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  1. Totally agree. Happened to us last year on Azura. Great cabin. But oh the vibration. Like being in a blender!
  2. On our recent Briannia cruise I noticed quite a few people not washing their hands before going into the buffet so I started washing my hands on the way out too. Think DH thought I'd gone mad but I kept thinking of the unwashed folk handling the serving utensils and even saw some passengers picking food up with their fingers!
  3. I don't think I'd call P&O's food dodgy? Never had anything we couldn't eat. Can be a little samey, especially the green beans, but not dodgy.
  4. Have a great time Andy and Michelle. Weve not long been back. Loved it as much as the first time
  5. True. Not that particular day though as it was a Saturday. We thought we'd try and get ahead of the shoppers. Not sure what went wrong. Traffic/roadworks everywhere.
  6. We self disembarked Iona in 2022. We just wanted to get an early start on our long drive back 'up North'. As it was the journey for some strange reason that day took us almost 8 hours. We disembarked at 7am. Glad we didn't leave it any later.
  7. Have to agree. We were on the last cruise and the cabins did definitely need a bit of tlc. We thought everywhere else looked pretty good but we didn't go looking tbh.
  8. There was a cruise ship in port on our recent Brittania TA. Can't remember which ship but it had a water slide on the side. Looked horrible. I can appreciate ships having them on the top deck for kids but this looked so awful on the side of the ship.
  9. It's a bit disappointing not being allowed off but what can you do. Weve got an early coach tomorrow morning so couldn't go home anyway but I can imagine if Andy was in this situation he would've liked to have disemarked and gone home? There's been a few moaners. We're fine. DH was in the merchant navy so loves sea days as do I. More relaxing. But each to their own. One lady complained to DH there were too many sea days but its a TA and we've only missed one port. We've had a great time. Apart from first nite. No air con in cabin. Had to spend the nite in an inside cabin and DH is claustrophobic. Wasn't great but after a long flight we were exhausted. No apologies from p&o tho.
  10. We've just docked at Mayflower. Moving to Ocean terminal at 9pm. Disembark tomorrow. Shes heading for Rotterdam for refurb. Not sure what's being done tho.
  11. Ps dont want to hijack this post but we were supposed to dock in Ponta Delgarda today but couldn't due to high winds. Heading back to Soton now
  12. We saw Gary in November 2022. He was excellent. We queued for about half an hour but I wanted a good seat. The show was about an hour long. It was fab. Even my husband enjoyed it!
  13. Agree. We're on-board right now and it's rubbish. I have short hair and there's no nozzle. Definitely bring your own
  14. Yes I know. I have kindle books on my phone. What I'm saying is I can't download the Borrowbox app on my kindle paperwhite. It's not a tablet like the kindle fire. It's just an ereader.
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