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  1. That is really a cute name. I really like it. The masks had better come in sizes for both adults and children.
  2. I miss cruising so much I would be willing to wear a mask in public places if everyone was required to do so. It would bother me, however, if some did not when everyone was required to do so. I assume the captain has the right and power to eject passengers from the ship at the next port if they refuse to wear a mask. Masks should be for sale in the shops for anyone who loses a mask or forgets to bring one.
  3. That is also totally my post cruise grudge...unpacking, laundry, putting things away and missing the room steward cleaning my bathroom twice a day. I get so spoiled on a cruise.
  4. Will do. I'm really upset to think some folks are getting an attractive offer such as this and I'm not. With it maybe we could finally reach Zenith, a goal we won't reach at present cruising rate until our early nineties.
  5. We are Elite Plus, but have not received this offer. I wonder how Celebrity chooses who will get the offer to "Power Up".
  6. Honestly if I have to wear a mask on a cruise ship, I don't think I will go. Maybe I'd wear the Sea Face mask in port, but what fun can excursions be when one is masked? Also, must you wear a mask in the dining room? How do you eat. And if it is safe to be unmasked in the dining room or at a bar, you might as well not wear one anywhere on the ship. I think I'll wait to cruise until masks are no longer needed.
  7. There are so many favorites of mine, but I'll mention the Colombian man who has been on more than a few cruises we were on. He serves coffee and pastries in the morning in the buffet. He is so funny as he circulates among the tables calling out, "Happy, happy morning. Happy, happy coffee!" He gets to know the regular folks and remembers their preferences. He is always funny and pleasant. My sister and I would be there together and he always called us Sisters. We are very pleased when we are on a Celebrity ship and hear him calling out in the morning, "Happy, happy coffee!"
  8. I won't cruise without a balcony. I've cruised with inside rooms and with ocean view rooms, but I don't cruise anymore without a balcony.
  9. We are booked on the 2021 Equinox Mardi Gras cruise next February. I am hoping that a vaccine will be approved before then, there will even be a Mardi Gras next year because currently New Orleans has the highest per capita infection rate in the US, and I am hoping that neither one of us catch COVID-19. Also I fear a consolidation of bankrupt ships into one mega cruise line because I can imagine loyalty tiers disappearing and soaring cruise rates to make up for lost revenue. So many concerns about future cruising, maybe a simple land vacation would be a safer bet next year. I do hate to think of worst case scenarios. The best case scenario would be a return to almost normal cruising by Halloween or Christmas of this year. I hope, but doubt that Corona virus will fade into oblivion be early fall and become a distant memory, but if it doesn't, cruising might be the least of our concerns.
  10. Yikes, we were on that Mardi Gras cruise with you! All three of us are good, thank heavens. We wish you the very best of luck and hope for the very best for you. Thank you for telling us. We will stay alert for any change in our status. Very best regards.
  11. We booked on Equinox March 28, seven night cruise. We change our minds about sailing every new news item. The news reports are so conflicting. We really don't know who to believe. Right this minute I plan to cast my fate to the wind and go. Maybe by ten tonight I will change my mind again. We are in our mid seventies but neither of us has a major health condition. I want to go, but sometimes we feel scared and sometimes we feel brave enough to go.
  12. We are booked on a Celebrity cruise March 28. We are in our mid-seventies and in good health. That said, I find myself wishing Celebrity would add a special incentive to actually go on this cruise. Our kids are saying don't go. Some government officials are saying folks our age shouldn't fly or cruise. Others downplay the danger. Messages are contradictory. I'm leaning toward going, but as other cruise lines add incentives to show up for booked cruises, such as open bar for every passenger (probably not top shelf drinks), I wish Celebrity would do a little more for us willing to take the risk. Maybe open bar or OBC or discounts on a future cruise or discounts on tours or premium dining or whatever. By the way, Hubby doesn't fear Corona virus. He fears being shut in a cabin for two weeks. He is very hyperactive. Being shut in a ship cabin would be the ultimate torture for him. And that would be bad for me because I'd have to put up with his frustrations plus my own.
  13. Hubby really likes Murano, but as a vegetarian I can say there is little on that menu to eat. That restaurant is an unabashed meat and fish eaters' venue. On Reflection, Murano is currently charging $50 a person. If Hubby didn't like it so much, I would not go.
  14. We frequently cruise in early December, almost always on Celebrity. There may be Christmas music on the public background music that plays in public areas day and night, but it is so unobtrusive one hardly notices it. Noise from passengers and ship activities tends to drown out background music anyway. Holiday music is certainly not a major part of early December cruising.
  15. That is a good point. I hadn't thought about it that way. We are cruising very soon. I had planned to take two weeks meds, but now I think I'll take a month's supply for this ten night cruise...just in case of a worst case scenario. Thank you for your advice.
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