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  1. I'd have no interest in a longer cruise. If I don't do everything on one cruise, it leaves more to look forward to on a second cruise. And if we really wanted a longer cruise, we could just do a B2B as the ship does alternate itineraries.
  2. Agreed. Which is why we park at the port. Brightline makes sense if you are up in Palm Beach, maybe. Or if you don't have a car, definitely. But even in Fort Lauderdale, we would rather just drive straight to the port, which saves a ton of time and potential headaches.
  3. Definitely not from Carnival. Red tide and massive fish kills from it have been going on since before we kept records. It's natural. No "corrective measures" are going to fix that. https://myfwc.com/research/redtide/faq/ Now, pumping millions of gallons of sewage in to the New River in Ft Lauderdale.... Not Carnival either, but what a dang mess.
  4. I'd suggest simply walking Lincoln Road and stopping at a restaurant that sparks your interest.
  5. Flight would be easy to make if you walk off with your bags when the gangway opens.
  6. Yup, every week he does this program on local and State issues. It's an investigative program and really quite good. He is great about being unbiased which is why I enjoy it.
  7. It wasn't meant to tell YOU anything new. He actually addresses that in his opening statement. It's for those who aren't up to speed or aware of what is going on. Someone who has read all the reporting isn't going to hear much new. Heck, he even had the person doing the reporting as the guest, to bring viewers up to speed.
  8. The TV segment aired 4 days after their most recent hearing. I don't find that out of date. They discussed the new compliance officer as well.
  9. Something I find a bit ironic, is that Arison owns the Miami Heat. And "Culture" is probably the most famous word around these parts when it comes to the team. We are famous for "Culture." Here is a good article about the new compliance officer just posted: https://www.law.com/corpcounsel/2020/01/10/carnivals-first-compliance-officer-rushing-to-prove-value-of-new-centralized-system/?slreturn=20200013121625 Carnival absolutely seems to be going in the right direction. Their most recent court appearance, which Arison attended, was just this last Wednesday: https://apnews.com/6faf000c46d194c6347ee56fc76b8851
  10. No, they have their own shuttles. I don't park there but I can say I always see their shuttles, well represented. Nobody complains about getting stuck waiting long for the Park n' Go shuttles at Port Everglades. Personally, we just pay to park at the port and find the savings for offsite not worth it. Note that I'm pretty sure you have to leave your keys with them as well so they can move your car around while you are sailing.
  11. NCL (at least Escape) had, without a doubt, the best beer selection of any cruise ship I've been on. A really great venue just for us beer snobs (The District). I'm sure others can chime in about Gem.
  12. Yup, that was my point. The other poster suggested Carnival will just continue paying the fines and nothing is really going to happen. Which is not at all what is going on.
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