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  1. BNBR

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    Star class is way better. Haven on Escape left us thoroghly unimpressed, would never do that again.
  2. BNBR

    First time, Allure of the Seas

    I could be mistaken, but I think they do adult comedy in the theater, a second later show. 10PM or so.
  3. BNBR

    Drive from Orlando to Port Everglades

    If you are on the south side of Orlando, like WDW, you just take the 192 to I95. It's even better than the 528 actually. Less than 20 minutes difference going that route vs turnpike and save $15 - $20 in tolls and rental fees. Isn't this how you get to WDW from Melbourne? Easy drive.
  4. BNBR

    Drive from Orlando to Port Everglades

    Lol, total opposites. My duty is to get my wife to increase the cruise to at least 75, 80 is out of the question.
  5. BNBR

    Drive from Orlando to Port Everglades

    Maybe she drives like my wife, in which case, no worry about passing anyone.
  6. BNBR

    Paying for chairs by the pool??

    I'd love a simple electronic system. Even without charging. But charge, who cares. Like a parking spot. You swipe your card and select how long you want it. Can't be in a chair without it being paid for. You can pay for a chair and leave it empty if you want but it would discourage this I would think. Maybe you have to reswipe every 60 minutes. Hoggers may be more discouraged having to pay for 6 chairs at a time and returning often to reswipe. I'd pay $1/hr or so, happily, if it meant less chair hoggers and more accessible, decent chairs.
  7. BNBR

    First time, Allure of the Seas

    100% kids can eat at the bistro. We take ours there for breakfast all the time, plenty of other kids. I did verify with one of the staff members just to be sure as well. Done so on 3 Oasis class cruises now.
  8. BNBR

    First time, Allure of the Seas

    Sorry you didn't make it to comedy. Every Oasis class I've been on has comedy on the last night in the main theater as well. So anyone who missed it in the small club can still go.
  9. BNBR

    Drive from Orlando to Port Everglades

    If you don't want to deal with a transponder, then just cut over to I95. It makes almost no difference. Turnpike is more direct but the difference is minimal, maybe 15 - 20 minutes. Trivial. I95 has the benefit of being 3 lanes instead of 2, so you get less backups and road ragers trying to pass slow moving cars vs the turnpike. In other words, don't go out of your way to take the turnpike. It's probably not worth excessive fees from the rental company and dealing with getting a transponder, etc. I hate the traffic on the turnpike, as you can tell. RocketMan, you and I will have to disagree on that point! Lol. Way too many backups because of slow moving vehicles not getting out of the way in the left lane. People trying to fly around them, it's craziness and lots of aggression.
  10. BNBR

    Need Answer On Uber/Lyft To POM

    There is no guard or anything at PortMiami like Port Everglades. People use Uber all the time to drop off and pick up there. It's easy in/out.
  11. BNBR

    Safe parking during cruise in Fll

    Depends what time you get there. You are arriving the day before. So just go to your cruise around 10AM. Plenty of parking. If you arrive in the afternoon, I've still never heard of full lots, but more likely to have parking issues then. At 10AM, people are still leaving, spots opening up, and it's before all the crowds arriving.
  12. BNBR

    Breakfast in Fort Lauderdale?

    I'm following this. Not something that has come up before. I notice no locals are responding either. Nice breakfast on the water, nothing immediately comes to mind. I'm curious! There are great breakfast places like O-B House, but not on the water that I can think of. Lets see if anyone else can chime in with some more ideas.
  13. BNBR

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    Correct, that's why I pointed out that Royal includes Zacapa 23 in the $12 limit. This is all part of NCL's marketing gimmick. It just is what it is. Nothing new for them. I am aware that NCL is whacking their guests far beyond Celebrity, I'm just pointing out that they seem to be giving the free package + upgrade a try. It was something I really disliked about X. I like Royal and Carnival. It's all basically included. One package. Simple. And of course NCL has $23.95 drinks that should be $11. When you pay for that extra upgraded package, you'll be thinking you got a sweet deal. Dang, I'm drinking $23.95 drinks!!! Well worth the money! 2 drinks and made up the package difference price. Going to put NCL out of business on my 3rd drink!
  14. BNBR

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    Zacapa 23 at $23!! Lol. That's included on Royal, BTW. I didn't read all 39 pages, but it seems NCL is going the Celebrity approach. Provide a free bev package and then hound everyone to upgrade to premium for $XX/day.
  15. BNBR

    Cruise changed from POM to FLL

    I'm not familiar with hotel amenities as I live here, but I know the Hampton Plantation has a free airport shuttle as I have clients that will stay there. Cruise port is right next door, they may have no issue dropping cruisers off, too. Worth calling and asking.