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  1. Great review! Thanks! We will be on the Bliss a year from now, 16 day ocean to ocean Panama Canal, long count down in front of us. Really looking fwd to it though. As far as the sleepy drooly folks in the OL. Probably not much you're going to do about it. Go fetch a pool towel and gently place it over them including their head. When they wake up do a "Oh my I'm so sorry but dude I thought you were dead!", sort of thing. Be as shocked as they are. 😁
  2. Totally appreciate the conversation here. Been an investor for many years. Some great benefits and successes, some not so much. In this particular arena..... tend to agree with don't-use-real-name. Can totally work well if one plans their cruises well. All that said, if NCL stock drops a couple more points, I'm probably in. πŸ™‚ Just cause.
  3. To clarify.... I wasn't sure about the "other perks" part of my last comment. I had heard from a friend that talked to someone else, blah blah, that they had received some boarding, dining perks along with a sometimes other preference treatment as a stockholder. Nowhere on the NCLH site had I read that part to be true, just the OBC. When I joined in this thread, was hoping to see comment from others that had first hand experience. And I did. Thanks. Still on the fence about buy in. We cruise a couple times a year, but not always your 15+ day length. No interested in the 7 day stuff, but will likely do a lot of 11 to 14. Does anyone know if a B2B is considered two different cruises or 1? Thanks
  4. Agree with both Petoonya and Joken35. With this new virus fear and hype stocks may continue to decline for awhile (good time to buy), however likely will show good growth down the road. As a soon to be Platinum cruiser with NCL, and prefer longer cruises, will be nice to enjoy the OBC and few other perks that go along with being a stockholder.
  5. For sure! We have been watching NCLH stock prices and noticed a decline recently. Now might be the buyers market. πŸ™‚
  6. Great info! My Hubs and I have been seriously looking at buying into NCL stocks. And typically buy CruiseNext certs to use on future cruises. I like this. Thanks all!
  7. Please keep writing and talking! You are amazing! My wonderful stablemate & I were on the Getaway Jan. 27 - Feb. 2. Beautiful ship, very gracious staff. We had a wonderful time. Enjoy your perspective and adventurous spirit! Cruise on sweet lady!
  8. Sailed on the Jade a year ago. She does not have glass elevators. Jade is a beautiful and fun ship. πŸ™‚
  9. We were just on the Getaway January 26 to Feb. 2. It was a wonderful cruise, just not long enough! We enjoyed all of our meals. A buffet is a buffet, yes most of the time the choices were the same, however, the food was good and service was excellent. We only ate breakfast and a few lunches there. We dined at Cagney's once and Ocean Blue twice. Food was very good! Service again was stellar. We dined at the Tropicana three times and Taste once. Really our meals were great and the entertainment in the Tropicana was a lot of fun and entertaining. Food tastes are very subjective, everyones tastes are different. GettotheSun…. enjoy you cruise! It's not ALL about the food. The people, the ports, the ship and her crew are all subperbly enjoyable. Stay positive, smile! πŸ™‚
  10. Ocean Blue Cagney's La Cucina This is a seriously subjective question. Good luck. πŸ™‚
  11. I was just on the Getaway end of January. The app still works the same, unless there was a significant change with the Jan 30th update. I use a Samsung S9. The texting and calling features work well. Not sure on adding someone to a group once you have created the group, I did not try that. Ask the person at the Internet CafΓ© desk, that is the person I was directed to talk to when I had a question.
  12. From my past experience, you can book dining reservations for your friends/family in other cabins with your reservations (say for a table for 4 or 6 or....), when you go to dinner just identify that the others have the dining package, or not, the others can just give their ship card to the hostess to scan and any dining charges that might apply will go to all respective ship accounts accordingly. They make it very easy. Enjoy your cruise!
  13. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Very fun reading your review! We were on this same cruise! Enjoyed every minute of it.
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