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  1. I suggest you go onto You Tube where you will find many videos posted of all the Oasis class. I have done allure and Harmony and I hope to be on Symphony this come November is all the stars align with vaccines and CDC and whatever else. good luck. Once you have been on an Oasis class, you won't find another ship that is so diverse and exciting, well maybe Quantum Class.
  2. Oh my where do I begin. Well Oasis class ships are the very best. Well laid out, lots to do are just watch others. Many restaurants, and great shows. But also very nice art work in all of the stairwells. Do not over look wandering around the ship and looking at the beauty and the lay out of the ship. Front of the ship has great views and so does the back. Nice place to walk at night is Central Park area but do not overlook the Boardwalk area. Also I know show need reserving, but they have plenty of variety or times, and standby usually gets in most of the time. Here i
  3. who knows. Could be a new CEO or something. Or news about future builds.
  4. Gee why not keep the Noodle Bar since most Americans love Asian food. Seems kind of short sighted to me to over customize each ship. I get it that Chinese like to gamble on ships since it is limited in their country, but food should be diverse. Heck RCI has lots of India food which is popular with most folks these days. As for hamburgers, only like Guy Fieri's on CCL. YUM and freshly grilled.
  5. I know who do they think they are CCL or NCL. Especially near the customer services desk so we dont not have to speak above noise.
  6. One would hope so. FYI in 2019 when RCI took what was a trip from Sydney to Vancouver and then another week to Seattle and changed it to Sydney to Honolulu, then another newly created Honolulu to Vancouver and another week to Seattle. Those who started in Honolulu and wanted to do a B2B ending in Seattle were not told immediately that it was illegal against PVSA. Reservations did not realize B2B caused a problem thinking each was it's own link. They had to let folks off and clear customs in Victoria and then those few folks had to scaddle down to Vancouver the next day.
  7. Yes very much agree. Especially NCL Escape and Bliss. Ncl is also best for solo cruiser rooms
  8. I feel your pain. I have bought two on the E*** site and wish I could find Celebrity and other lines. I bought Anthem and Harmony and also a "mouse ship" one. Hey perhaps all the cruise line should sell stuff on line to make a little bit of money.
  9. thanks. hoping we go as I want to see Visby the cute island off Sweden. Also want to see Riga as well. The other ports I have done but only did one day in St. Pete. toodles I will look for the roll call.
  10. There is a great You tube video from Ovation showing all the empty areas of ship. Produced by the senior tech fellow who is maintaining all electronics on ship.
  11. Never ever turn down an opportunity to cruise on an Oasis class ship. Many areas and lot of choices. A ship for everyone. Go and enjoy all the wonderful outdoor areas. Love Allure ans Harmony!!!!!!!!
  12. So I checked my planner yesterday and saw that my cancel request had not happened for Aug 5th on Adv and still active. Then I peeked at room assignment and I got one of the solos afterall. Was happy to see that. So I called and had them put back active status and correct the price from 4600 back to 1500 for base price. So anyone else who might want to change their mind for Aug 5th should call since perhaps cancel requests are pending. Anyone still on the 5th, I hope to see ya and will look for roll call next spring.
  13. keeping fingers crossed for you. I am doing B2B on Odyssey in July from Rome to Greece and hoping for the best. I also have B2B in Alaska but on two different ships. NCL Encore and Princess Majestic end of Aug and beginning of Sept. If neither sails then I will just have a good cry and cuss out anything and everything.
  14. there is a small company with boats holding about 30 people who is taking folks out to sail among the ships. Look it up and might be on You tube. Lots of people doing this and the fellow is making money with views of Anthem and Allure off coast of UK.
  15. I am so happy I decided to take the cancel on Adv/Jewel Aug 5th. Jewel has only 3 solo rooms and Adv had 5. Besides I have never had any cruise line assign me a room and I am not about to start now. I just do not understand why Adventure and Jewel had to be swapped. Any one know this. All the problems it caused and makes no sense.
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