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  1. We knew it was coming. Alaska July 27 on the Jewel now cancelled. I believe I will take the FCC + 20% business. Cruise shopping for later next year or 2022! Next, call my PCC! Good luck everyone!
  2. Barbados is one of my favorite cruise ports. Was one of our ports of call in March of last year. A wonderful cruise aboard the Jade. People and tour guides there were so friendly, knowledgeable, and FUN! Beautiful place! Would love to see Barbados on a future cruise itinerary someday. Peachypooh, Hope you get to go there sometime on one of your future cruises.
  3. Shouldn't be too long before we all hear via email from NCL regarding the cancelations. At least now we can start looking at future plans and replacement cruises down the road a piece.
  4. I see the same thing for my July 27 sailing on the Jewel. Would appear that NCL is in process of dumping/canceling these cruises. Been expecting this.
  5. I see the same thing as Dar & Bob when I login and look at my Alaska July reservation. I think we were booked on the same cruise.
  6. Oh my hell, lovin' this thread! I have a cruise in July that is no doubt not happening. But I too, am going to try to engage in some of the same meals, beverages, etc. all that week that we would have been doing if on the cruise. I might not do laundry or make my bed for a week either. And then there is the part where we have to make our own cocktails. Sad.
  7. We too, are in the same type situation. We have an Alaska cruise on the Jewel end of July. And according to the news article NCLH released to Cruise Critic Friday, it would appear they are going to cancel everything until Sept. or Oct. and then bring their ships and some cruises back slowly and at a reduced capacity. Guess we'll see. Hang in there everyone. Have a great day.
  8. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings 'Here To Stay,' Eyeing Late 2020 Return A bit more information than what has been posted so far. This is on the Cruise Critic home web page.
  9. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings 'Here To Stay,' Eyeing Late 2020 Return This is on the main Cruise Critic home web page. Was posted this morning. So I would guess we will see July and August sailings cancelled soon.?
  10. I have a July 27 on the Jewel that is still in place as well. Like Dar & Bob, mine will likely be cancelled too.
  11. With you all on the positive and looking to forward to my future cruises!! The first one up likely won't happen. Alaska, Jewel 7 day southbound, July 27 to Aug 3. Wait and see. If it's a no go we'll rebook for next summer. Never done an Alaskan cruise, need to go. Then Panama Canal on the Bliss Feb 21 of 2021. Staying hopeful. If it ends up a no go..... we'll rebook it.
  12. NCL Jewel And Joy also left port of Los Angeles, Marine traffic showing headed to Ensenada Mexico. ? Interesting.
  13. Same here. I did not request a refund or cancel an upcoming cruise, yet. Probably all CC members will receive this. Industry leaders are trying to keep some positive juju going.
  14. Went ahead and made final payment on our July 27 Alaska cruise on the Jewel back in March, about the time the Covid-19 stuff was really getting ramped up. At that time thought by the end of July things would be leveled out all good to go. Not looking to promising at this point. Alaska will likely have to wait till next year.
  15. Best thread I have read in a while! Beef tenderloins, brandy cream sauce with fresh mushrooms, steamed fresh beets. And a bottle of Gentleman's Collection red blend (great inexpensive blend). So, Cagneys! Easter sunday will be a traditional ham, scalloped potatoes, fresh rolls, veges. Probably a nice Rose' if I have one in my wine fridge, if not we'll take three steps back and punt. Stay safe, stay home, stay healthy fellow cruisers. This too, shall pass.
  16. Following. I have an Alaska cruise booked July 27, Seward to Vancouver. It's a wait and see kind of thing.
  17. Mine is not until the end of July, Jewel, Seward to Vancouver. Likely won't happen either. And that would be okay all things considered. Love cruising and love cruising with NCL, just not probably this summer. Stay well everyone. Live to cruise another day!
  18. You may very well be right. Going to wait for a month or so and see what happens. Make some final decisions then. Good luck to you. Stay safe.
  19. Oh no doubt your May 2 Alaska won't happen. Hoping our July 27 is far enough out we might have a chance. We also have a Panama Canal 16 day next Feb. on the Bliss. Looking way forward to that one too. Good for you for supporting your locals. We live in a very remote area of Idaho, small town, we do the same. We have some good friends down there in Sonoma County, love wine country in Sonoma, some of my favorite wines come from those wineries. My son and his family live in the San Anselmo area. Good luck to you and yours. Stay safe. Keep on Keeping on.
  20. That is sad news. We are booked on the Jewel to sail 7/26 southbound Seward to Vancouver. Did not cancel yet, going to wait and hope. If it all falls apart and the Alaska cruises and other travel in that area are a no go, we will reschedule for summer of 2021. Right now, stay home, stay cautious, stay smart, stay healthy everyone.
  21. Oh wow. What a story. Amazing people. Wish them all the best in their endeavors to get home. That said, can't imagine a better way to get stranded! Keep on keeping on NCL, you rock! And I do realize the end result of this story is much better than some of the others that did have horrible sickness quarantine and isolation to endure. All good thoughts and juju goes out to all that have been affected.
  22. Sorry. We are hoping our cruise on the Jewel being the end of July, we are out far enough all systems will be a go by then. At this time, we don't plan to cancel until early July if that's what has to be. Stay positive. Stay healthy.
  23. Following. We have an Alaska cruise but not until end of July on the Jewel, Seward to Vancouver. Hoping we are far enough out things will resolve and stabilize before then. Have no plans to cancel, keepin' fingers crossed. Good luck everyone. Stay safe and healthy!
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