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  1. nice chatting with ya. I love both these ships and have sailed on them both and so really want a photo of them in India. Ovation has never met Anthem. I could just cry of all this virus mess. I just cancelled what would have been my 8th cruise this year and it was in Oct on the new Carnival Panorama to Mexico. All I have left is perhaps Sky Princess in November in Caribbean. Otherwise all is shot. But with folks losing lives and jobs, I will try to have a small pity party and shut up. Interesting article about a crew member on NCL Epic and it is on Yahoo right now. well toodles and hoping the sister ships get to hang out somewhere.
  2. I am still curious where Ovation will so now that she is so far away from Alaska now. I Caribbean opens first, then the Pacific ocean ships could be idle longer or become part of the Atlantic bunch. I hope Ovation does NOT go back to China.
  3. I hear ya. Wondering about Odyssey of the seas for spring 2021. But I am on B2B Discovery for April 2022. Time will tell.
  4. I hope someone takes a photo of Anthem meeting Ovation. Ovation recently met Spectrum for first time. After India, wondering where the sisters will go. Ovation is not needed in Alaska and who knows about Australia and NZ for Nov 2021. Maybe she will go thru canal to the med and Uk.
  5. Discovery Princess has spring cruises posted Nice Cal coastal and Mexico
  6. Yes thanks hoopster for creating this. I have a good photo of you at dancin with officers on my computer as well as monster mash. I only learned who you were after the cruise. This Ovation cruise was very special for it was FIRST visit by Ovation, thr one off itinerary, and best weather. Later cruises did not go up as far as we did in Endicott. I also think Captain enjoyed this cruise very much He was very enjoyable at captain corner. For me I y Point was highlight
  7. here is a photo of the plaque hanging near the customer services desk of the ship being born in 2016. also some fun Two 70 robo boxes entertainment and presentations like the kid who who the contest for the statehood flag
  8. aw yes the last day. well here is a photo of the crew member who got to cut the cake since it was also her birthday
  9. and don't forget the many wonderful artwork on all the stair wells. Here is one I liked
  10. and on WED the 22nd I took photo of ceiling near Esplande as well as what the show was going to be that evening
  11. I guess I would but I would not cover my nose so I could smell the air, and I would have an opening for utensil to shove some lovely food in my mouth. Won't even try sunbathing as I would not want a stupid tan line on upper face the thing is masks make it hard to chat and smile with folks. I wonder if even the Captain would want to pose for photos. Next 6-8 months will be interesting.
  12. not only a nasty comment to the rest of us but wishing a great cruise line line RCI to go into bankruptcy is just plain mean. Go away now and Buh Bye
  13. I guess it depends on availability of ports and when repatriation ends. Ships are not docking but are shuttling. I think crew removal has to be completed first. Also, flights home and safety too. Not to mention getting replacement officers to sign new contracts too. Officers might have to stay on much longer than expected for many reasons. But at least they are safe and getting paid. RCI has 5 ships in Pacific away from the rest of the fleet. Those 5 (Quantum, Ovation, Spectrum, Voyager, and Radiance), could have interesting situation. Waiting to hear about Aug or Sept Alaska. Also Australia for November season and Asian market.
  14. and May 18th ended with a good concert in the main theater. A salute to Celine Dion.
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