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  1. And the chances of you being in that place at that time are ridiculously miniscule.
  2. I seriously doubt insurance would cover any of this. It is YOUR responsibility to know the requirements, and insurance doesn't cover 'didn't do my homework'. You should cancel and get your money back, if possible. And then do your homework before plunging in again. Hang around here for a few months and learn, because none of this works the way you think it does. Also lose the attitude. You have blasted your TA and the cruise line, although neither of them bear a scintilla of blame for your predicament and now you are throwing a little shade on the Canadian consulate and mocking their entrance requirements. This is a problem entirely of your own making and blaming everyone around you doesn't change that. Nor does it help your situation.
  3. Speed is why the big ocean liners were used as troop transports in ww2. They were fast enough to outrun subs. If you take the tour of the Queen Mary in Long Beach CA they have some berths that recreate the conditions in which the troops traveled. I believe that class of travel did not include butlers, lol.
  4. Yeah, you can't really assume, either way. I have 450 in OBC from a travel agent on an upcoming cruise that is spend it or lose it. As you say, always good to check to be sure.
  5. But with MSC you also need to look at the itinerary and how that effects the pax mix. Seaside, as far as I can tell has been sailing Caribbean itineraries where the pax are predominantly American, while Meraviglia does a lot of Europe and has much more of a multinational pax mix. And a lot of the bad reviews for Meraviglia are from Americans who blame MSC and the cruise for a lot of the cultural differences you see in a cruise with a lot of non-Americans - where Americans might even be, gasp, the minority. Some people feel uncomfortable in that environment and they let it color the whole experience. That wouldn't happen as much on Seaside with its more American oriented itineraries.
  6. Thank you for expressing my thoughts on the matter so well that there is no need for me to repeat.
  7. The Cruise line affords you the opportunity to pay more.
  8. Wow, I haven't given a moment's thought to any of this. And I still don't. Life is too short to spend time worrying and obsessing about EXTREME low probability events. If you have to find something to worry and obsess about, there are many many better alternatives. Traffic accidents, getting cancer, botched medical procedure, hometown crime, to name a few. Or, you could just recognize that we are all going to die someday, and an instant after it happens, how it happened won't matter - so just live your life and enjoy it while you can. Your life is far more likely to be shortened by the stress of worrying about terrorist attacks than it is to be shortened by an actual terrorist attack.
  9. Meet & Greet - on board gathering of cruise critic folks on that cruise.
  10. This has been a reassuring thread for me as I have been looking at a 3 PM flight on disembarkment day. A little off-topic, but does Regent participate in the Luggage Valet program in Miami? We've been able to use it on 2 out of our 3 cruises and liked it a lot. We paid for it in Miami (about $25 as I recall) but it was free in Seattle.
  11. Just curious - did you tell anyone in authority? If so, what was the response?
  12. That is probably good advice for folks in the Netherlands, but I cannot imagine an American, like the guy you responded to, would ever 'pay a bit more' to use a travel agent, when there are excellent agents here who not only don't ask their customers to pay a bit more, they give their customers more, sometimes a lot more.
  13. It isn't the cruise lines fault that you don't read fine print. Do you think Celebrity put your luggage on that bus? If not, why should they be responsible? If so, how exactly would that have worked?
  14. The Regent statement seems crystal clear as to the expectation for the passengers. And if the pax simply follow the policy none of these other 'issues' arise.
  15. They have a policy. It is too bad that people can't just abide by it without having Regent go all draconian on their employees. If something is wrong it is wrong, even when there aren't consequences. You are placing blame incorrectly. It is wrong to offer the tip. IMO
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