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  1. We travelled on the Seabourn Encore from Singapore to Dubai. We casually asked for Albarino for lunch but they didn’t have any on board. At the very next port they took Albarino onboard and we had it every lunchtime after that. Definitely ‘above and beyond’ especially as we weren’t even in a Spanish area! However, I must qualify this by saying this was back in 2018! Oh how I times have changed!
  2. Yes I have similar feelings although we have on a couple of occasions used a cruise line package but I upgraded the transfers to private ones. Can’t see any fun in waiting around for a ‘bus load’ of people. We did have one unfortunate experience when a TA ‘unpackaged’ then ‘repackaged’ an Oceania cruise. I only found out when the flight times changed and I rang the airline only to find the ticket had been booked through a consolidator and not Oceania! Anyway, we live and learn!
  3. Thank you. I misread the post I didn’t realise it was just airlines and hotels who don’t pay commission. From my not so good experiences with consolidators I find it better to book directly with an airline. I have far more control that way!
  4. Glad you’re enjoying your cruise overall. It’s amazing how much can be achieved simply by ‘asking’! We have found in the past that many things are possible just by asking the question. Thank you for your reviews and keep enjoying!
  5. In the UK agents earn commission from cruise lines etc. How do they earn money in the US?
  6. We ‘cruise’ as our holiday. For us, and I’m sure many others, ‘cruising’ acts as a ‘floating hotel’. OLife or SimplyMore are in some ways irrelevant. We’d tend now to travel in the Med and have been to most ports. We just enjoy the ‘ambience’ of a cruise ship. Not everyone takes a cruise to ‘see’ every part of the world. When we travelled to ‘see the world’ it was always land based. We were lucky to see most places we wanted to see and now our ‘relaxed’ type of trip is cruising.
  7. Yes you’re probably right! Memory could be fading! You could be right about another line. Certainly on our Silversea cruise at lunch times the sommelier wandered around with a bottle of each and got quite ‘snooty’ when I asked for something different. I was quite surprised to be honest. In the GDR however they learnt our preferences and just used to leave the bottle on the table! Nothing in life is ‘perfect’ but I’m sure we will all ‘survive’ with what’s on offer.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to reply. We’ve not sailed with Oceania since February last year before SimplyMore was added. From what I remember the Terrace wine menu at lunch was much bigger and we were definitely able to have the Albarino at lunch. If my memory serves me correctly in the evenings they usually served a red and a white by the glass. I don’t recall a wine by the glass menu in the evening. If you had a drinks package they served their choice of wines but we often asked for another, maybe a Rioja or a Malbec and they always found us something that was acceptable. Maybe things have changed!
  9. Or just add a ‘shocking pink or lime green’ luggage strap to your black, navy or grey case!
  10. I would have thought with a ‘75 day window’ you won’t have any trouble getting the times you want even after a good nights sleep! We’ve never had an issue even with the 60 day window.
  11. That’s really disappointing! What have they done with my Albariño? I can only see one wine that I would enjoy from that menu! SimplyMore, in this case really does look like SimplyLess! Are there other wines available with the upgraded package?
  12. I agree with you 100% Some of the lasting memories we have are from sailing up the river into the centre of Saigon and similarly into Klong Toey in Bangkok. Last summer in the Norwegian Fjords whilst we were able to sail directly into Flam etc we saw some large, but not ‘monstrous’, ships anchored way out of the small towns. To me it would be really sad to see the end of ‘small’ ship cruising. Looks like the ‘luxury’ sector is building more expedition ships so maybe there is still ‘hope’!
  13. I’m not sure which of us is confused here! Firstly, I’ve never sailed on Vista so have no thoughts about her and have certainly not classed her as the ‘be-all and end-all’ of Oceania ships. In fact I’ve not mentioned her at all part from asking a question about flooring. I have, however sailed way in excess of 100 days on other Oceania ships so am pretty familiar with them. Secondly, as I’ve never dined in Ember and I have never mentioned it in any post, you must be confusing me with someone else. When you say I’m confused about ‘fine dining’ and a ‘sophisticated’ setting. I have never mentioned Jaques in any post either because it’s my least favourite of all the speciality restaurants and I certainly don’t see it as a ‘fine’ example of French dining! However, when you have sailed on Vista please let us hear your ‘first hand’ reviews.
  14. I really think, from what you are saying, that Oceania is just not a ‘fit’ for you anymore! Maybe you should try and find a line, on which you would want to spend $350-500 per couple per day, for superior food, service etc. You are actually paying bottom dollar for a ‘premium’ product and I wish you luck in finding better at your price point.
  15. I’m sure you’re right. We’ve sailed on all the other ships and never had an issue. Looks like I need to re-think!
  16. I agree! We often take a ‘nice’ bottle of wine into a dinning room. In the Meditteranean particularly, we find good wines at really great prices and we are very happy to pay the corkage fee to enjoy something a little more special.
  17. Thank you so much for your reply. Looks like the Terrace Cafe may be a no-go area for anybody who has walking issues. We’ve sailed on Oceania three times in the Caribbean on the smaller ships and never had an issue. So this is obviously a cause for concern for us. We would hate to sail Vista and not be able to use the Terrace!
  18. “ Vista, Terrace Cafe Flooring” Back in the summer there were reports that the flooring in the Terrace Cafe was very ‘slippy’ and ‘damp’ to the point when towels were put on the floor to make it safe. This could have been something to do with the ship being ‘new’ and just ‘bedding in’ or possible ‘humidity’ or maybe just a poor choice of flooring. Anyway, we are thinking of booking Vista but I would really like to know if this is still a problem. I have mobility issues so a ‘slippery’ floor and me don’t mix!
  19. You are so right! . Length of trip, time of year (seasons) , and place are really important. We sailed B2B in the Caribbean. 10 nights and 7. The 7 night cruise was so completely different. I’m guessing ‘cheap cruise 7 nts’ led to a completely different cruise experience, not one we would repeat!
  20. I guess if it’s not for you then you have other choices. We all do! We just need to choose the line that suits us ‘Now’ the past is the past!
  21. You know I have no idea either. I can only assume that since cruising restarted in 2022 everything has changed!
  22. Techno I think we may be in the minority!!! Will say no more !
  23. It really amazes me that those ‘passengers’ from the USA assume that the food on Oceania is focused only on them. There are lots of Europeans and Asians and I’m sure others who travel with Oceania. Personally I would be happier with less USA focused ‘fast food’ offerings and more ‘fresh’ food! Just my opinion!
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