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  1. Anyone expecting an announcement tomorrow from P&O about the Pause.
  2. Hope so, but think it would be Aurora if P&O have to lose another ship.
  3. My wife works at a large Garden Centre and they are fully open in all departments except the Cafe, they sell a huge variety of items but not much Garden related stuff at this time of the year. My wife says that they are getting many customers coming in for a 'look around' and not buying anything, all increasing the risk of infection for both staff and other customers. We are worried about the risks and there is no option for the staff to opt out of working. You have to question them being allowed to open IMHO, they cannot be classed as 'essential'.
  4. I am 68 and will be astonished if I am offered a vaccine in the next 6 weeks. I'd be very happy if that happened but going by this Govt's performance on testing and track and trace I wouldn't bet on it.
  5. Yes the Tier 4 area looks really big on the Map now. I think the Govt should be looking at what is classified as an 'essential shop'. I cannot see how Garden Centres are allowed to open in Tier 4 or how M&S can sell clothes etc for 16 hours a day as our local one does just because it also sells food. The amount of shops that are allowed to open now seems far more than the original summer lockdown. Sorry, just my little rant.
  6. Well we didn't last long in Tier 2 - we are Tier 4 from Boxing Day
  7. Merry Xmas everyone and a healthy and safe New Year. Lets hope we all get to cruise in 2021 which must be a better year then 2020.
  8. We are the only council (Waverley) in Surrey that has remained Tier 2 luckily. At least we can meet our family also in Waverley for Xmas day. I don't think we will stay in Tier 2 for long though as the adjoining council to us in Guildford is Tier 4 and I don't think Covid respects council borders.
  9. Saw on the news that many got out yesterday evening.
  10. Cruise we booked on 8th Nov for July 2022 in E. Med is now £750pp more for a standard balcony cabin up from 2415pp to 3169pp in only 5 weeks. Pays to book on opening day.
  11. Muckle Flugga is one - trips off the tongue doesn't it.
  12. Feb/Mar 2020 on Oceana to Canaries, got back on Mar 7th. Almost the last P&O cruise I think.
  13. I have noticed that unless I have missed it there is no mention of 10% off for past customers this time. I think this is usually advertised prior to pre-reg date ?
  14. No, not for us. We don't mind a transatlantic crossing but would not like to stay on the ship for a complete cruise, we always get off on a Port day.
  15. Hi Ulsteinvik could let me know the itineraries for Azura June 16th 2022 and June 23rd 2022, very much appreciated if you can. Thanks
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