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  1. A fist fight on a Fred ship, you would think they should know better at their age 🤣😂
  2. Nice to know they have the best interest of the paying passengers at heart
  3. Not heard that , and don't want to either
  4. Fares on the "smaller ships " have risen quite steeply, whereas the bigger ships seem to be attracting the biggest discounts ,bit of a message to P and O there about the future of Aurora and Arcadia ?
  5. Thanks everyone , I thought that was the case but had to make sure👍
  6. Just a general question , I own shares in Carnival however if my good lady were to buy some in her name would we be able to receive two sets of OBC or is it just for who the cruise is assigned to?
  7. Was hoping the heat would continue to Saturday as going to see Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Saturday night , and its outside🤔 And if it could be nice next week that would be useful as going to a cottage in the Yorkshire dales for four nights👍
  8. It was as the week before we lost our week on Marella due to our original passport’s didn’t have enough days left from the issue date even though we had eleven months until expiry , a very expensive oversight🥵
  9. It is quite possible that a lot of people mistrust the technology , or are unsure how to use it , or even don't have the equipment to do it
  10. I thought the same , why would anyone trash a bathroom just for the sake of it, different ship ,different type of passenger, oops, sorry sailor
  11. Luckily we have managed to cancel our parties lft tests at Lloyds pharmacy at no cost as they were due to be paid on the day of the test ,and saved us a round trip of 40 miles, at last some positive news about this cruise😃👍
  12. Most people said that cruising would be one of the last things to return to normal, and from what we are seeing and hearing it appears they were correct, but staff shortages do seem to be problem across a lot of business's
  13. For once I would be happy if P and O did cancel a port on our July cruise, Flam would be a better option than Helesylt and make up for it been cancelled the last time we visited Norway, we await with baited breath🤨
  14. I sincerely hope we do not get this issue in July as with Gerainger been cancelled if we were to miss Stavanger as well, it would be a total waste of money, trying to be positive about it all but for once I'm sounding like a glass half empty person🤔.
  15. Not sure if I can believe weather forecasts anymore, although it turned cooler yesterday pm we had not a drop of rain and today the sun is up and lovely blue skies, just cant shake off the cool northerly breeze. Thank goodness I watered the garden yesterday Just been reading about Iona's tribulations , looks like another problem that could be recurring?
  16. Saw him about thirty years ago and although it was a birthday present for my other half I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope you have a fantastic time
  17. Interesting comments regarding the Christmas cruise experience , we have thought about doing this for a number of years ,but as our children are grown up and would not be with us anyway should we go on an adult only? Some of the positives revolve around the younger generations and if the ship was as full as Andy stated it could be a bit overpowering, we will have to have a long hard think before taking the plunge
  18. True to form , the weather on the coast here is thick cloud which doesn't look like its going to break, and the forecast is for rain over the weekend, enjoy the sunshine if you've got it where you are😊
  19. My parents lived in their council house all their married life and would have paid for it ten times over, we never had holidays and walking anywhere was the norm , i had a lovely upbringing and to respect other peoples belongings, my father died very young but mam stayed in the house until she passed away , although I grew up a happy child it gave me the determination to want to do better and this is why we as parents can now help our children , it has not been easy with both of us working without breaks for nigh on fifty years and six and seven days a week and never asked our parents to child mind as we worked separate hours and that is why we both cherish what we have (lovely house, nice cars , holidays etc) and the pleasure to help out our offspring . Some will say they should stand on their own feet but with the case of ours they have taken on the work ethic that has got us to where we are today, so even though we started them out in a small way they can now make their own path
  20. I sometimes wonder if its worth having a cherished car , at least it would reduce the stress of where to park if you had an old runabout😒
  21. I once parked in the local Morrisons as far away from the store as was possible all on its own , when I returned I was dismayed to see somebody had parked very close to me in the next bay, as i was about to think what were they thinking a head popped up from the drivers seat and a work colleague couldn't hold himself together for laughing as he knew of my dislike of close proximity parking😂
  22. Never was much of a mechanic ,but I have done as you Kalos and now after many many years have a car of which i am supremely happy and proud of, its now just three years old and has done 5,200 miles, so it will not be getting changed anytime soon. looking back though driving in those old cars was some kind of adventure
  23. I must admit I never had the pleasure? Of a company car, and as my parents could never afford one I always wanted a car of my own , I believe that this is where my obsessive. car care has come from . If you ever see a car parked in a public/supermarket/ shopping mall parked all on its own as far away from anything that will be one of ours
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