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  1. This is against the rules here, and is a big reason there are no PMs on this site. You probably weren;'t aware of that. I'm not sure how this might work for someone living in Canada, but I've had success with a site that lets me specify an itinerary, cabin class, and any other particulars I specify and then multiple TAs can quote their best deal. You might try one of these and specify up front that you live in Canada. I have no idea what response you would get, but as there is no obligation, and the quoting TAs don't get your email address unless and until you contact them, there really is no downside to checking. I just booked one of these and got slightly over 10% in combined price reduction and OBC. And that was after the 5% discount from the cruiselines for being a past passenger. If you want to pursue this just do a Google search on something like 'getting quotes on cruises' and you will find them. Hope that helps.
  2. If you book directly with MSC you are spared the worry about on what you will spend the OBC you could have gotten from a TA.
  3. I'm old enough to remember when people could invite folks onto the ship to see them off. The first time I was ever on a cruise ship was about 50 years ago when the whole extended family came on board to see my aunt and uncle off on a cruise. And the "All ashore who are going ashore" call. Alas, I was one of them. But the ship sailing was just like the old Love Boat scenes of the people on shore waving away the passengers who were all lined up by the rail waving back. One of the nice aspects of my recent American Queen cruise down the Mississippi was that at several ports some pax had family living nearby who could come onto the boat and share the day in port. Especially cute were the little ones who were visiting Grand (or great grand) parents. They would be all dressed up and very well behaved. I felt that it added a real charm to those days.
  4. But it is not about the gift, it is about letting the giver feel good about themself, as they patronize the crew member and treat them as a child.
  5. Plus, the cut the cruiselines gets helps hold down fares, so by all means buy as much as you can afford.
  6. People with social conversation skills have no problem deflecting things they don't want to talk about.
  7. Judging from these boards, many, many supposed adults have no idea how to have a normal conversation. I remember when asking the kinds of questions that seem to horrify folks, about what they do or where do they live, were considered as simply taking an interest in someone, rather than a threat to their privacy. More and more, people just want to wrap themselves in a self-involved cocoon.
  8. Or, is it possible that the big number is on the 14 day version of the cruise and the smaller number is for that 7 day version? Both the 11/23 on Seaside and the 11/23, presumably on Meraviglia, have 7 and 14 day versions.
  9. Just out of curiosity, what business is it of yours?
  10. The #1 reason is that it is not a one size fits all world and not everyone likes what the OP likes. It is literally (in the literal sense) that simple.
  11. Well my cruise is about a year away (11/7) and if I get that offer I'll probably bid a grand a head. That is what we paid for an upgrade on a Victory Cruise 13 day Montreal to Boston cruise for an upgrade from a small AA category room to a spacious Owner's Suite, and it was definitely worth it. For those who got the bid offer, did it come directly from MSC or was it transmitted to you through your travel agent, if you used one? Other than the bigger room and balcony, does the royal suite come with any extra perks?
  12. Curiouser and curioser. What I had quoted earlier from the laundry page in the Enhance Your Cruise section has now changed from what I quoted earlier to this 'no multiple deliveries' thing. Fortunately our upcoming cruise is just a 7 dayer with just one pre-cruise night in Miami, so we won't be using laundry this time around anyway, but it is still very curious.
  13. One thing I have learned about life. If someone is determined to be unhappy about something they can always find a reason.
  14. I have a cruise booked, and when I log in and go to the place where you can add drink packages, excursions, spa services, etc., there is a place to add a laundry package, and I cut and pasted exactly how they describe it. Which, as I noted, is exactly how it worked for us on both Divina and Meraviglia.
  15. It isn't about helping the crew member, it is about the passenger feeling good about themself.
  16. I don't remember what we paid then but I just checked our upcoming cruise next Nov. and it is $49. We won't be using it this time around as it is only a 7 day cruise, without any other pre- or post-cruise added days. The 20 piece package is $38 and the 10 piece package is $28.
  17. Do you think it will be possible to get an advance look at the menus for the week at the YC restaurant on embarkation day? We plan on going to the Butcher's Cut and the Teppanyaki restaurant and I'd like to schedule them for nights where I'd end up ordering off the Available Every day menu, as I know from past YC experience that there will be days the YC menu won't suit my tastes. Thanks.
  18. Excellent point. I find that many well-meaning acts are shown to be injudicious by simply asking yourself, "what if everyone did it."
  19. The description on their website pretty clearly says multiple batches are fine: BACK HOME CLEAN - 40 PIECES Ideal for families or couples on longer cruises, this service means you and your stateroom companions can have garments washed and ironed any time during your cruise, or washed and ready for packing the day before departure (max 40 items per stateroom). In the event, we got this packagefor our recent April/May Baltic/Fjords YC cruise on Meraviglia and had no trouble sending batches. We generally got it back next day, but they guaranteed "in by 9 AM out by 5 PM". Sometimes we got it back same day even if we didn't get it in by 9. Had a similar experience on a Med yc cruise on Divina a year or two back.e
  20. Everyone is upset about this possible change, but I have yet to see anyone giving MSC props for adding the premium internet package to the list of YC privileges. I'd personally trade snacks and minibar for free internet in a heartbeat.
  21. The myth that that Purell stuff will protect you against novo.
  22. In Eastern Europe I encountered lots of exchange places, mostly with a Western Union logo that charged no fees but had unconscionable spreads that were "disclosed" in a very deceptive way. And once ran into the same thing traveling with a friend who got taken by one of these in Bordeaux.
  23. No fees is great, but it isn't the whole story, as there are lots of places that charge no fees, but will massively screw you on the exchange rate spread.
  24. I've done the same at Wells Fargo. Although personally I would never even consider a tour that required a cash payment. Being able to accept credit cards shows at least a modicum of financial stability, and I wouldn't trust my one and only tour experience at that port on a company that can't meet that very meager qualification. Or one that CAN meet that requirement but nonetheless chooses to inconvenience their customers, and even put them at risk by having to carry such large sums.
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