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  1. Not to mention that you are right below the pool deck. You could hear some noise streaming down as well. I would pick another location if I was you good luck
  2. Hey BIKER Give it a rest will ya. Do not scold HEATHERCO for bringing up a topic to remind folks. I am going on Symphony in April and was thinking of coffee card so thanks HEATHERCO for the reminder. And for all your folks who have been on "cc" a long time, stop being so smug and Know It All. BTW there are lots of topics that get repeated so just move on instead of scolding if it bores you too much. Gezzzzzz already.
  3. Fantasy has a nicer adult area up front upper level. Nice seating area that is covered. There is a rain shower circular benched water pool. The water goes around and you can also sit in the water that is about 2 feet deep. Really nice and great on hot days. Check for some video on You Tube if you can.
  4. So I stumbled across $25 deposits on HAL recently but be CAREFUL when making payment. I was so excited that I went fast and forgot to move the selection from FULL payment to deposit only. So I quickly called to get void and fixed. I dislike how they have the payment screen default to FULL payment. I mean I am making a deposit.
  5. The promo changes. But I am starting a new thread on 35 dollar deposits
  6. I am still going to wait until after Feb 29th. I will make note of the base price with perks (some of which I don't need) and then re price say around March 3rd. Perks can be misleading and over priced. I do not like this promo. Do not forget that 2 years ago HAL thought they were doing us a favor and had a promo of GREAT pricing but ya had to 100% prepay. Later when the promo as over, I did not see pricing drop very much . I did not fall for that and I am not falling for this promo either. Wait until the Ides of March folks
  7. I happen to like the beautiful colorful hull of Encore. The more you see the better it gets. I don't like the fact that all RCI ships are getting same color as Oasis and Quantum. I think they should pick a different hue. I do like the dark color of Celebrity and it is not the same dark as say HAL or DCL/
  8. And the bed is parallel to the hallway and you might hear more. I will never do a sideways room again.
  9. And do find time to just stand at the railing and look at the water and take a stroll around the ship especially the stern watching the wake of the ship. I travel solo and I find people will make eye contact and makes it easy to start conversations. And deck staff as well as crew appreciate conversations too. Enjoy the privacy of your room and think twice of letting family members moving in too.
  10. Your daughter will love Disney ships. And security is tight in the kids area. They have gates and anyone just looking and peeking in will be approached. It seemed like they had plenty of staff in the kids area. Your daughter will love all 3 restaurants especially Animators Palate. Also near the pool on starboard side is great area for pizza and burgers if she wanted to eat at say 6pm and then do other things with kids thereby allowing you and hubby to eat alone. Try the specialty Italian restaurant.
  11. Pick the ship with the MOST time and ports in Iceland. Some ships go to Iceland but do not overnight in any port. Some only spend 6 hours instead of say 10. So going to Iceland should be the star of the vacation and decide accordingly and do the one that goes to most places. For Norway, I think HAL had some of the best itineraries. I am doing Norway this year on Statendam which does a 14 day and all the way up to north. I did the Silhouette last year to Canaries and enjoyed the ship when she still had a white hull. Good luck
  12. Enjoyed your review. I was in Hawaii in 1980 on tour flying between islands. I will return in 2022 on POA in a solo studio room and will do a B2B going around twice to ensure good weather and some touring and some ship time. Will be intetesting to approach islands from water than air.
  13. and check out you tube as well. I have learned a lot pulling up the different ports of call.
  14. Aw yes pea soup. That brings back memories of when I was in Alaska in 2010 on the Amsterdam. They opened up the Bow of the ship during glacier visits and served warm pea soup. YUM
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