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  1. Arcadia is the only ship we have had to queue on for freedom dining , we usually like to dine about 8 to 8.30 but on some nights it ended up been later , this was partially down to the fact we wanted a table for two and had to take a pager, were going as a party of four in September so it will be interesting if that works differently, agree about some of the tables for two been placed in or near walkways , not always the relaxing meal it should be
  2. On our five week cruise in February with only 900 pax on board we enquired about an upgrade to a balcony, we were quoted £1500 pp, tried again with two weeks left and were quoted the exact same amount , nearly all of our deck was empty and not through quarantine location, while I understand why they chose that amount at the beginning of the cruise ( other pax will have paid that much to book a balcony) with two weeks left it would have brought some extra revenue in for very little effort .
  3. P and O sent an e mail saying the trip had been cancelled and a refund would be credited to our account within a few days, which in the past they have been , no such luck this time
  4. And to add injury to insult we have today received an e mail to say our trip to Geiranger has been cancelled and a full refund will be forthcoming, just over a month after the same e mail and the promise of a refund. And what's more our evening trip and lobster dinner in Boston in September has now just been cancelled, again with no reason given . I wonder if it is actually worth booking any trips as they appear to be getting cancelled faster than they can be booked, becoming very disillusioned
  5. The way things are going ours could end up been "a scenic cruise of Norway", its looking more like bullseye with Jim Bowen "here's what you could have had"😆
  6. Well I'm doing really well with the advice today!!!!!!!! By the time we get on in September I'll probably have forgotten the name of the ship🤣🤣
  7. Yes I understand that , poor choice of wording on my behalf, might have to wait to see them as its always busy, and usually understaffed , no rush its only our money there keeping 😆
  8. Think I 'll pass on that one, seen how they drive in Italy
  9. I used to drive around 1500 miles a month on every road imaginable , never had an accident ,but the amount of drivers and the ridiculous speeds they tear up and down on roads these days has taken most of the joy away, if I wanted to drive a dodgem I would have gone to the funfair
  10. Thank you Wowzz Its been a few years since we were on her and my memory is not what it used to be!!!!!
  11. I admire you for enjoying the six hour drive, with so many ,how shall we say , different drivers? On the road nowadays the pleasure I used to have is greatly diminished and my main objective is to get to and from my destination in one piece with my car intact
  12. Is this the 30 nights on the 6th of September? Drinks prices are on a par with most uk bars. The spa is expensive but not as much as your Princess one, however never used it so don't know how good it is. Lunch on embarkation depends on what time you board, buffet is always a little hectic but other options will be available (staff permitting). If you have booked a saver fare you will be allocated dining time when on board , if you booked select you should have been given your dining options (freedom, first ,or second sitting) however the maître de should be able to accommodate a change if they can. Specialty restaurants are Sindhu (Indian) Epicurian and the Glass House but I don't think any are open until the evening with the possible exception of the Glass House. I'm sure others on this board will be able to give you any more information should you need it . Hope you enjoy your cruise🙂
  13. I suspect reception on Iona will be getting a visit from us all asap
  14. Normally come back within days, however our whole party has not received any of the refunds, also the people travelling with us in September have had two of their trips cancelled ten days ago but not received any refund as yet, I've e mailed P and O but have had no response
  15. Well I hope the refunds were paid faster than ours, still waiting for the cancelled Gerainger trip to be refunded , and that was over a month ago 😡
  16. All this is filling me with so much confidence for our upcoming cruise, not😒
  17. Yes ,frequently but it all usually turns out to be worth it, although our last holiday was the most stressful we have ever done , four interconnecting flights, two day rail journey , two overnight stops in different locations ,one city break ,an observed lft test and a seven day cruise, oh and been selected for a random covid test at our arrival airport, was it worth it, without a doubt😃
  18. Hope your on with us , We'll be stood at the side of you🤣😂🤣🍷
  19. Well whatever it was, or is, good luck to you and well done👍🍷
  20. Ooh please do tell , or maybe not if its debatable? Pretty sure passengers wont leave them lying around
  21. It didn't even start nice here this morning , the sun is up there somewhere but the cloud is so thick its not really bright ,and that blessed cool wind which has blighted us most of the summer will not go away😒
  22. Cant say I blame you, after years of been P and O regulars we have been trying out "the competition" and comparing as best we can like for like, certainly agree up to now that without the various packages offered by other lines the price comparison makes P and O look reasonable, service level's across all we have tried, are about the same, however we have some others to try later this year and next
  23. Actually we only ever went for the drinks!!!! Also pretty sure most captains could do without it
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