought was an additional amount of pressure when there was so much to try to fit in. Now, in retrospect, the only way I would do a two-night cruise is as part of a back-to-back. That makes more sense to me.
  6. Giving more thought to this topic, I have to mention how much I really appreciate the cold towels and cold refreshing drinks offered by Celebrity right outside their ships for returning passengers after their port excursions. It is so nice to get the grime off your hands and to cool off a little and quench your thirst. This amenity just says "hospitality" and I see it as a very special treat. I don't think anyone mentioned this either. About half way through the cruise on Celebrity , each cabin receives a "How Are We Doing?" card to full out for praise or gripes and to name crew who have been outstanding. I have had staff call me to thank me for comments. Crew members have told me that being mentioned on this sheet earns them awards such as half days off or praise is put in their personnel file. I don't think Royal C. hands out these comment sheets half way through their cruises. By the way, these sheets are not the same as the e-mail evaluation sheets sent at the end of cruises.
  7. I hesitate to tell my preferences because then competition for my favorite cabins will increase, but here goes anyway. I prefer so-called hump cabins that face forward and are front facing. We had a very nice aft facing hump cabin on Silhouette in December, but I missed being able to look forward to see where the ship was going. My sister had what I wanted. She always seemed to have the better view. She was only a few cabins away from us, but it seemed to make such a difference. Another problem we had being further aft was that the chimney smoke often seemed to be hanging right over us. It can smell quite strong. Of course this depends on wind direction. Another consideration is your preference for port or starboard locations, if you have a preference that is. Almost any concierge class cabin is comfortable and it may not always be possible to get one of the coveted hump cabins or you may not be able to have the deck you want.
  8. We are Diamond Plus on Royal and Elite Plus on Celebrity, so we really do like both cruise lines and continue to sail on both but for different reasons. We like the quieter, calmer vibe on Celebrity and really appreciate the non-smoking casino. Not that we gamble, but smoke from Royal's casinos can spill out to other areas. Also often walking through the casino makes a good shortcut at times. Royal has amazing shows, especially the Aqua Show on Oasis Class ships and ice shows all most Royal ships. Boleros can be great fun if the band is good. The quality of the band there can vary dramatically. We also like the Izumi Japanese restaurant. We don't care for the Windjammer Buffet and believe Celebrity's Ocean View buffet is far superior. This may seem minor, but Celebrity has glass dishes and cups, while Royal's are Melamine. Admittedly we do prefer Royal's Oasis Class ships to other Royal ships because there is just so much going on. Forgot to mention Royal has a dedicated Diamond Lounge. Celebrity does not have such a place for Elites and up. When we cruise with family we do choose Royal. When we are cruising alone, Celebrity is the right mood for us. My two favorite spots on Solstice Class ships are Cafe al Bacio and the Sunset Bar at the back of the ship. We haven't tried Edge yet, so I can't speak for what they offer. I hope you really enjoy your cruise on Celebrity and hope you do many more. Lucky for all of us, we can change back and forth between Royal or Celebrity depending on what we want and have a memorable time on either cruise line.
  9. Thank you so much for your quick reply. Very disappointed in the answer, but glad I won't be wasting time trying to get some consideration from those cruise lines.
  10. Just curious. Do you know of Princess will match an Elite Plus status or Holland American, per chance?
  11. We were in this situation a couple of years ago, lacking only 3 or 4 Captain's Club points for Elite Plus, so we took a six night cruise to be Elite Plus for a Mardi Gras cruise. I'm not sure why I cared so much to move up to Elite Plus. We will be in our mid-eighties by the time we get to Zenith. This is what we learned though. If you do book a short cruise to get your three points, make you sure you book it well enough ahead of your next cruise to get the credit. As I recall, it took at least a couple weeks for the new status to be posted and credited to us.
  12. Dillards.com currently is showing a very nice variety of formal attire, even in plus sizes. Macy's has a nice selction too. but I don't know about their sizes.
  13. I agree with Oxo here. Why do people have to be snarky about a well intended post?
  14. My thought is that often the tea in the OV dispensers tastes suspiciously like apple juice as though that was run through the dispensers. What I do is get the free tea bags, hot water and a separate glass of ice and make my own fresh iced tea. This is a bother, no doubt, and can be messy too. However, I feel that is far better than the tea offered in the OV. Even better is to get the Tea Forte in Cafe Il Bacio, let that cool and add ice cubes to that for a really satisfying iced tea. There is an extra charge for Tea Forte unless one has a beverage package.
  15. One would think a staffer would take notes of promises made or suggestions and complaints, if any. Then the CEO could act on those. Otherwise the promises seem cavalier or empty. The passenger who was made the promise will feel the answer was deceptive or dismissive.
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