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  1. I’ll take all 3 apps and both desserts and skip the rest. So that’s 5 again right there!
  2. He pushes the sand around with his hands on a light table that projects to a large screen to make images and he morphs the sand through several changes. It’s very unusual and fascinating.
  3. It comes down to: is it the big stuff, or the small stuff? Because the small stuff comes in small parcels of time and space, in moments, and bites, and steps. There are 199 beautiful views to be had on your cruise. There are 199 wonderful tastes, 199 smiles, 199 good feelings, 199 nice passengers and 199 nice crew to say "Hello!" to. You could number thousands of small bits of happiness on any cruise, depending on how you count.
  4. I realize I'm a bit of a nut job, but I much enjoy the meeting up of the vessels on these journeys. One of the best things about Nassau and also Cozumel is that you will always get a gander at whoever is docked with you. Since I'm up early I love the excitement of seeing some stately ship far off in the distance and anticipate "who" it might be coming in to visit. On the Sensation, we pulled up between Oceania Riviera (way fancier than the one I was on, no worries. :)) and Enchantment of the Seas. Next morning they were both long gone and I watched what was then the brand new (like, 5 weeks old) MSC Seaside come in. So I am excited about all these other ships you track along with our revered posters-on-the-scene. Out on the open water on the last leg of the voyage home, I am always reassured by seeing other ships within view. On Oasis at the captain's Q and A session I asked if they sync up like this on purpose in some sort of Maritime camaraderie or perhaps for safety, knowing that the ships are often from competing lines. The answer was not what I was hoping. The captain rather annoyedly stated that unfortunately other lines are just trying to "copy" RC. So I guess they are not as charmed by this proximity as I am.
  5. You're doing great. Don't be discouraged by the lack of likes / broken like buttons. We like it. You will hit your goal!
  6. The tundra is definitely in its element this year! Welcome home.
  7. A few thoughts. Might not hurt to let the cruise line know this ahead of time. Find out the number of the Miami port agent, call them with your info and flight number and ask if you should call them day-of if you get close on time. They might wait for you if they know you are out in the parking lot when they are ready to shut the door. Better than just winging it if the schedule falls apart. Thankfully Miami airport is not very far from port. It’s absolutely doable but your margin for error is just not very wide.
  8. Is that the Oosterdam you mentioned earlier?
  9. That’s a big one, could stretch it into 4 or 5. 1. Nap on balcony 2. Private lounger on balcony 3. Peace and quiet on balcony 4. Suntan while napping on balcony 5. Reading self to sleep on balcony
  10. KmomChicago

    Cruise Deals for Solo Travellers?

    Some of the slowest weeks are the first 2 weeks of December and the last 3 weeks of January and often they are discounted steeply, so even having to pay the full single supplement can still be somewhat reasonable at these times, if you happen to hit a deal. Sometimes at the last minute they completely drop single supplements on unsold cabins, but of course you can't plan ahead and need to be ready to decide on very short notice, and you never know what choice of cruise line, cabin category, or itinerary will be doing this, if any. And neither do the cruise lines. If they have rooms they will try to unload them, but if they meet a certain occupancy threshold by a certain date, they won't. It's a total gamble.
  11. KmomChicago


    We are early people, so we go to the early shows and do open dining - it is possible to go right when they open the DR and still make it out in time for the early show. If we don't think we can fit in an early supper and still get to the early show, we do the buffet that night as it is faster.
  12. Two different live reviewers are there now. CKRobyn was at Labadee yesterday and it was fine. She noted Columbus Cove beach was not very crowded, so perhaps a lot of passengers are staying on the ship. John&LaLa are going there today and they don't seem worried. As noted many times through this thread, it's rare (not impossible, just rare) for the unrest to get near enough to Labadee to impact the cruise stop.
  13. KmomChicago

    NEW - Did I pick the correct room?

    Fully agree. How far wrong can you really go? Most sailings sell out on every single ship, every time. I've taken a gamble on an inside guarantee and was given a fantastic location; I've chosen rooms myself and found pros and cons once I lived in them for a few days. Kids and partiers might be loud in any hallway so no room is immune for potential noise. Foam earplugs can solve many such issues. Anyway, I'd rather be on a cruise than not, and when the ships are almost full, people happily take that very last cabin remaining, whatever and wherever it is.
  14. KmomChicago

    Do they swap ships after reservations are open?

    RC has a better ship out of PR than Carnival, but. . . it's often dirt cheap and a pretty good itinerary. However, I would never recommend somebody goes on Fantasy class if it's going to be a bad experience for them.