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  1. I just can't imagine having to bring something like on a cruise …..
  2. Thanks all for answering, I didn't think it was included.
  3. Wondering if anyone knows if you receive a complimentary Ultimate Balcony Dinner if you are in a full suite? My DH is convinced we had that offer when we were on the Regal last year and I don't remember it. Hopefully someone will let us know for sure and settle the discussion!!!
  4. Interesting were you on the Silhouette TA in April? That's the one I caught "something" that lasted almost 3 weeks...
  5. Absolutely worth it to us.... being able to dine whenever you want, having the same wait staff, eating as fast or as slow as you want......made the whole dining experience much nicer for us. We would book it every time!!
  6. So on the Regal it costs $120 per person, is that correct?
  7. YES!!! we have 2 cruises booked in M108 on the Sky, can't wait!!!
  8. Agree completely with this. We did our first Princess cruise with Club Class Dining last fall and loved it. We were on the Regal, which is only about 5 years old and the ship was great. We've cruised mostly Celebrity for 20 years, but looking for other itineraries we decided to try Princess and now have 3 cruises booked with them.....still have a few with Celebrity too, but good to know there are other choices that we will enjoy too.
  9. If you have "The Key" do you have to pay for lunch at Chops or Jamie's on embarkation day? If so, how much?
  10. well true...but if you have several broken bones that's not going to work.....
  11. We also use Geo Blue but we do the annual cost which was actually just under $400 but coverage is great. But we have Med Jet for emergency evacuation coverage.
  12. Med Jet Assist is a great program we have purchased it for years. For the two ofus the premium is under $600 total for a TWO year policy....well worth the cost. We have friends who did not have evacuation coverage and wound up having to pay over $100,000 to get home a few years ago.... we won't travel without Med Jet coverage.
  13. We're on the April 25th Baltic, the October 31st Canada/NE and November 5th repo to Ft. Lauderdale!!! Can't wait!!
  14. A TA we used way back in 1998 told us about Celebrity and recommended for our 1st cruise. We live in Florida and there are many TV ads for Celebrity now, I don't remember many when we first started cruising though.
  15. I think it happens to everyone eventually if you cruise enough. After 30+ cruises I came off of our Silhouette TA last month with a nasty cold that I am still fighting. I think it is finally starting to abate but it's already been 3 weeks. Hopefully I won't get another cruise related illness for another 30 cruises!!!😁
  16. Then you will be VERY happy with your choice. The CS hump balcony is wonderful. Wish I was sitting on one right now enjoying morning coffee!!🙂
  17. I was speaking of the CS on the Solstice class ships. The ones on the M class like Infinity ARE small....but at least they are there....originally those suites had no balcony at all.
  18. I can't think of any....unless you don't have a premium beverage package included in your CS. If you do then I wouldn't spend the extra money for an RS just for Specialty Rest. The last time we were in a RS we had the two bottles of liquor too and while we consumed about half of one the other one never got touched. We weren't in our room during normal "drinking hours" for us that much. You are correct about the balconies....the CS is much nicer. The jacuzzi that is on the RS balconies takes up half the space, and while nice it's really a novelty that doesn't get used that much (at least for us and according to stateroom staff I've spoken to)
  19. We were in a RS last month on Silhouette and outside of one group dinner at Qsine we ate all meals in Luminae. We find service and food overall to be better than any of the specialty restaurants.
  20. My sister in law will be sailing with us later this summer, she's a smoker. Would someone advise where the smoking areas are on the Mariner so I can let her know. Thanks
  21. We are in a full suite on our next cruise too, on your reservation confirmation that they email you should see a notation under "comments" that you are in Club Class Dining.
  22. If you are in a full suite then you will be in club class, if you are in a mini-suite you have to select "Club Class Mini Suite" when making your reservation.
  23. Doubtful they will be able to join you in Club Class.
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