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  1. Gee if true I guess St Pete migjt be out then. Time will tell. Radiance class ships have lots of glass windows.
  2. If true then I like many people will be cussing to myself for losing a good price and room selection on the Adv from Copenhagen. I like the Jewel, but wondering how my cheap solo on Adv will translate on Jewel. Also will I get to sail to Visby and Riga still. So for now I just have to say CRAP....
  3. Yes me too. I used to love seeing them sail into Juneau or Sydney. I use them as screensavers now. I wish someone would post more photos of ships off coast of Singapore or the clusters in Caribbean. Gotta say interesting watching ships sail into Aliaga Turkey even tho sad.
  4. San Juan cruising right now is interesting since island is still recovering from many issues. If an opening became available, why wouldn't RCI move in a ship. Also, yes flights are an add on, but sailing southern Caribbean allows for more ports. Also, ships will offer last minute offers to the locals. Lastly, RCI takes better care of Vision class than CCL did of Fantasy class.
  5. I have found that several cruise lines will not make it easy to select a room, so get on the phone and call. For instance, NCL has 2 decks of solo rooms only, but on line only assigning rooms one deck at a time. So I would call to get what I wanted. Defaults are part of the way they do things some time. Never accept what you see on line.
  6. Thank you for support of my reply. BTW, I had family in Savannah and I know. ALSO, back in 1977 I took a cruise that stopped in Bahamas and had bought a wicker basket. Needless to say I got home and within a week it had small gross bugs coming out of seams. As a teenager I was mad and have never forgotten. Heck even before virus when I returned from flying, I unpacked my suitcase and lysol inside and especially outside. This pandemic has made us all think about germs more. Toodles
  7. Wow and you thought 2020 was bad. Me thinks 2021 is gonna be a wild ride. Lost Apr Odyssey and then a HAL cruise due to selling ship. I lost 10 cruises on 4 different cruiselines this year so I feel your pain.
  8. Me too but in Aug. I had a great solo room on lower level near medical center. About 50% less than regular inside. Hate to lose this price and 2 days in St Petersburg. Did 1 day in 2018 on serenade. I have Odyssey in July from Rome as well B2B. Already lost April Odyssey cruise. I do not know why they need to reshuffle ships and all those reservations. Losing my cool with RCI.
  9. I would suggest you and the others open you luggage outdoors a few feet away from house. Use gloves and mask and put stuff out of suitcase in sun or garage and wait a couple of days. I would lysol spray your suitcase and keep outside under cover for a few days. Put NOTHING inside your home for 2 days and be careful washing etc. Good luck. All of you please post phots of outside of suitcases so we can see condition and also if any notes put inside by border or security
  10. cool... They had only shot 1-2 episodes of the new season before shutdown due to that darn virus. But hey, Vancouver opened up and Hallmark is now in production again. And then we are lucky to have PGA yea.
  11. Regardless of price, I think Quantum is better itinerary because it does the stops at Sitka and Icy Strait Point. These were favorites of the Ovation in 2019 and I am glad to see RCI go back to these two ports especially Icy Point
  12. I love to go on You tube and find the Princess ships horn song of love boat theme. Also, during this pandemic I am doing retro. I found my VHS tapes of My 3 sons and i am watching. Speaking of Donny Osmond, I bet he is glad rhe Vegas show ended last year Toodles
  13. This is going to be my room on Odyssey in July 2021 hopefully. Hoping no cigarette smoke comes up from below. Funny I booked Odyssey for 2022 and I picked studio balcony on port side. Will be fun to compare - again hopefully.
  14. And I had the solo room on a Anthem and the bed was horrible. Mattress was thin and bed was only a little bit wider than twin. Also when the Jr Suite would close their door, the headboard of my bed would really move. But oddly the bathroom was against the whole back and felt extra roomy. I would never pick interior solo on a quantum class. Only do the balcony.
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