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  1. Ha! My husband said it looks like the plastic shopping bags that get caught in bare tree limbs during a wind storm.
  2. Before we took our first cruise (which YOU were on!), I never expected to be "afflicted" with this illness. But it happened. "Bigly." We've had one since then, but don't have any on the schedule yet, and it's killing me not to pull the trigger on a new reservation. I think we might pick one for 2021, and hope that some <stupid job upheaval> clears up sooner rather than later, and we can do something in 2020, too. Anyway, @graphicguy very happy for your upcoming adventure. And we'll expect reviews and photos, of course!
  3. I'd mix it up a bit. Have the M&G and Slot Pull on one day, and the Pub Crawl on another. Our pub crawl lasted the better part of the afternoon. We visited 5 or 6 spots and spent 1/2 hour or so at each.
  4. We really enjoyed After Midnight. Yep, I'm over 60 (eek!) but I am also a musical performer and valued the singers, dancers' incredible talent and the exceptional orchestra. Costumes were great too. No plot to this or to Choir of Man but in both cases the musical talent and presentations were top-notch. If you go to the early shows, book an 8.30 or 9 pm dinner. We booked Choir of Man by phone, too.... and once on board we booked it for a second night using the big screens scattered around the ship.
  5. Best: Gotta admit that the planning and anticipation is a big part of the experience (see last best point) Freestyle - for all the reasons mentioned above Unpacking once and then locking everything in the safe and only having our key card with us Being on the water The variety of restaurants where I don't worry about the price of the meal Drinking without the worry of driving Visiting new places Back home, sharing our stories with other cruising fans Least The expense of getting to the port and parking. It can add quite a bit of extra expense for us Pushy people at the elevators the cons are far, far outnumbered by the good bits
  6. Luke, Jackie was on our Escape cruise the first week of June. He was also leaving the ship on June 9, and I'm not sure if he was taking a leave or leaving NCL completely. He was excellent, and seemed to be EVERYWHERE!
  7. We did Wine Lovers: The Musical for a lunch on our last sea day. It was about $24. Some of the "After Midnight" performers were the cast and they were excellent. Food and wine -- one of the best meals of the week. Here's the menu for both food and wine. And I'll tell you -- these were hearty pours of wine, too! Tip: Go early to get a good seat. We were near-ish the stage, but the people between us and the stage were not really into being so close.
  8. On our recent cruise, we met 2x to play a game "Left - Right - Center" -- winners won about $60. It's an easy little dice game, and each player started with $3. We played in the late morning, and Cagneys was very good about setting tables together for us.
  9. We had mixed experiences at Cagney's in early June. My husband's beef (filet) was fair, a bit dry for his taste. His appetizer of Oysters Rockefeller made him happy though. I had a delicious crab cake appetizer and fantastic lamb chops. (If I'd been at home I would have gnawed at the bones to get every last bit!) The biggest complaint about the meal was my broccoli. It was barely warm, had no seasoning, and clearly an afterthought. I think in many of the restaurants veggies are a real afterthought. Also, we had to ask/wait for a wine list. By far the best beef we had was at the Wine Tasting: The Musical.
  10. On our recent cruise (6/2) both were open and keeping very busy. We had lunch at one of them though without my notes I'm not sure which one. I had the Cajun mahi mahi on a pretzel bun.
  11. I should have said that the Choir of Man and After Midnight were in the theater. We saw the Choir of Man twice - and go early and get a beer on stage w the cast! Howl at the Moon was a hoot! Almost as much fun as the cast was watching the people in the audience. All musicians on board are incredibly talented!
  12. The selection of wines $15 or less is limited, but they were good for the most part.
  13. Choir of Man and After Midnight. We saw both last week. Both were excellent. There were also various comedians or magicians which we didn't see.
  14. I take it as suggestion, not rule. 🙂
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