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  1. First trip on Regent will be Navigator Complete Caribbean, 30 days starting January 6, 2022, from Miami, assuming ships can sail from Florida by then. I think this is Navigator's first scheduled cruise back.
  2. Thank you so much for posting this!
  3. We were booked on two Tauck river cruises in 2020--family Rhine and musical Danube. Those were cancelled and moved to 2021. Now THOSE have been cancelled and moved to 2022. Surely by July 2022 cruises will be happening more or less normally. Waiting to see what vaccination requirements will be by then. Adults and oldest grandchild are vaccinated; younger grandkids are not eligible yet. I don't think Tauck is requiring vaccinations from under 12s right now, since that's impossible, but I suspect that will change.
  4. Today (April 29, 2021) Tauck cancelled all its European cruises and tours through July 15. We had a family Danube cruises scheduled July 3, but could see the writing on the wall, so postponed to 2022 a couple of weeks ago. My TA said the Tauck rep told her that it was going to take them "three months" to reach out to everyone they were cancelling. Hopefully the rep was joking, but perhaps that's a heads up NOT to wait for them to call you.
  5. Today we cancelled and rebooked Rhine and Danube cruises from this summer to summer 2022 - Tauck. We were able to get two triples on the Rhine before they got sold out. These are of course already rebooked from 2020. Here's hoping!
  6. Florida gov Ron de Santis is banning vaccine passports there. So how will this work for Crystal once they start sailing from Miami again? I suppose there are other ways of proving you've been vaccinated, the CDC paper card for one.
  7. Our Rhine and Danube cruises starting in 2nd half of July have been cancelled. Rebooked for 2021. Here's hoping!
  8. My travel agent said she was told Tauck is doing the cancellations in semi-monthly batches to handle the volume, and that cruises through July 31 would be cancelled this week. We shall see.
  9. As of today (April 15) Tauck has cancelled all its cruises (and land tours) with departure dates through June 30. https://www.tauck.com/travel-policy-update We're booked on a Rhine river cruise in mid-July, which is looking pretty unlikely right now.
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