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  1. Sounds like quite a bit of a hassle and time suck compared to Uber.
  2. Possible? Yes. But that's a close one. Would want to line up around 5:30-6 and make sure to be first in line or close to it. If it goes smooth and on time , super possible. And you would also need a nonchalant attitude about the potential of missing the flight, like Husky. If everything goes smooth, you would probably end up at your gate with plenty of time to spare. But any delays and no way you make it.
  3. Just curious, what's the plan once on the cruise ship?
  4. Per cabin. Think about what the butler does. If you aren't utilizing them for anything extra, then they will do little more than stock coffee and drop off snacks in the evening. $100- $150 is already more than you would tip for room service, all things considered. This number is just my opinion, of course. We gave them $70 on our 7 day cruise. Felt $10/day was more than fair to drop off snacks that we didn't necessarily want and were nothing special. Keep in mind, these are NOT butlers just because NCL calls them so. They are essentially food runners who may do a little extra. "Butler" means something and has specific standards and services that these don't do. It's not the same. They load up a cart with 10 cabins worth of snacks and drop them off. Maybe setup a table for dinner if you want to dine in... Which food runners do at fine hotels as well.
  5. For a 16 day cruise, if you aren't utilizing them, I would tip $100 for the length of the cruise. Maybe $150. Please ignore a couple posters who always suggest outrageous amounts, that if each cabin would give, would make the butlers paid like LeBron James. Keep in mind the butlers service 10 - 15 cabins.
  6. Just ask the waiter, I really don't think they would care. Just mention you have some family that you would like to join you tomorrow evening, is that ok?
  7. Glad you like it! It's something very different, unique to the area, and nice to get out on the water and explore a bit.
  8. Yup. The stop is right at Margaritaville. Easy as can be. You'll love the area.
  9. Just throwing an idea out there, since you are overnighting... There are bioluminescence kayak tours that go out at night in the area. Check out BK Adventure. Would be something quite different if you end up not wanting to go to a theme park.
  10. There is generally not a traffic issue between Palm Beach and Miami outside of specific rush hour times, and even then, it's quite manageable and dependent on direction of travel. I wouldn't hesitate to take a road transfer for that reason alone. Train would be much cheaper but adds considerable time. What is $50 worth to you? UberX is a decent option if you can fit.
  11. Are you flying in the day before or day of? Tri Rail is cheap and useful to get you to Miami. That's basically what it's for. Is it a pain? Not really. Just takes a little extra time than flying in to Miami obviously. I have family in Palm Beach and they have no problem taking the Tri rail down. Brightline is possibly a better option if sailing the same day of arrival. As it's station is closer to the port. Train schedules are available on their sites. Just figure out which ones makes more sense for you.
  12. For what it's worth, the US President has asked cruise ship companies to do more. To help with housing. I don't find it unreasonable considering companies like Royal have nearly all of their US market vessels flagged in the Bahamas, have private Islands in the Bahamas, and rely heavily on The Bahamas for their businesses. $1M is not even a drop in the bucket. It's not enough and kind of ridiculous, actually. I hope they do a LOT more. Their "matching" is up to $500k, by the way. It's not enough. Not even close.
  13. This is what I would do. Uber to the airport. Drop your bags off with the storage companies there. Then Uber over to Las Olas and explore a bit. Hop on the water taxi. Maybe do the south loop and get off at 5' O Clock Somewhere (Margaritaville) for drinks and lunch (or Le Tub next door, famous burger), walk the broadwalk until ready to head to the airport. Then just Uber from wherever you are back to the airport.
  14. When trying to visit the Everglades May - Oct, it's not that bad if just doing a 30+ min airboat ride. I would probably not go to Shark Valley, though. I'd hate to discourage a visitor from at least an airboat ride. Or even a place like Sawgrass Recreation that has the airboats and a wildlife exhibit. But since they asked about frog legs and alligator specifically to eat, it seems Coopertown is THE spot, it's basically what they do. And no reason not to do a nice airboat ride as they do them there, too.
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