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  1. Lunch by myself in the Windjammer during the Bar Harbor stop, a gigantic pan of baklava, the menu from the one MDR meal and a super light breakfast one morning.
  2. Something I couldn’t figure out and couldn’t get pics of, was the women’s locker room in the gym. Since we didn’t get an accessible room, our JS had a tub. That’s not easy for mom to get into do we considered using the shower in the gym. I went in one morning as soon as they opened and got pics. Obviously you can’t usually take photos in locker rooms because of people trying to use the, but it was just me. I used one of the 5 count ‘em, yes 5 stalls to take a shower one day and it was great! The central stall with the curtain was extra wide but I used a regular one with a glass door and it was plenty big. I warmed up for a few minutes in the sauna afterwards.Mom ended up managing ok with our tub after all.
  3. This is why I like to spend one port day on the ship. It’s yours, baby! All yours!
  4. Hi, JJTT. I am sorry to inform you that NO, you cannot open up these balconies. The dividers are solid steel walls, my friend, and they are not going anywhere. I know exactly what you're talking about though. On some ships, the dividers are nothing more than plexiglass panels that slide right out and I saw plenty of people who did that on Oasis as well, as we could easily see the Boardwalk balcony rooms from the deck above and lots of the panels were opened. We did lean out and talk to each other around the walls, occasionally, but it's not really the same, is it? On the other hand, for what it's worth, these balconies are really quite private. One time and only one time I got a slight whiff of smoke smell, but honestly that could have been drifting down from the smoking area up by the pool. I never heard anyone else on their balcony and I think the solid walls help with that all the way around.
  5. Hi, RNCruiser. Yes, I guess they do need to work on it. It doesn't make sense as this should be pretty consistent across the line. As I noted, I'm not real picky and I will usually eat it even if it's marginal quality. I reserve the word "inedible" for a lower caliber of meal than many. Mom is not a very picky eater either, but of course she expects the cruise dining room to be fairly decent quality as it always has been on her past cruises. I hate to rant here on the boards, but it's more a friendly warning to temper your expectations as I know many people have much higher standards than we do and are likely to be disappointed. The quality of food in the Windjammer was really quite good, but I did absolutely eat too much. However, since no one in my family likes the ritual of the MDR either, I guess it works out fine for us and it's on my to control myself.
  6. Views from our balcony off Bar Harbor, Maine. Tenders ran continually all day and were rarely full so I don’t think there were long waits. In busy ports like Nassau I always enjoy watching the other ships come and go, but the tenders were the closest I came to this as there were never other cruise ships in port with us.
  7. Beautiful but not-for-the-weak real deal martinis from class all lined up in a pretty row. And below, one perfectly crafted lavender lemon drop martini. That bit of lavender infused simple syrup gave it the gorgeous hue and it tasted great as well.
  8. Hi TCMagnum and yes I think I get the reference of your screen name. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!
  9. Hi, Parrotfeathers. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. You should definitely let yourself go if you have the chance to do this on a future voyage - highly recommended! After all, you don't actually have to drive anywhere, at least not until they kick you off the next morning. 🙂 Boozily speaking I am a lightweight for sure, but it in retrospect it is one of my favorite experiences of an overall great cruise!
  10. Hi, I need help!! a I cruised to the Dominican Republic in October, 2001. This was on Celebrity Millennium, and we also visited St. Thomas and San Juan on that itinerary. I am trying to figure out exactly where in DR we would have dropped anchor. It was essentially a private beach day but there were a few shore excursions available. I was traveling with my mom, and one of the excursions was a "cultural" bus tour to a big city, which I wanted to do, though she pointed out I was likely to get carsick on the 2-hour drive each way. Not to mention that this long commute ate up more than half the visit, so I skipped it. I'm not sure which city the bus visited, but what little memory I have makes me think it was the capital, Santo Domingo. However I can see the country is not huge so 2 hours from that could still be almost anywhere. I've always had some regret that I didn't take the excursion anyway. It was not on my bucket list or anything, but it was a foreign country, and I was there, so why not look around? I feel pretty confident that it was a tender port and I feel the country was sort just of at the beginning of a renaissance in its tourism industry after being avoided for years due to political and economic problems. Can anyone tell me where this would have been?
  11. I wandered all around the teen lounge, Optix, while everyone was in Bar Harbor.
  12. Hi, Dr. Rich. I don't do the specialty dining either. You know why? Because I really don't care much about food in the first place. At home I try (and often fail) to practice some intermittent fasting and some keto/paleo stuff so simpler eating and less of it is really my preference. My fish and plain veggies were similar to what I would eat at home. If the food tastes too great I'll just eat more of it and feel worse in the long run. As evidenced by the stupid and delicious rolls and their yummy butter! In the Windjammer the next night, they had onion soup next to yummy browned cheesy toast, and I fixed mom a bowl of that and she said it was way better than in the dining room. The food was consistently really good there! These issues were really not a bummer to me. None of these people or situations were on my nerves, they're just the facts of what happened. I really don't let strangers' behavior impact my mood. It was a great cruise. Repeat. A GREAT CRUISE! These jobs are not good jobs and I feel guilty at times about supporting the industry at all. I particularly felt sorry for the nice older man who was our assistant waiter and I hope my mom didn't get him in trouble because our water wasn't refilled. I would never have complained like she did to the head waiter; I wanted to crawl into a little hole, and I was actually trying to tell him it was all fine, no big deal, and unfortunately my companion disagreed and was shutting me down right there in the dining room. I just wished we hadn't bothered in the first place, and so of course we did not return. On another cruise my cabin steward made it a point to kind of whine about all his hard work every time I saw him. "Hi, Steward, how are you?" "Ohhhhh, Kmom, I am so tiredddddd, I am working soooooo muchhhhhh all the timmmmmmmme." I didn't complain to management about that either, but I did not give him additional tips at the end over the prepaid, which I normally do. It's always something, every cruise. Human nature.
  13. Thank you Dani. I'm glad you enjoyed. I certainly entertain myself doing this but you never know if anyone else will get the jokes.
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