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  1. I wonder if the captain's evening will ever make a return in the format it used to be ? A voucher for one drink is a little underwhelming😒
  2. I do hope so as our last visit to Norway was spoilt by a lot of wet and misty weather ( in June 2018), fingers crossed 👍as we also have some first time cruisers with us
  3. Thanks for the very useful information, all we need is the lovely weather that was evident in the photo
  4. As a general question , how long is the walk (at a steady pace) from the ship to the bridge in your photo? Thanks
  5. No worries now all sorted and booked £28 pp. 👍
  6. How many people does the limelight club accommodate and what are the costs please ?
  7. Wow , they look totally amazing, they have obviously pushed the boat out with them🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. Just received another dreaded e mail from P and O informing that our upcoming Norway cruise MAY I repeat MAY have issues with supply chains which COULD affect some of the onboard experiences. I suppose at least we now have some warning about what's happening , or not happening on board , we will find out over the next few weeks
  9. Another open air concert, Bryan Adams tonight so a second soaking could be on the cards, and if last nights deluge is anything to go by a waterproof jacket will be of little use😂
  10. Had a day at Beamish last summer and stayed at the Beamish hall hotel, had no luck at all with the weather but loved the place. Eden camp is quite local to us and we’ve been a few times and would recommend it to anybody who is visiting this part of North Yorkshire, both offer a fascinating glimpse into the past👍👍
  11. Well it’s a really fantastic show and the skills of these people amazes me , I know it’s edited but the time they spend and the patience they have is incredible
  12. Had an overnight in Copenhagen and it was great ,if we went again did we would spend the evening in Tivoli as never got the time to go there , loved all the ports on our Baltic cruise , Talinn been the least favourite
  13. Useful for getting out of the shower at home , so my good lady informs me😁
  14. I believe that if you have sailed on another line and you can give a balanced and factual account to help others than that is very useful👍
  15. No problem if using the app is the only way to get into places but on a personal level I just want to get away from having a tablet or phone attached to me , don't mind a wait to get in the MDR as there is always a bar to have a pre meal drink in ,and we always allow plenty of time to get seats in the shows we want to see, as usual its horses for courses🙂
  16. Prices are only slightly higher, our flights were included, and yes you have to tip, or should I say they are added to your account ,you can of course have them taken off . Konningsdam is two or three years newer than Britannia but it felt like it was new , everything worked (toilets etc) and full glass shower cubicles in the staterooms which felt quite plush, drinks prices are higher than P and O however we were put on the have it all package before boarding (nice surprise) and allowing for our obc we came off the ship with them owing us money!!!! Which they paid into our account the next day. The one small negative was the MDR as the choices were at times bizarre but the ship, the decor , the service and entertainment were excellent
  17. I think you will be impressed with Holland and America, we most certainly were on Konningsdam and would definitely sail with them again, not knocking P and O as we have cruised with them lots of times and have a few to go on still , but the HAL ship was far ,far superior
  18. Morning all ,well it had to happen , no rain for ten days and you go to an open air concert and it rains, heavily, but at least Frankie Valli put on a really great show , he may not be able to move like he did but he can still hold a tune , he had over seven thousand people on their feet singing and dancing, drove home (four miles) and it hadn't rained a drop all night, should have held it in our garden!!!!!
  19. Lets hope they quieten down as the excitement subsides, however our dealings with door slammers, no matter where, is they don't consider other people either through ignorance or habit , personally it is something we never have and never will do, no matter what time of day or night it is .Hope you enjoy Arcadia although its probably an understatement that she may feel a little "outdated " after Sky Princess. Happy sailing!!
  20. We have never used a saver fare and always tick no upgrades on our select price , one man’s upgrade isn’t another man’s so we pick where we want to be and if we can’t get it we will try to get as near as possible . Tried the Epicurean once and would not miss it at all if it were not available , but like the beach house and the glasshouse
  21. One of the joys of cruising used to be having people look at you instead of at their mobiles etc , and in my case leaving it in the safe in the cabin. They also kill the art of conversation
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