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  1. Can't help with P&O prices but when we went 2 years ago they were about the same price as Alla etc. I would recommend Alla, we did a 3 day with them and it was excellent. You will have to tour with a recognised tour company which includes P&O if that is your choice, otherwise you have to buy a Visa if you want to tour DIY. Our favourite places were the Peterhof, Catherines Palace and the Faberge Museum.
  2. We were there for 3 days and did a 3 day tour with Alla which was excellent. It was in a minibus of 14. The visa was supplied by Alla.
  3. Hi Sharon Can you tell me why my post yesterday was removed ? It doesn't seem to break any rules.
  4. On the 1190th day of Brexit my true love gave to me................
  5. I remember when we started cruising with P&O that we used to get one of these packages free from our TA at the time as a thanks for the booking. They sadly ceased to trade and that 'perk' ended with them !
  6. This is the rub for us - prices and exchange rates have pushed us back to P&O in the last couple of years and although we have enjoyed the recent cruises on P&O for us they are not Celebrity or Princess. We have found that Fly Cruises are much more expensive now than they used to be and are finding that the P&O ex- Southampton cruises are getting repetitive. We have 5 cruises booked with P&O up to Feb 21 and are not sure what to do for Summer 2021. We keep looking at Marella but never quite 'push the button' to book one. We try to book on opening day for P&O so it will be decision day for Summer 2021 soon but don't mind if it is delayed a bit, I think we may just let this opening day go and see how we feel nearer the time.
  7. And another email today for Oceana this winter. Have certainly been bombarded over the last week
  8. I agree - we would happily pay the 8 Euro each rather than faff about with the shuttles. I'm sure that everyone would as long as it was explained at booking time.
  9. Same here !! But I don't think too many will come down from Scotland to Southampton for a 7 night cruise or maybe I'm wrong.
  10. Does anyone know the date for pre-reg on these cruises for Summer 2021
  11. Same as you, we booked on open last week via a TA and we have not had P&O confirmation and the booking does not show on our list of booked cruises on the P&O website, but does show on the cruise personaliser.
  12. We got our Canaries cruise booked OK with our TA but find it a little strange that the cruises are still not showing on the P&O site
  13. No, should have been 9AM - think they are probably dealing with TA bookings first - expecting fluid pricing when they do show
  14. Have registered for a Canaries in Feb - Select Outside for £60 pn. Can't resist at these prices. However TA warned of P&O operating fluid pricing from the off, so have to wait and see.
  15. Yes, I got the same email, great prices. Looking at the Canaries Xmas/NY fr £929 !!. Can get a suite on the 5 week Caribbean for just £100 more than we are paying for 3 week TA Balcony - also tempting but think we too late to change now, trips booked, airline seats booked, restaurants booked etc.
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