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  1. Why don't they just have cubbyholes for stuff and a no saving chairs policy? You get off the chair, your stuff will be moved to a cubbyhole and someone else can sit on it. If you see a chair and no one's sitting on it, feel free to move the stuff yourself. Or, since there is so much complaining in this industry about things being nickel and dimed, why not charge a rental fee for chairs in prime locations - i.e. at the pool, but not for those on random sun decks. $5 per hour per chair.
  2. Giving some more thought to Bar Harbor - I visited Acadia many years ago and while it's beautiful, I'm not sure it's the sort of thing my husband and daughter would enjoy specifically, and I know we really are not fans of being on crowded buses on someone else's schedule. We also whine a lot if we start getting hot and sweaty and Kmom hears enough whining in the normal course of life to put up with it on vacation. I see Enterprise has an office just over the narrows. If we were to rent a car for the day, what might be other uniquely "Maine-ish" interesting options within a reasonable drive? We are scheduled for a fairly long day stop, in at 7am and out at 6pm. I looked at Bangor and didn't think being able to look at the outside of Stephen King's house was enough of a draw on its own. We're not wine country types, and not foodies - we eat too much on the ship already. I expect to have a lobster roll and chowder in St. Martins on our Bay of Fundy day. I would consider Fort Knox except that we'll walk up to see the fort in Halifax and my husband is allocated one fort per trip. :) Really trying to figure out what might appeal to our teenager. Many people have said this port is often cancelled due to being unable to tender. I wonder just exactly how often? I won't book a car ahead if we aren't sure we'll be there. They had mentioned deep sea fishing, but the only services I can find don't seem to get very good reviews plus it seems pricey for the experience. I know there have to be interesting options that are off the beaten path and off the usual cruise passenger radar. ????????????? Experts????
  3. Wow. Obviously I better work on my sarcasm because I didn’t mean anything like this. The people in the regular line certainly did look at me with anger and irritation but that hardly made me feel better than them nor did I look down at them. I tried to avoid eye contact entirely and was joking about it being fun. Everyone does not not have the potential to buy FTTF as it can sell out and does before some even book their cruise. I don’t spend long periods of my vacation in line as I rarely visit GS and I don’t expect anyone else to spend their money or any aspect of their cruise as I would. I thought the conversation was weighing the point at which those perks become too expensive. Sorry my failed humor was an offensive attack on you.
  4. If you have Your Time Dining and go to the dining room as soon as they open you can probably make the early shows. usually YTD starts earlier than the early seating on set time.
  5. There’s another new account with just a couple ranting anti NCL posts about his horrible suite on Joy. Same guy?
  6. He also posted a very negative review on the main cc page for this ship. You have to wonder how the crew and staff didn’t know a guest in this category of suite was so desperately unhappy unless he made an effort not to show it.
  7. Havana cabins cost more. I thought the only extra thing included is an exclusive pool most of the day.
  8. Obviously medical advice needs to come from medical professionals. I agree it’s risky to allow such discussions here.
  9. Emporiums or emporia? Latin root? anyway poutine is having a moment so would seem a worthy snackorium regardless.
  10. It was a hurricane. Of all times to expect cancelled ports, it’s during a hurricane.
  11. Might want to “force” him into the Seuss character breakfast. You gotta fit that in one last time before you officially grow up.
  12. I would like to read your positive reviews of your Carnival and Royal cruises for more perspective on your vacation style and preferences.
  13. For Carnival I have not found TA prices to be better than booking on Carnival direct. For Royal I have. There are also online agencies that allow you to compare side by side and some private agents with YouTube or blog ads claiming only be able to get you great deals for various lines they specialize in. Have not used but maybe worth a try. If you visit YouTube to see video tours of your chosen ship you may find one from a pro.
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