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  1. Hi Ulsteinvik could let me know the itineraries for Azura June 16th 2022 and June 23rd 2022, very much appreciated if you can. Thanks
  2. Sorry but I am going to have to bale out of this one. I just don't have many of these type of photos. I'll keep looking each day and will post if I find anything but I don't tend to take many onboard photos.
  3. Jetty for the night tender in Maui
  4. Jetty for Tenders - Catalina Island
  5. Yes, already had the email. It says that we have been given an FCC but that we cannot use it until it is showing on our account. We were going to use the transfer the cruise anyway and use the deposit from it to one of the summer 2022 ones when we can in Nov. But now, read literally it looks as though we cannot use that FCC until it shows on the account. That cannot be right can it, surely we can use it towards one of the 2022 cruises. P&O never do anything simply ! Can I transfer instead? In order for this process to work effectively, we ask that you bear with us and allow us to cancel your booking and issue you with an FCC. As soon as this is created on your account, you will be able to make a new booking of your choice.
  6. Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque taken from Eclipse when leaving Gibraltar
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