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  1. 66 and 60 - out first cruise was in 1999 and first P&O in 2002.
  2. Info for anyone on Britannia TA Cruises in October 2019 - I asked P&O for the Port Times and these have been provided by P&O (below) These are for the 3 week cruise but also relevant for the 2 week cruise. Thank you for your email. The times for your cruise onboard Britannia are listed below, please note sometimes these times may change dependent on weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances, Arrival time Back onboard by Departure time Madeira 08:00am 04:30pm 05:00pm Antigua 08:00am 05:30pm 06:00pm St Kitts 07:00am 04:30m 05:00pm St Lucia 08:00am 05:30pm 06:00pm St Vincent 08:00am 05:30pm 06:00pm Barbados 07:00am Barbados 08:30pm 09:00pm Curacao 08:00am 04:30pm 05:00pm Bonaire 08:00am 04:30pm 05:00pm Grenada 08:00am 05:30pm 06:00pm St Vincent 08:00am 05:30pm 06:00pm St Lucia 06:30am The shore excursions are available to book approximately 12 weeks prior to your cruise departure date, I hope this information has helped to answer your enquiry and we look forward to welcoming you on board soon.
  3. I understand that you are disillusioned with P&O, I have also been in the past on occasions, especially with customer service related issues, but we have for various reasons decided to stick with them in the short term, mainly for economic reasons in the current climate with poor exchange rates etc. I have found though that focussing the the positive aspects of the cruise is far better than looking for negatives. Alas, I think for you that you are past that point with P&O and I think you have to accept that and move on. I don't think are going to get any agreement or sympathy on here. I have had rants on here in the past but quickly realised that there is little point as no one on here can resolve it for you.
  4. There is so much negativity in all your comments - you will never see the good in anything if you only focus on the negatives
  5. We use ALLA Tours for their 3 day tour in St Petersburg last year and they were excellent. SPB are another equally well rated company, you won't need visas if you use either company. Both will also discount tours in the other ports you will visit if you book a tour in St Petersburg.
  6. I like the TV for the News and Sport News and would be disappointed if it was unavailable for long
  7. Saw this on in the Antigua Ports of Call section today - don't know if P&O will be affected. https://www.foxnews.com/travel/carnival-cruise-line-will-no-longer-sail-to-antigua
  8. We have been on Caribbean TA twice cruising out to Caribbean in October and flying home from Barbados. As the luggage coming home has been bonded from the ship to the UK we have never bothered to much about sticking to the airline weight limits. In October this year we are doing a Caribbean TA again but 3 weeks this time and flying back from St Lucia instead of Barbados. Does anyone know if the luggage is bonded back from St Lucia as it is from Barbados as we will have more luggage than normal and it would be nice not to have to worry about the weight limits.
  9. We got back a couple of weeks ago and although it was an overnight flight it all went very smoothly, no real hanging around after landing, taken straight to the ship after collecting luggage. Managed to sleep a good bit on the plane and didn't feel too bad next day. Arrived to the ship and dropped hand luggage straight in the cabin although we could not get in until lunchtime, by the time we had some food and had a walk/look around the cabins were ready. Had a great cruise with some good ports - I wouldn't let the overnight flight put you off.
  10. I think that the PDF I have attached is now quite old and may be wrong for some ports. We have just returned from Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the shuttle dropped at a different location than the ones mentioned in the document. If anyone is visiting Dubai or Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi shuttle dropped at Abu Dhabi Mall and not at Marina Mall Dubai shuttle dropped at the Dubai Mall and not at Burjuman Mall Both were free to all passengers PO_Shuttle_Information.pdf
  11. Chances of sitting together if you don't pay for seats depends a lot on the plane seat config. On a 3-3-3 or 3-4-3 you have more chance of being split than a 2-4-2 as you will be used to fill the ends of the 3 seats. They go on sale on the Personaliser at midnight exactly 14 weeks before your flight, and yes some do book at midnight.
  12. Cruise Program on TV tonight on C5 9PM about MSC Seaside https://www.radiotimes.com/tv-programme/e/hpzspd/secrets-of-the-mega-cruise-ship/
  13. Cruise Program on TV tonight on C5 9PM about MSC Seaside https://www.radiotimes.com/tv-programme/e/hpzspd/secrets-of-the-mega-cruise-ship/
  14. It is not a level playing field anymore mainly due to exchange rates which are have made 2019 and 2020 cruises on Celebrity more expensive and the drinks prices on board are exorbitant IMO. We have drifted back to P&O for this reason but would choose Celebrity every time for a comparatively priced cruise. Every time we have been on Celebrity it has been because the price has been good compared to P&O. Last year we went to Baltic on Celebrity on the same day as Azura and our cruise was cheaper than P&O and we had a drinks package included but that does not happen often. Looking at 2019 and 2020 prices they have increased on Celebrity to more than we are prepared to pay for a standard 14 night with Balcony cruise and we could not justify the on board spend either without a drinks package. Celebrity are just a click above P&O in all aspects IMO particularly Service. Food is superior IMO and we loved the Buffet selection. The Speciality restaurants are very good but expensive ($50 pp last year). On a like for like cruise, Celebrity wins every time for us.
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