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  1. "I have a dream, that one day we would be judged by the contents of our character rather than the clothes on our backs"
  2. I have yet to hear or see anyone disrespecting someone for wearing a tux. So you are right, it SHOULD go both ways, but alas . . . .
  3. 40 or 50 years ago most people didn't fly at all. Only people in the upper classes of society, for the most part, flew. I wonder if the heart of the issue isn't really a reaction against the fact that flying AND cruising are now much more mass market activities. It isn't so much that people have changed as it is that whole segments of people have entered both markets over the years, and don't care about trying to ape the way the British upper class acted. And they REALLY don't care about doing it to please other people. For me personally, wearing a tux to dinner on a ship would feel like playing dress-up, since I wouldn't wear it anywhere else. For me, a vacation is for relaxation and enjoyment. I would not feel like wearing a tux to dinner is particularly relaxing, nor enjoyable. Otherwise I'd go whole hog on aping the British upper classes and dress formally for dinner at home, not just where other people will see me. Plus, times and fashion just change, even among the hoi polloi. Compare a video of fans at a baseball game in 1960 with fans today. Most men were in collared button down shirts, with a tie. Frequently with jackets. The warmer days induced less 'dressy' clothes and were referred to as having shirtsleeve weather. Things change. Some of us change slower, some faster, and some refuse to change. And that's fine.
  4. As opposed to the diplomatic language of calling people down dumbers?
  5. Personally I prefer not to put up a false front. I care more about just being myself in my actions and dress, and if someone chooses to judge me for what I wear or don't wear that is their choice. But I won't let it control me.
  6. There it is. The "value" was about judging people by the clothes they wore. Clothes were a way of demonstrating and enforcing social superiority over the hoi polloi.
  7. Ah, the 21st century practice of insulting people who disagree with you.
  8. It's too late. Anyone who doesn't dress in the 'Macaroni' style from the late 1700s is a disgrace. This is like people complaining about the lax dress codes at golf courses but who refuse to wear plus-fours and a suit jacket while playing like the 'real' golfers used to. Times change, fashions change, and what you grew up with is what you grew up with, not some expression of universal truth about how people should dress.
  9. Not from the OP, whose initial response was to argue about the reasons given and put people down (low brow activities?). You would have to hold a gun to my head to get me to go to Vegas, but I would never think to demand that people explain why they like something that I don't. And I HAVE read a lot of CC which is why I get irked at people who think everyone should like the same things they do. It isn't a one-size-fits-all-world.
  10. So you think that if something is not attractive to you it shouldn't be attractive to someone else? You seem more interested in debating the reasons people give than understanding the obvious point that sailing on a cruise ship and staying at a resort are completely different experiences with completely different ambiances. It's not about the parts, it is about the sum of the parts.
  11. If you are pre-paying your tips you have done what is required. Anything above that is at your own pure discretion. But you shouldn't feel like you have to tip extra in order to get routine service, like ice. You can certainly choose to, but whether you do or not should not effect your level of service.
  12. Forget it. Some people seem to live just to criticize other people who care to live their lives as they choose rather than bowing down to the fad of the moment. It is their raison d'être.
  13. I'm still hoping we are able to sail on our booked 11/7 Seaside YC cruise. But I've been looking at spring 2021 cruises as possible fallbacks. Meraviglia will be sailing out of Miami and Divina will be sailing out of Port Canaveral. Having sailed in YC on both, M in the Baltic and D in the Med, I would definitely choose Divina, despite the inconvenience of the YC restaurant being at the opposite end of the ship as the rest of the YC. On my cruises both the food and the service were significantly better on D than on M, IMO.
  14. People are much more willing to virtue signal than they are to actually act on their putative values.
  15. You make the common error of thinking that what is said in a relatively small online community is somehow indicative of the whole world. People who obsess about Twitter (not implying that you do) make the same error.
  16. It is too late, many states have already had big, huge gatherings with the same politicians who are imposing one way aisles and preventing kids from playing in parks cheering them on and participating, while not themselves engaging in social distancing nor wearing masks.
  17. I don't disagree, but the point is that all of this is politics, not science. Listen to the experts, they tell us. The scientists. And then arguably the 2 most prestigious and respected medical journals in the world, The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine, completely humiliated themselves by each publishing a major article about hydrochloriquine studies, based solely on "data" from a company that was a complete scam and has now essentially disappeared. And again, not a scintilla of actual science was at play. I think "too good to check" was in play, since the bogus articles were immediately exploited for political purposes. And although now they have admitted the articles were garbage, the original headlines and tweets are still out there just like the misimpressions people got. I'm glad I went to school at a time where the scientific method was taught, as well as critical thinking.
  18. Very little of what we are told is science is actually science. It is mostly the OPINIONS of scientists, not science. The Society of Actuaries, an organization I was a member of, has as it's motto a famous quote from John Ruskin: The work of science is to substitute facts for appearances and demonstrations for impressions. Very little of that has actuated our response. "Observational" studies are not science. At best they form the fodder of hypotheses. Which then have to be tested by the scientific method.
  19. Many of us here are in a position where we were not severely damaged financially by the shutdown. My wife and I still get our pensions, I still get my SS, and while the 401k took a hit, a lot of it is back already and I have every confidence the rest will come back in relatively short order. While everybody likes to have extra money, I would suggest that people who have not been hit financially and who are worried about the fate of their favorite restaurant (or other small business) can take more direct action than not ordering through doordash, they could just give them some of their pandemic relief money. The purpose of the money was relief, and if you don't need the relief, passing it on to those who DO need it just seems like a good thing to do.
  20. We have a booked cruise out of Miami in November. That is, hopefully, far enough down the road that we will be able to base a final yea/nay decision on how things worked out for the earlier cruisers. If we go we will fly into Miami 2 days early, because even in Nov there is a chance of snow issues flying out of denver. Really, other than the go/nogo decision I don't expect any of our travel logistics to change.
  21. For a lot of restaurants doordash or similar delivery services are all that were/are keeping them afloat. I think the restaurants don't mind the 'piling on' when the alternative is no business leading up to going out of business.
  22. I find it really sad that some folks seem to be so judgemental toward people who choose to do things differently than they do. I enjoy researching cruises, hotels, flights, etc., and have the time luxury to do so, so I am pretty much a do it yourself traveler. But I would never put other people down who chose to do things differently or, essentially, call them names. They aren't lazy and they don't have more money than sense, or any of the other nasty things people have said. Maybe it makes people feel superior to do so, but it is an illusion. It is not a one size fits all world, no matter how much anyone thinks their's is the only right size.
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