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  1. That's exactly what I ordered. It was wonderful. Also got the wedge salad that was just OK.
  2. On the bright side they were able to move our Fine Cut reservation from lobster night to tomorrow @ 6. A little early but we usually like 630 or 7.
  3. Yup, cancelled by provider due to lack of participation.
  4. The one excursion I was really looking forward to has been cancelled. Chefs Market Discoveries. @vtcruising spoke so highly of it. Everything except the strenuous excursions are full and I don't want to work that hard in this heat. 😞
  5. Yes it can stay really cool, down to about 66 with the drapes drawn. I generally don't tip extra at specialty dining. Cyprus has a lamb shank on the menu every night. I had the rack of lamb that was on every dining room on the first chic night. We went back and forth on where to eat on this sea day. Had some credit to burn so it was definitely a specialty restaurant. Seemed too hot and windy for Rooftop which was my first choice. They'll take either. The currency aboard is USD. If they're about to reposition to the US I'd stick with dollars, otherwise use whichever.
  6. Yea what hcat said. Not required or expected, but we like to do it. More so with set dining when you have 1 set of waitstaff for the whole cruise and they really start to anticipate your needs.
  7. Sea day! Lunch in le Grande Bistro. Worth the money, don't miss it. Chic night in the MDR-Cyprus. Ricaldo was amazing and the food was really good. Tourenados, rack of lamb and stuffed portabello. I didn't like the decor as much as Cosmopolitan.
  8. Per night Per night? That's what mine was. I figured we give a minimum of $30 to the waitstaff for a 7 night cruise, so it worked out to a little less than $5 per night.
  9. You shouldn't hear much noise, were just right below the buffet. You can kinda see the balconies below, but really only if they're leaning on the rail.
  10. Forgot to say, but it was Cosmopolitan. And I'll hit the Edge cabin thread when I get home
  11. Ps it was excellent service especially for the first night in the MDR. I had $5 to $10 in my head before dinner
  12. Also @hcat you posted in another thread. This is our first time on select dining. Normally we tip our waiters extra at the end of the cruise. This time we gave him $10 after eating and he seemed super happy and wanted to know when we'd be back. That was last night. Tonight we are in Eden. Excellent! Zoran was fantastic. I didn't and don't normally tip extra at the specialities.
  13. I think so. Yesterday I didn't shut the door properly so it got a little warm.
  14. Ours has the two chairs and a table. We're on 12, some slight noise from above. The suite next to us has the two chairs and table plus a lounger.
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