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  1. Thanks, tried that, nothing cam up for FCC when I added loyalty numbers, so I guess it is not there yet, it was for a cancelled Oceana cruise.
  2. I've logged on OK as well - We have 3 cruises booked in 2021 but only 1 showing. Where do you see your FCC, does anyone know, we have an FCC we are saving for 2022 but cannot see it anywhere.
  3. We have a Caribbean cruise booked on Azura in Feb 2021 so would be keen to see the ship leave from Southampton on Oct 16th, empty or not. I think that if it does not go then, the season probably won't happen and we have to pay the balance with our TA on October 24th, so leaving on the 16th has a big bearing on our decision to pay the balance or cancel. She also needs a refit before then.
  4. Thanks for the summary Molecrochip, was anything said about later payment of balances ?
  5. I have never seen any of his videos until this one - but hearing him I can't stop thinking it is Kermit talking, or is it only me.
  6. Thanks Molecrochip for all your excellent information over the last few days, much appreciated
  7. Thanks, we only have a small deposit at stake which we will let go to FCC then use towards a 2022 when they are available.
  8. Very sad about Oceana going, had some great cruises on her. For us, it is a good result as we did not want to go on our November cruise on her after reading the EU guidelines document, but also sympathise with anyone who wanted to cruise the Arabian Gulf this year.
  9. I remember people saying the same before Oriana was sold
  10. We were due to board yesterday as well - should have been Ionafest.
  11. I would not expect to be switched to a different ship without option of refund.
  12. Very Sad, Had some good cruises on Oceana, only just got off on March 8th. I guess there will be more long waits for refund payments.
  13. I made this point on another thread, they are asking us to pay our balance without knowing exactly what we are paying for. If for example it is like the EU document the other day I would not want to go but we can't make a decision without the facts.
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