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  1. yes I agree. Nice of her to meet the sister.
  2. The Escape is backing out. the sisters will meet in the harbor soon. So cool
  3. well good luck in NYC to DougOut and all the others. Too bad the weather was not so good. I can't understand why the silly laser tag is under the open air. Very odd. To me the NCL Escape is still the better ship than Encore. Must be exciting to be dumped off the ship on a Chilly Sunday evening for 4 hours and then get back on and try and sleep for 6 hours only to have to get off again. What a shame and uncalled for. I see the ship on Cruisemapper and I guess it has to waited for a spot to come in otherwise it would have made sense to come in earlier. But other ships in port I see. Feel bad for those having later dinner plans on the ship and I guess the entertainers will be happy to have the night off. Still NCL should have kept the original plan and taken the ship to Miami. I guess they wanted the media attention so one day Encore could replace Escape. Then again, Encore is going to Alaska in 2021. Who knows but NCL is becoming rather baffling these days. Can't wait to see the next builds for new ships that I think will look like MSC Seaside.
  4. my how fast they grow up. Just like kids. I am on the April 2021 southern itinerary for odyssey and looking forward to it. But will have to just enjoy the Symphony of the Seas in April 2020 first.
  5. Hey Twangster. I swear it is so odd how your trips and path makes me relive and remember some of mine. So I was on the Ovation in May of this year like you. Also I almost booked the Empress out of Bayonne for next year but cancelled because of parking concerns. Today I read your topic and I see you stayed on the Queen Mary. I too did this back in the early 1990's. it is a neat place and it has improved a lot since then. your photos are great and thanks Then I see you showed a picture of NCL Bliss and mentioned the Panama Canal. Well I was on that first May 2018 cruise through the canal on the Bliss doing East to West. She is a fun ship Next you mentioned going back to the canal for another ship. I would recommend the NCL Bliss in spring of 2020 if you can. But, I found the new passage to be just okay. I like the older passage. Now I would recommend HAL Zuiderdam or what other ship you can find that does a partial transit into Gatan Lake and then do an excursion on a smaller boat in the older passage. I got to touch the walls and see the locks up and down much better. So think about this for the future. And lastly, I just know you will one day be Pinnacle. So keep on going. Otherwise you should be a professional photographer. toodles.
  6. ok it was another cruise line HAL. sorry too bad RCI did not put domes over the Radiance class ships though
  7. whatever, I know they have a sliding dome and I am pretty sure they used it in Alaska in 2012. I asked last year and they said that sliding domes are no longer used on Radiance Class
  8. I was on the Serenade last year and no longer close the domes over the POOL due to large screen TV. The are not using the domes as intended but now have the large screen TV. That is why so many of us were annoyed that kids came to the Closed pool for adults. No all RCI ships need these large screen tvs that hardly anyone looks at and that RCI uses for self promotion of the cruise line.
  9. Good choice, and I like Biker and Twangster and others have done Ovation once and Anthem twice. I have done three Radiance class ships. They are removing the dome over the pools one by one on the Radiance class ships. I think for a long haul, the Ovation has a variety of places for a variety of weather. Plus the ship is bigger and has great stabilizers. Ovation (Quantum class) has the best front Solarium of any ship. Pool that cascades down and each level has benches. And they for views out the back there is Two70. Look at You tube videos and decide. I vote for OVATION always over Radiance for longer cruises. got my reservation for Odyssey of Seas coming to FLA - Yea finally
  10. After reading this thread, I must say I am amazed at all the fuss about having a certain table or waiters. Then again if you have a special needs person, then that is the only time I would agree to aim for the same. I like trying different locations and different people. ALL waiters are good. And it is nice to meet other people too. Then again I solve all this by just going to the wonderful nightly buffets up stairs. It is where the Captain eats and it is much quieter and quicker. You can view and selection your food. Easy Peasy. No fuss with the MDR. As a side note, try DCL as they rotate around 3 dining rooms and you will have the same staff and table mates.
  11. Most of CC including myself appreciate your posts. Seems like it was not too long ago you did the TA on the Bliss. You even shared your Joy trip with us. Thank You for your service to US on CC. Glad you got the Haven bid and can share whether it is worth it or not. Sounds like your wife's sea sickness might say NO. Up front and high on ship can be rocky at best. At the end of your trip, give us all the final review of the Haven and if it really is worth it. thanks
  12. Your photos are the best of any person on this web site. Thanks for sharing includes the clips of the Captains that he recorded. Sounds like Hawaii visit went better on return trip in the fall for tendering. Again Loved the photos and the descriptions. I was on the May 13th cruise and when I located this thread having returned from a cruise myself on DCL, it was nice to read your post. You must really like this ship. I bet you have Odyssey already booked. I know I have and got a good price too. toodles and thanks again
  13. I am doing the Odyssey of the seas because it is new. Just like I am doing Sky Princess, Carnival Panorama, Celebrity APEX and Symphony of the Seas. But if going to a place that is on bucket list for first time. Chose the itinerary especially Alaska. Some ships have short stops and be careful when choosing Alaska. Be glad RCI is allowed back into Glacier Bay next year.
  14. well do not overlook Disney Magic. Yes it is Disney but they have wonderful things for adults. There is a 7 day in Early Sept 2020 doing British Isles and it stops in Liverpool. Ship has nice promenade just like HAL ships and food is good. Lots of nice areas for adults. Check it out if ya want to stop in Liverpool. It stops from 8:30 am to 6 pm. Just an idea to explore. Ships are clean and very nice with two baths. one with tub and one with just toilet.
  15. oh my goodness. Well I get on the Fantasy on Sunday the 27th for Western Caribbean and sure hope I do not see one of those. I think this past 10 days has been interesting for ships in Caribbean. I saw a podcast that that Harmony of the Seas had the roughest weather since the ship first came out in 2016.
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