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  1. Recent interviews with some of the cruise lines execs. Still understandably doesn't confirm anything but indicates the current thinking. https://cruiseradio.net/cruise-execs-reveal-where-first-cruise-ships-could-sail-from/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  2. A fellow passenger on one of our trips removed their minis every day and took them home. I received a photo post trip and had no idea how to respond. Although I always bring the pillow chocolates home so I can't judge! I am pleased to report that my at home cruise butler has been more attentive today and as we we're able to collect our grocery order today the food choices were better this evening 😀 I was tempted to get out our last daily planners and introduce theme nights and a dress code but fear DH will finally think I've lost it 😂
  3. I have my slippers and diffuser but the rest of the experience isn't going so well. No one has delivered drinks, I can't find the buffet, meal choices and quality are not as good and the cleaning leaves a lot to be desired compared to onboard. The staff are nowhere near as obliging - DH is a poor butler and flatly refuses to escort me anywhere. This at home cruising isn't for me 🤣🤣
  4. There has been talk of introducing these air bridge agreements, so maybe some travel restrictions will be lifted. Although a Minister, think it was the Health one said don't expect any lavish summer holidays. Assuming cruising is considered lavish, camping in France might be on though 😉
  5. The UK Foreign Office still has a no travel ban to anywhere at present and anyone arriving has to quarantine for 14 days. Although countries are opening up for tourism, it doesn't look likely UK passengers will be enjoying any travel anytime soon.
  6. A full table service! That's outstanding 🤣 I mean just why? I don't really get the towels and robes, the robes never fit!
  7. They're remarkably resiliant those ships. We disembarked in Barbados a couple of years ago, our ships were in our suitcases which stood outside in the sunshine for ages before we transferred to our hotel. The same ocurred whilst we were leaving the hotel to travel to the airport some days later. I envisaged a suitcase full of melted chocolate blobs once we arrived home but our ships were absolutely intact. I just wrap the box in clothes and bury in the case somewhere. I've a few tubes of toiletries around and they just say 'Med by MSC'.
  8. So many ships are arriving in areas to repatriate crew and they're not being allowed to disembark. Feel so for the crew onboard, most reports are that they are well looked after but they must be so frustrated that they can't get home.
  9. It looks like they designed a nice ship, realised they'd forgotten the haven and added a box on top! I'm sure as others have posted, it's lovely inside but aesthetically it's not attractive.
  10. Totally agree it's not the value it was and really a lot depends on what you want. A number of the perks you can add as an additional cost. Some are irrelevant as you move up the VC scheme to. For us not having fixed dining at a shared table makes Aurea experience worthwhile. The website does have a full comparison chart.
  11. An impressive lightening display at POM this morning and quite a few ships coming in to dock. Including NCL Epic, which has to be the ugliest ship I've ever seen.
  12. We've never experienced any significant queues for AnyTime dining. If there's been a queue it's been just a few people, nothing compared to the queue for the MDR opening. I can't imagine how social distancing will be observed on a ship, literally everything involves close proximity to people from embarking, using the lifts, excursions and the theatre.
  13. Yes, you arrive at the restaurant at any time during the opening hours. At the beginning of the cruise they do usually ask you to indicate approximately what time you'll dine to help them manage demand. We'd just give an indicative window of time, usually 8 - 8.30pm. You're not assigned a table and you don't share a table with others on Aurea experience. On some ships we've seen a few people share an Aurea table for 4 people, 2 couples but we've never shared a table. If you'd like to dine at the same time each evening and at the same table so you get the same wait staff you can do so.
  14. Activity from all cruise lines has been reduced lately. Although yesterday and today seem busier, just to disprove my point lol! MSC Divina is in port today.
  15. Me too! It's gone very quiet at port Miami recently.
  16. Divina, Seaside, Armonia and Meraviglia were regularly all rotating into Port Miami for the first few weeks for supplies and fuel but have been anchored at OC for a while now along with Preziosa.
  17. We've alternated between Aurea and YC and enjoyed all of our cruises. Seaside YC is fabulous, our favourite YC so far. We've not felt as though we're missing out when going Aurea experience again, although we've not had any with the Easy package, which we'd find restricting on a longer cruise. We love YC but the cost has been prohibitive for us on some sailings but we've been grateful to be sailing and focused on enjoying our trip.
  18. We sailed on Splendida in February, a ship which has a capacity of 3900, there were approximately 1400 people onboard. With the exception of some bars in the evening, everywhere was still reasonably busy. I can't see anyway that you'd enforce social distancing on a ship.
  19. As Sid states, if you order a drink and do not have a drinks package included you'll be charged a service charge of 15% on the drink. A separate charge to the daily service gratuity charge.
  20. We sailed Meraviglia in North America/Canada last year and found the layout to be good for the climate. Our sailing on Seaside was in the Caribean and it works really well for a sunny climate. We didn't spend very much time inside but having just left Meraviglia we did note it felt like there was less open inside space. We didn't travel with a family so I couldn't advise from that point. Incidentally, all sailings have removed the 7 course menu layout but you're able to order as many courses as you wish.
  21. Magnifica has docked in Marseille today https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-52350262
  22. Always the best option, lots of videos online for you to 'see' her first too.
  23. We loved it, although now having been on Seaside I'd not describe it as, being as spectacular. On Seaside you have the full height panoramic glass, where on Divina it's a two thirds window. Divina wouldn't feel as open as Seaside as it has a ceiling rather than the mezzanine for the restaurant. However, I would say the Divina TSL is more initimate. We did notice that with the restaurant being in the TSL on Seaside that it was busier. We like quiet but even for us it could sometimes be very quiet. Divina was our first YC experience and we had a fabulous time, as we did on her sister ships with the same layout. Now having been on Seaside I know I would make direct comparisons if we sailed on her again, which Seaside would win. We've swapped between class of ship and you do compare, we went from Preziosa YC (Divina layout) to the smaller Orchestra, no YC and older & less glitzy. Initially I'd compare but then move on to enjoying my trip. Would I sail on Divina again, yes, Do I think I'd enjoy it, yes. Do I think Seaside is a better ship, yes. Apologies, I've waffled on a bit there 😆
  24. We've been in YC on Divina and Seaside. The layout of YC on Seaside is preferable, the open plan TSL and restaurant, with the outdoor seating area of TSL, we absolutely loved that area. The buffet area at the One Pool is also larger and more extensive. I wouldn't be disappointed sailing in Divina YC after Seaside but I'd probably be aware of the differences and recognise that it's different. I don't want to describe it as inferior because YC is far from inferior as an experience but my personal opionion is that how the YC layout has evolved is very positive. The flow works better, everything is within an immediate radius. I think you'd observe the Seaside layout is better if you were to sail Divina but wouldn't expect you to be disappointed. I hope that makes some sense.
  25. Yes, watched Divina depart and Seaside arrive. Reminiscing to myself about our wonderful experiences of both ships 😪
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