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  1. Thanks, We are Jan 1st which is 15 weeks away so I won't worry about it just yet then.
  2. Although we have been to Caribbean with P&O a few times we have forgotten - the seats are on sale 14 weeks before but is that 14 weeks before the outbound or inbound flight. Also I assume that if the cruise is cancelled that the costs of reserving seats would be refunded but would they be refunded if we decided to transfer the cruise once we know a bit more about excursion protocols and testing.
  3. I have been trying to get through to P&O all morning on various numbers with no luck. We have to pay our balance on Oct 3rd with little or no information available to be able to make a decision on whether to proceed and pay Balance or move it. We need to know if we can get off independently and how much testing costs will be before we can make an informed decision. This cruise includes a £3400 FCC so we cannot afford to just cancel it. As we have 4 further cruises booked with P&O in 2022/3 we don't really have a slot to move to until the new 2023 Summer launch we are in an impossible position and cannot even phone P&O to vent our feelings. I basically need them to offer a solution to our problem or I think we will just cancel those 4 future cruises and lose our deposits.
  4. We are due to go on Jan 1st with Balance to pay on Oct 3rd. Just had our flight allocated which makes it all a bit more real - just not sure what to do now with all the uncertainty about potential testing costs and still not sure if we will be allowed off on our own. We have 4 more cruises booked so have no slots to move to unless the Summer 2023 programme is announced before Oct 3rd.
  5. My understanding is that if it is for a seacation cruise you have to make sure that you have £2mill Health Cover on the Policy, most policies only cover 10K for UK holidays so you need to ask your insurer for a letter to say that you are covered for at least £2mill on a UK Cruise.
  6. I think I heard on Sky News that this was changed yesterday to allow double jabbed visitors from UK with a negative PCR test into Italy without the 5 day quarantine.
  7. How can they allow you to roam independently on a P&O excursion but not allow you off the ship independently. It makes no sense.
  8. We have to pay our balance for Jan 1st Caribbean on Oct 3rd which is creeping up on us with no information available to make a decision. The amount it cost is too much to spend to have to remain on the ship or only take ships excursions. Also the cost of test could be prohibitive and frankly too much hassle if it is for many ports. At the moment our decision would be to move it but am frankly frightened of missing out if everything is OK as we have been nowhere at all since Fen 2020 we need a holiday. I think it is unreasonable of P&O to expect payment 90 days out without being able to give us all the information about what we are buying. I think a return to 30 terms would be reasonable when everything is still unclear.
  9. We went for a short cruise 3 night cruise on Queen Elizabeth in 2018 and did not feel that the MDR meals were any better quality or service than on P&O (although obviously are in the higher class restaurants). The drinks prices were ridiculous IMO, found it better value to drink doubles rather then 2 singles but still very expensive with another 15% on top. We saw a wine that we used to drink on P&O for about £20 a bottle selling at $60 in the MDR.
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