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  1. Same here starts on 3/18
  2. Harmony 11/22 we will see, no big deal as we are 45 mins from the port. Also it was a casino offer.
  3. Thanks for posting this. We are on the 2/13 cruise and we have not received an email
  4. How far are you from Charlotte airport? If it reasonable, try AA to Melborne Fl
  5. My offer from this morning. I already have one booked 7/25 under the same offer that has since expired. Today I completed online check in for that cruise and it did not state anything about free drinks everywhere. The $400 OBC showed up in the documents. Plan Now, Play Later: Get a Free Balcony Room + $1,000 in FunPlay® credits + Free Drinks On Us! everywhere on board the ship + 3rd & 4th guests cruise for $10 each Book by May 15, 2020 Enjoy a Free Balcony Room + $1,000 in FunPlay credits Free Drinks on Us! everywhere. Terms apply 3rd & 4th guests cr
  6. I have the same offer, expires 5/15/2020
  7. Keeping watching in the next few weeks! Hopefully it will drop more!
  8. Good for you, as I would have done the same as you did, if I had that much money tied up in a cruise. I did not have a cruise booked until after all the cancellations started. But my offers were to good to pass up. So I booked a few weeks ago and paid in full. It was only a few dollars out of my pocket. If it gets cancelled, 7/25 cruise I'll wait and see what is offered. BTW, posting this should quiet some of the doubters......
  9. Go to Youtube, search Coronavegas you will see some eerie stuff!
  10. It seems to me that the card was in my room already? I do not recall getting a sticker added last cruise. But I don remember at one point they added a sticker.
  11. I do not see the "free drinks everywhere" in my cruise docs. I'm printing my offer that I booked under, which gave us $400 obc, $1000 casino cash, and drinks everywhere offer. Assuming our cruise still sails on 7/25
  12. We are on the 7/25 cruise (Breeze) 104 days from today. We'll see. We are close to the Port, so no airfare or hotel is needed.
  13. I booked online, received an email reply stating they have a reservation pending and to call or use a link to pay. I used the link, paid the port fees and taxes online ($258) Easy Peasy. 11/22 Harmony of the Seas. I haven't sailed with RCCL since April 2017 and they offered me a balcony and casino cash, who am I to argue?
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