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  1. I'm sure that is a factor in food. The Divina cruise was W. Med and the food was more Italian, while Meraviglia was in the Baltic and we didn't really care for the local influences in the menu and lack of some of our favorite dishes from Divina. But basic execution, i.e. cooking a steak to the requested doneness, was still better on my Divina cruise than my Meraviglia cruise.
  2. I think they learned the technique from mob loan sharks.
  3. If you paid with a credit card you get the charge reversed. The unsecured creditors are the ones who paid with debit cards, cash, or check. Which is why future services should always be paid for with a credit card, financial 'gurus' notwithstanding, IMO.
  4. In general that is true but it also depends on HOW they got rich. And how LONG they have been rich.
  5. And for those who criticize our lack of preparedness, the US was ranked as the best prepared country by Johns Hopkins as recently as last October. https://www.ghsindex.org/
  6. That is a completely different issue. OP was complaining about the speed of refunds, not long-term shipboard issues. I hope folks are forgiving of customer service lapses everywhere, in view of the dislocations EVERYONE is going through. As non-essential businesses, employees at cruiselines and travel agencies may not even be allowed to go to work, in some jurisdictions. Not every company is set up for changing over to work at home. I was just making a case for forbearance.
  7. Sure, let's judge these companies by how they reacted to a situation no one has faced for over 100 years. And don't shop, in the future, at any supermarket that ran out of toilet paper.
  8. Depends on how things play out, with the 2 likeliest outcomes being lots of choices or no choices at all. No one knows - we are all guessing.
  9. When we discuss government actions it sure would be helpful if folks would identify what country they are from in their profile. Like in the above message saying "So let's see what measures the government will take to support businesses". What government? If US it just takes a little research to see what the government is doing to support business since we just passed a 2 trillion dollar relief bill. If a different country, then that government may or may be doing anything. But talking about what non-specific 'government' is doing in a general sense isn't very useful.
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