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  1. That is our first US port, so you are likely correct.
  2. That makes sense, although I don't know what F2F means. Edit: never mind, Face to Face.
  3. I'm sure I'll find this out in a few days when we boardboard, but I am curious. We will be boarding Victory II in Montreal for a 12 day cruise up the St. Lawrence seaway, through Quebec City, over the top of Maine, and ending in Boston. Does anyone know how customs and re-entry work when you re-enter the US mid cruise?
  4. That is a little more understandable there, since medical science knows almost nothing about nutrition.
  5. In about a week we sail on Victory II's Montreal to Boston itinerary. Yesterday I got an email offering me a (paid) upgrade from my booked AA class cabin to one of the two owner's suites for a grand a person. I originally wanted the owner's suite but they were sold out when I booked. So now I have it, for less money than I would have had to pay if I got it originally. Needless to say, I'm pumped. This is the first such upgrade offer I've ever gotten in my limited cruise career. Has anyone sailed in the owner's suite on Victoria II? I'm curious if the comments I've read about tiny showers applies to the OS or does it have a bigger bathroom/shower. Thanks
  6. This is completely wrong. For example, Divina has Yacht Club, but the YC restaurant is aft while the rest of the YC is forward.
  7. https://nationalpost.com/news/world/chinese-cargo-vessels-produce-most-plastic-garbage-floating-in-atlantic-ocean-study-finds https://polyfreeplanet.com/how-much-recycling-actually-gets-recycled
  8. You've gotten some informative replies, but you should also be aware that your choices for dinner are very limited. When we went the dinner choices were lamb and fish. Period.
  9. For December of 2019? Expedited service should get you a passport long before the End of October. We just did it and it took 2 weeks.
  10. Yeah, with should be without. Thanks, I'm going to see if I can edit it. Nope, too late. Well, if that's the worst mistake I make this year it'll be a heckuva year.
  11. Good thing everything always goes exactly as expected. Personally I think it is crazy to leave the country with a valid passport with at least 6 months to go. YMMV
  12. That is fine, but not a reason to post misinformation like you did about how the bankruptcy affects people who book through a TA.
  13. I don't know how the rules work in Britain, but someone booking with them in the US with a US credit card has no worries. You cannot be charged for a service that hasn't been provided. The credit card company has to reverse the charge, by law. OTOH if that same US customer booked that same cruise using a debit card then they would be stuck, getting rolled into whatever provision is made for unsecured creditors. Moral: always use a credit card to book travel - never a debit card. Not to mention the fact that reputable TAs in the US don't hold your money anyway, it goes right to the cruise line. So no, the Thomas Cook situation really isn't a reason to book direct.
  14. Just in case anyone is getting a little confused, there is no deck 17.
  15. Except in some places that doesn't make it valid for travel. My passport was valid, it would have been valid during my upcoming cruise, it would have been still be valid for 6 months minus one week when my cruise is over. And if I hadn't gotten it renewed, that week would have caused me to miss the cruise. I'd rather not take that chance, nor advise other people take that chance. YMMV
  16. I would always prefer the deck with the TopSail Lounge.
  17. And all of the items they give you are straight off the little TSL buffet. It is cute, but the Ritz it is not. And BTW, what they serve is Afternoon Tea, not High Tea which, ironically, is a lesser tea than Afternoon Tea. (I know you said afternoon tea, which is correct, but others persist in calling it high tea, which kind of makes them look a little foolish to Brits) "Though these terms are often used interchangeably, they are actually distinctly different. High tea is not a fancy tea, as many people assume. Delectable scones, tea sandwiches, and cakes are the hallmark of an afternoon tea, which is served in midafternoon. ... Think of it as a light supper served with tea." https://www.teatimemagazine.com/high-tea-vs-afternoon-tea/ There is also a Cream Tea, which is lighter still than High Tea.
  18. This was not even remotely the case on my YC Baltic/Fjords cruise just last April/May on Meraviglia. The menu was not Italian, and the service was very lacking in both the TSL and the restaurant. Many of the crew had attitude, including my butler. To the point that the other housekeeping staff hated working with him. TSL serving staff, including some of the butlers were poorly trained and suffered with tunnel vision and an inability to multitask, e.g. taking a drink order after clearing a nearby table. My YC cruise on Divina in the Western Med last year was closer to what you describe. But not nearly as perfect as your experience seems to have been.
  19. Exactly. This is basically a non-issue.
  20. A debit card can be a handy way to get local currency from an ATM. But I also understand your caution and reluctance. Our bank issued us a debit card specifically for travel purposes. It was special in that it was not connected to our checking account. We put $x dollars on it, and x was the limit to our risk. And we could easily add money to it by doing an online transfer to it, but the card itself cannot trigger a transfer nor exceed the amount we allocate. So there is still a little risk with respect to the $x dollars we put on it, but it doesn't act like an Open Sesame to my bank accounts the way a regular debit card does.
  21. Gee, I was just reliably informed that the 6 months doesn't apply to cruises. And now this. Well, anyone who takes advice from perfect and perfectly anonymous strangers on the internet deserves what they get. BTW, Victory Cruise also requires a passport that is good for 6 months beyond the end of the cruise on a Montreal to Boston cruise. Missed the 6 months by a week but fortunately noticed that and got it renewed in time.
  22. We just got ours renewed. We chose expedited processing and got the new passports in less than 2 weeks. Personally, I wouldn't leave the country without a valid passport.
  23. My 2 YCs were the Divina, with the restaurant at the other end of the ship, and Meraviglia, with the restaurant within the enclave. The menu, food, and service was far better on the Divina, IMO. My experiences on Meraviglia were along similar lines as the OP regarding service and food quality, but I also had a problem with the menu. My Meraviglia experience was this past April/May, in the Baltic. I don't know what the current menu is, but they better change it before they bring the ship to the US. I chalked up my unhappiness with the menu to it being directed more to European tastes, since we were the only identifiably American couples in the YC. But I don't think it will fly in NY or Miami or where ever they base her.
  24. I sent my 16 year old daughter, by herself, to Mexico to attend a language school. I sent my other daughter to college 2000 miles away from home at age 17. Sure, terrible things could have happened to them. But if they did it wouldn't have been because their own stupid actions increased their risks. Because we won the battle between the family's values and their peer group's values. There is no way in hell they would have gone off drinking with strangers.
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