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  1. It's been 18 days since we cancelled. We never got a confirmation email, it just disappeared from our My Cruises page. The FCC for the penalty was applied to our rebooked cruise within a couple of days, but we are still waiting for the rest of the $3,000+ paid-in-full cruise fare to refund to our bank account. Before I cancelled I took screen shots so I would have proof of the booking. I also called a few days later and they said the refund had "processed," whatever that means.
  2. I'm stressed enough waiting for my $3,000+ to hit my bank account (paid with Visa Debit) - I can't imagine waiting for gift cards and hoping they don't get lost somewhere. Good luck!
  3. Expecting my July cruise to get cancelled in 3, 2, 1...
  4. Carnival Holiday in 1992, when she was still just a "baby" ship (we were still "babies" too, based on our photos! 😆). We thought she was the biggest thing we had ever seen. Had so much fun on that cruise. We have sailed Royal Caribbean as well, but Carnival will always have a special place in our hearts.
  5. Yes, a mock booking would cost an extra almost $900 over and above the upgrade offer amount, so it seems like a good deal. Any input on whether we pay the upgrade now or later?
  6. We're booked for July 18 on Breeze to Western Caribbean in a balcony on Deck 11 (it's not a Spa cabin) for me, DH and DS-21). Got an upgrade offer for cabin #7333 Ocean Suite for an additional $422. We've never had a suite, so this is tempting as it's always hard for all three of us to be on the balcony at the same time. So...do we take it (assuming our cruise will still happen)? Also, does anyone know if we would have to pay the additional fare now, or does it just get added onto our balance (final payment due June 18)?
  7. Hi, VA neighbor! We're in NoVa (northern Virginia for those not familiar with the term) and people are still out and about, though traffic is way down. I don't think yesterday's announcement by the governor has quite sunk in yet, though it did dawn on me that my hair appointment is now cancelled (boo!). Things might get ugly after a few more weeks with no hair or nail salons! My DH is now out of a job temporarily and is not getting paid, which really stinks because that's our cruise money, but at least my job is safe. I'm in local government, so I'm considered "essential." My office is working with a skeleton crew and most people are working from home. My son is graduating from college in May, so at this point we don't know if there will even be a graduation ceremony. It's hard to see the look of sadness on his face when we talk about it. We had a May cruise booked as part of his graduation gift, but that's been cancelled and we re-booked for July. Of course, with DH out of work and no idea if the travel industry will be up and running, there's no telling if it will get cancelled as well. I'm seriously over 2020. Can we just skip the rest of it?
  8. And then wait up to 90 days to get a refund for the remainder of the previous cruise. 🤦‍♀️
  9. I'm not sure what difference that makes. I responded to the statement that it was probably just "a special favor from a nice person." Instead, it is a public offer that anyone booked with an ES rate can get. That's my point.
  10. Nope, I just got the same thing by filling out the Price Protection form online. Dropped my cruise fare by $40, raised our $50 OBC to $100, and extended our final payment to 30 days prior to sailing. Other are talking about this over on another thread - it's an Early Saver offer.
  11. I filled out the Price Protection form yesterday and got an email last night that our due date was extended. It's a good thing, too, because if it takes 90 days to get a refund for the cruise we cancelled we might get the money just in time to pay for the rebooked cruise!
  12. I cancelled on March 9 and the refund hasn't come through.
  13. We received our excursion refunds in 3 to 4 days. We're at 10 days and counting waiting for our $2,600+ cruise fare refund.
  14. That's not what happened with us. Granted, the Carnival rep told us that's what would happen, but that's not the reality. We were booked for a May 25 cruise. We cancelled it on and booked a July 18 cruise. We had to pay a deposit on the new booking. The rep said that the full cruise fare (paid in full) from the previous cruise (over $3,300) would be applied to the new booking and that anything remaining would be given as OBC. What actually happened is that they applied only the cancellation penalty ($709) to the new booking and left us in limbo waiting to get a refund of over $2,600, which they tell me has processed but has not shown up in my bank account yet. I just hope it shows up before the new booking's final payment due date (April 19).
  15. My understanding is that they will send you another gift card.
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