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  1. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/25024-carnival-mardi-gras-heading-to-u-s-now-under-bahamian-flag.html You gotta go see her Tom! I am hoping against hope that our scheduled trip will be the maiden voyage. So we can complain about all the kinks they haven't worked out yet. 🙂 No really, no complaining, never going to complain about a vacation again.
  2. Breaking news. Ship is leaving Barcelona this week for arrival June 4 at Port Canaveral. Booyah!
  3. Let's put it this way. I wish we had booked out of Galveston or Miami rather than Port Canaveral for August. Even so, there will be a maiden voyage eventually. Perhaps our lovely large vessel will chart a course for the Americas here in the next week or so and have 60 full days to fill it up with crew, get them all vaccinated with our surplus supply, and make something happen! I won't cancel our August 7 sailing but I am getting my backup plan in order for a Florida vacation instead. The flight is happening one way or another; we have friends and family we can stay
  4. I think our sailing on August 7 is dead in the water, so to speak. It seems obvious the line is encouraging us to voluntarily cancel so they don't have to offer the credit when the inevitable happens. Our ship is still over in Spain. We are now within that 90 day window that has been floated as a reasonable timeframe to fully bring up the ship for service. Our party will be fully vaxxed (15 year old getting it this month with the approval). We don't know how fully booked this sailing is/was at the time it was blocked from the website. Let's assume 80%, because any gue
  5. I prefer the cautious approach. I understand people don’t want to wear a mask on deck in hot weather of course and the vaccines make that a reasonable expectation. However norovirus was already a problem and it is food borne so I prefer staff service for buffeteria type, plated portions
  6. My intel comes from Chris Wong, who has been vlogging about working for Royal Caribbean for a few years. He is home in the UK and is keeping his followers up to date. In short, no, he can't get the vaxx at home yet and thus he hasn't. I believe the situation is worse in a lot of the developing countries where cruise employees traditionally hail from. Like most other contract cruise employees worldwide, he's been home for close to a year. He is clearly excited and eager to return to work asap. Now from what I am seeing in the news, in the past week-ish, we have gotten to the point
  7. Awesome and you have a very high chance that your upcoming Breeze booking will actually sail! The timing turned out to be great and I would bet your port will be holding vaxx clinics for crew pronto. Fabulous!
  8. Thanks Chris. I think this is the real deal. I think the new guidance means we will be sailing this summer. Even with too small a percentage of our population vaccinated, it's in the neighborhood of 100 million people in the USA and another 40 million partially vaccinated, most of whom will probably get the second dose. The Pfizer vaccine is days away from approval for 12-15 year olds which will cause another big wave to come through and will help the Big 3 cruise lines serving the US market as more families will be able to go forward with scheduled family vacations. There will be plenty of fu
  9. I have dissented with a lot of people like you and that gets censored too. Nobody wants to watch us argue about vaccines. That's not what Cruise Critic is for. So you are not getting censored because you don't like vaccines, you are getting censored because nobody here cares that you don't like vaccines. It's not relevant to Cruise Critic.
  10. These people would be better served to just tell the truth to themselves and us: they don't want to take the vaccine. Nobody is really stupid enough to believe that catching COVID is better than being vaccinated. They are trying to gaslight themselves and all the rest of us.
  11. Hoping Chris will get an email from HQ pronto accelerating his recall date.
  12. It has to be capacity, but all of a sudden that word could mean many, many things. It could be that they want to run the first few journeys at less than 100%, even if it's allowed with the latest requirements, to ensure they keep things under control. It could be that they have a long list of cancelled folks who they appeased by promising to get them on the first possible cruise, and they are going through all those names and offering rooms to them, now that the possibility is becoming potentially concrete rather than just endless guesswork. It could be they aren't sure
  13. ' Right. They have closed bookings all of a sudden for several sailings, and that's gotta be so they can take stock and figure out exactly what they are working with. There are absolutely enough vaxxed people to fill a few ships and while there will always be holdouts, the numbers and percentages will continue to climb. I actually need to get a shingles vaccine soon, thanks for the reminder.
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