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  1. That is all I do. I just attach a copy of my statement as a PDF file to the email I send them. I’ve never had a problem.
  2. In March I sent my request to shareholderbenefit@rccl.com and I had a new invoice sent me the next day showing the shareholder OBC.
  3. Yeah the tickets have now arrived in the Cruise Personaliser so just a little later than expected.
  4. Hi, We are just over 4 weeks to our cruise and the tickets are still not showing as available in Cruise Personaliser. It is a Select booking and we have an assigned cabin and all the details such as passport were entered months ago. Is this usual?
  5. Hi, Has anyone heard any update on the next planned closure of the M27? I presume it is still set for 22:00 Friday 18 October until 05:00 Monday 21 October 2019 Demolition of the second bridge
  6. I have a lot of OBC to use up on my forthcoming cruise. I presume anything I buy in Dixons will go on my cruise account and therefore use up my OBC?
  7. I have found this document which seems to imply I can use my normal exit from Southampton on Sunday 20th October from Ocean Terminal. My usual route is the westbound pink route, getting on the M3 where it intersects the M27 at junction 4 and getting off the M3 at junction 9 for the A34. To get to the start of the M3 I use Bassett Ave A33 and then at Chilworth Roundabout I take the 1st exit onto the A27 (briefly) but I then continue forward onto the M3 entry rather than left to continue on the A27 (to Romsey/Chilwoth). According to the document that looks to be all open during the closure weekends. If anyone disagrees please shout or if anyone can confirm that was actually the case in the last 2 closures that would be great. M27+map+diversions+for+both+Eastbound+and+Westbound+traffic+during+the+weekend+closures.pdf
  8. Hi Andy, Thanks for this , I will study Google Maps using your directions so I feel more confident of the route rather than having to just rely on my SatNav.
  9. I searched for m27 closure 20th Oct and this came up https://www.hampshire-pcc.gov.uk/plan-ahead-for-m27-closure-this-weekend
  10. I had problems on June 29th for my Indy of the Seas cruise. I hit the M3 at 9:30am and it soon became a traffic jam with us just inching forward very slowly. I wanted to get off the M3 at Junction 14 but it was closed so had to continue on. I had to rely on the diversion signs and my SatNav that I only have a little faith in. Although I was not worried about missing the ship I was a nervous wreck by the time I got to the port car park as the stop-start traffic and not knowing where I was or being 100% convinced I was going in the right direction was stressful. Now I find the next closure is the weekend of my Ventura cruise which returns to Southampton on Sunday October 20th. We dock at Ocean Terminal and I am already stressing how to get out of Southampton! I have looked at Google Maps but cannot see an obvious alternative route. As a couple of you appear to be local to Southampton can you point in the right direction? My normal route is Bassett Avenue to Chilworth roundabout to get on the M3 (London/West Midlands bound), getting off at junction 9 for the A34. Chilworth roundabout will presumably be closed for the exit I want but I think may still be open to local places like Chilworth/North Baddesley so I am not sure whether taking that route will eventually lead me to be able to get on the M3 higher up or whether I should be looking at a totally different way??
  11. We get on Indy on the 29th June so am reading avidly. In the Royal App for my cruise it says late sitting dining is at 8pm. It is normally 8:30pm when sailing from the UK, can you confirm which time it is for you please. Also the menu's in the App differ from what kernow posted on the May voyage i.e. they had an always available pie instead of always available chicken, they had more Indian themed dishes (which I like) whereas the menus displayed in the Royal App don't. So can you confirm what style menu you are getting. I know you have the drink package so you might not have noticed, but did they do the welcome aboard sparkling wine at embarkation? If not I think we will bring Cava as our 2 allowed bottles and create our own welcome abroad drinks, otherwise I will bring Red for pre-dinner drinks during the cruise.
  12. I sail on Indy of the Seas on 29th June. In the RCL App it shows menus for the first 5 days for the MDR but for the remaining 9 days it says 'Venue closed'. For the menu's it does show are they accurate, and if not once on board will they show the actual menu? Similarly is what it is showing in the Daily Planner for activities realistic or will it be different once on board?
  13. The steam room and sauna is free and in the spa/gym changing rooms
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