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  1. This is an amazing itinerary! Norway is more than just amazing fjords. It’s up to you as to what you want to see, but I would love this cruise.
  2. @Host Hattie could you turn off comments for this thread since I more than have the answer. thank you!
  3. Did you read my post?? I DO NOT like the Ducks. If I can’t ask Cunardners here in the Cunard forum, then where? You guys on this forum are so helpful. I have learned so much here. I have a group where a spammer got into it and put let’s Duck the ship. Spammer is removed. I wanted to make sure I was telling the right thing to the people in my group.
  4. I was asked this because of a group I am in. I said I would come to the Cunard experts here on CC.
  5. Thank you. I was hoping this was the case.
  6. I am not for ducks being hidden. I think it would look bad. Just my opinion. But having said that, has anyone ever seen ducks on the ships?
  7. When I said things changed I just meant that since my medical retirement happened ( broken shoulder) I don’t have the excess funds to spend on QM2. ( She was a pricey back to back) But we are going to do a Baltic cruise next year. I had already paid off the Queen Anne back before my accident ( the accident was a great 60th birthday present 🙃🙃). Thank you for the concerns but I promise I will keep on cruising. I have a feeling we will love Cunard.
  8. So things have changed and we had to cancel QM2. Queen Anne is still on for October this year on a back to back.
  9. Update for Queen Anne October 2024. 10/12 Gala Black and White. 10/16 Gala Black and White 10/21 Gala Masquerade 10/24 Gala Roaring twenties
  10. Just Wow! I can only hope we see this kind of display on Queen Anne in October 2024.
  11. Thank you. I appreciate the information. I know there will be washing machines I can access. This is just under a month in travel length.
  12. I know about the black and white , red and gold and Ice white nights. ( I don' t know if we would participate with a Masquerade mask.) And he will have bow ties, as we both like them better.
  13. Has anyone every flown with just carryon and backpack? Any tricks with the formal wear? Do the guys wear the same dark suit or tux for all formal Nights? We have traveled to Norway and Alaska before with cold gear and semi dressy clothes. This time I will be bringing dressy clothes for both. I hate bringing checked luggage. But will if I have too.
  14. We booked on Thursday, Even though we will be sailing on Queen Anne for 2 sailings, we have not sailed them yet. So that made us newbies to book on Thursday. We booked Queen Mary2 for the NY to Canada to NY again. 14 days to see the Leaves change. Sheltered balcony. 10/2025 I am excited.
  15. We have stayed multiple times at Ennios Boutique hotel. There is no elevator. But a really cute and nice place to stay. It is close to the ports.
  16. oh dear...I have booked next year during the full moon too....But it is the only sailing of Queen Anne to Arctic circle in October.
  17. We are sailing Queen Anne October 11& 15 2024. We are just so excited. I had to share with someone who would understand our excitement!
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