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  1. Great review; thanks for the photos of the inside of "my" stateroom! Glad you had such a great time. Sort of sad to see the replies from folks awaiting their upcoming cruises, that obviously did not happen.
  2. It’s a great idea, hope it’s done more often.
  3. I also don’t think it will work here based on the current behavior I see here in regular life. I would love to be wrong. I am very happy that somewhere in the world one large cruise line has been successful with a very, very cautious resumption of cruising. I get the point of the original post, a glimmer of hope.
  4. Hi, I am feeling like everything posted on social media lately is being seen as a challenge or argument, so I provide a disclaimer that I am not trying to contradict your statement, just perhaps a perspective to put your mind at ease: While you are correct that Fantasy class sailings out of Long Beach are over for the foreseeable future, I have sailed on both Fantasy Class (Sensation) and Destiny Class (now Sunshine class) (Carnival Triumph, now Sunrise, sister ship to Radiance) as well as on much larger Royal Caribbean Ships (Adventure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas). Radiance is supposed to take over the 3/4 nighters in Long Beach that you mention, and I think you will enjoy that ship if you liked Imagination / Inspiration. I did not find it any more difficult to get to know the staff on the 101,000 ton Triumph than the 71,000 ton Sensation. As it happened, our cruise director on Triumph was slightly more accessible than on Sensation, and both were FAR more fun and visible than on RC where the CD seems to have almost an entirely different role than on Carnival, more of a professional, suited up manager than a let-it-loose participant. I've been able to get to know the room attendants as much or little as I want on all cruises, regardless of cruise line or ship size. My family does not like the dining room except for Sea Day Brunch so we don't get to know those servers but we often find some counter service venue, or some recurring activity (i.e. trivia) that we keep going back to, and a crew member there will quickly adopt us as new friends. Lastly, the staterooms, particularly the outside (no balcony) cabins on the two lowest passenger decks, will be larger on the Radiance than the rooms on Fantasy class ships. I believe our outside cabin, deck 2 aft on the starboard side on Triumph, was 220 SF which is really nice for a cruise ship, while our Sensation stateroom felt very cramped by comparison. We had an inside and my parents had an outside which was exactly the same size. Happy Cruising! You know, someday when we all do that again.
  5. I wonder my why post, which I thought was relevant and not negative, was removed, as was a slightly critical reply to my post, while other argument posts continue here?
  6. No, Carnival does not offer many of these and particularly during the summer. There is an 8 day itinerary out of Galveston showing for next summer to the Western Caribbean, 8 days out of Miami to the Southern Caribbean, 8 days out of New York to Eastern Caribbean, but most of Carnival's cruises are 7 days or fewer. Most of the longer "journeys" cruises have been during off seasons and obviously not targeted to your standard American family vacation demographic - but rather to people who can travel longer and during the school year, i.e. retirees.
  7. No doubt a lot of us would have “done” 2019 differently had we known what was coming.
  8. One nice aspect of being as far aft as possible is very low hallway traffic, which means few to zero loud late night party folks and same for kids running around at all hours. I don't often see this mentioned as a benefit to that location but I have experienced it on several cruises. The aft balconies are larger than others, called "extended" and an upgrade over standard balcony rooms, and all the rooms on Sunrise will be larger than on Sensation. We were below the dining room on this ship when it was Triumph and had very brief noise during dinner service while the little "twirl the napkin" thing went on for about 3 minutes one night. Otherwise we did not experience any dining room noise the whole cruise. This was at about 8:30 so it is not like we were sleeping anyway. I assume it happened at the same time on at least one other night of the cruise, probably while we were out watching a show of some kind. As others have noted you have received a significant upgrade over your prior booking: a larger balcony, a larger, newer updated room, and you are on a larger ship that has had much more extensive renovations and has more features. If you are not happy with that I would think it will be easy to get them to move you to a different room a bit closer to midship as the prior cruise was probably not sold out yet, and also had relatively few balcony bookings (due to the lack of this kind of stateroom on Sensation) and likely plenty of options are still available.
  9. If it’s profitable they will keep a ship that fits the space. If not, building a new port is not a feasible option anyway.
  10. Well, at a minimum, they either won’t get the ship they chose or they won’t get the itinerary they chose.
  11. that kind of drives me crazy. There are a lot of words in the English language plus many more in others that can be used to excellent effect. Why would you name your new ship the same thing a competitor named their ship?
  12. I’m giving less than 5% odds on the two laid up ships to return to service under any brand. Likely Alang can only work on so many ships at a time and they are waiting for availability. No risk to the holding pattern until then on a final decision.
  13. In this scenario I’m thinking about going backward and booking this itinerary on Symphony of the Seas in 1977. Because I want to visit the disco, where The Bee Gees will be, or, err, were? playing live. Why not? The transporter travels through time too, right? And can handle 230,000 ton ships no problem? Fantasy cruises might be better than the real thing!
  14. I agree with the benefits of bringing the "emotional support" cat along on this fake cruise. Of course it's not me that needs emotional support, it's the cat who would freak out if we left it. But nobody at transporter check in seemed worried about any of that. I saw some interior pics of Empress a year or so ago after a fairly extensive dry dock and added to these photos, I must say that ship looks really gorgeous. Hopefully that fact secures its place on the, well, Seas, for some time.
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