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  1. Publix is a grocery store. She is basically saying that in Florida, pretty much every grocery store has a large wine selection. I'm not sure how California is, but many States don't allow grocery to sell any types of alcohol. Publix is the most common store, and they have quite a large selection of wine at great prices. Personally, it doesn't seem worth the hassle trying to stop and get wine in this case. But I'm sure you'll figure it out.
  2. Would be better if you shared which flight options were available.
  3. We've done a bit of 8 and 6 and personally prefer 6. 8 is nice for proximity to Central Park, but 6 is just a quick 2 flights of stairs as well. But 6 has phenomenal access to Boardwalk, Schooner Bar, Promenade, Entertainment, Dining Room, etc. So we do try and book near the aft elevators on 6 nowadays.
  4. Have you considered Unlimited Dining on the Allure sailing? Maybe she'll be on board to try a 7 night cruise of specialty dining, lunches, etc. It's something different. And then mix in CK for breakfast and lunch here and there. We think the unlimited dining package is a steal on a ship like that and really enjoy all the different venues, including specialty lunches. She'll enjoy it no matter what, and then at least you can think about how to plan future cruises after trying it out. For us, unlimited dining was a ton of fun and the true all inclusive feel of it made a big difference in our enjoyment of the specialties.
  5. I booked for late next year. Can cancel up to 48 hours before the cruise. So why not? Hell of a deal, too.
  6. I received notification just now that Royal canceled October sailings (including mine). It was the official notification and how all the credits work, etc. So yeah, they are canceled.
  7. Who said cruisers bring nothing? They don't bring enough, and Key West doesn't need it. And again, Key West does the opposite of close down after the ships leave... it opens up and the party starts. Heck, they even throw a big party at the square to celebrate the ships finally leaving, and that sunset thing, too.
  8. Better experience for visitors would be a good thing for business. People that come in, spend a lot of money, etc. Yes, the $5 t-shirt hawkers may see a slight negative impact, but the island will be just fine without cruises. It does it's best when the cruises aren't there, anyways.
  9. Depends. Do people skip land vacations to Key West because they are visiting on a cruise instead? Do some land vacationers skip going because of the annoying cruise crowds? It's really hard to say. But we do know that Key West does great without cruise ships, as the entire island comes alive at night AFTER the ships leave... And that cruisers don't really spend much.
  10. Right. And you probably spent less on the island than a single night paid to a hotel, let alone everything else a land vacationer spends.
  11. If there is even remotely bad weather, being stuck on a catamaran for 3+ hours could be awful. Not sure I'd be all that interested in taking that trip.
  12. Common sense would tell you that cruisers spend less than other vacationers. Food and lodging are the most expensive items, both of which is covered by the cruise ship. Cruisers get off, wander around, buy a $5 trinket, maybe do a tour (so the tour operators make a few bucks)... but overall, the locals see virtually no benefit from it.
  13. Lol, maybe I'll run in to you in LP without knowing it 🙂 We are up there every couple of weeks.
  14. I haven't. Planned on it but canceled an early August trip to Hawks Cay. Didn't seem worth the risk for a week trip, with so much closed and everything going on. We'd rather go when it's more fun.
  15. I think the issue is that it's not REALLY downtown or near Las Olas. It's about a mile. Which is a long walking distance. So why bother? Have you looked at a hotel like Riverside?
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