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  1. Do you get the bottles of water from a bar? What about International Cafe?
  2. Thanks everybody! It's always good to get information from people who have actually "been there/done that!"
  3. Thanks for the info. I assume Holland America doesn't actually own properties in the Yukon (i.e. Dawson and Whitehorse) and they just put you in a regular hotel. So the vouchers would probably only be good at these hotels? I wasn't sure how many restaurants might be in these more remote areas.
  4. Looking at doing a Yukon & Denali Cruise tour this summer. I see they offer a meal plan for the land portion. Has anybody here used it? I'm wondering just what it covers, I'm sure you won't be able to just go into any restaurant and order anything. It seems very cheap, having been to Alaska three times before (but never to the Yukon) and I know how expensive things can be there.
  5. But did you take Skipper along on the cruise as your "therapy dog?"
  6. We were on a 10-day bus trip with a blind gentleman with a seeing eye dog. The dog performed well and no one had any problem with it. The gentleman said it was his second dog, however he would never get another one. He said he felt the training they put them through bordered on "abuse." He did not elaborate on what exactly that entailed.
  7. We usually eat at the buffet, if what we have been wearing all day is still clean and comfortable, why not wear it? And we never "scarf down" our food. If that makes us "so ordinary" in the eyes of elitists, I really don't care.
  8. don't the mods make a sticky for dress code? I'll admit I don't usually read them anymore, same people defending their personal preferences sometimes even to the point of insulting those not agreeing with them. I did today look at the last page of the current one (there is always at least one on page 1) and again same thing, none directly replying to OP. There is even one admitting he make up something, basically to annoy others. While this erodes his credibility (especially since according to his profile he has only done one princess cruise), it also makes one wonder how many others are doing the same thing to "prove" they are right. Until Princess takes a firm stand one way or the other, and enforces it, there will continue to be this animosity among those here.
  9. If ships could talk--I wonder what the Ruby might have to say about the age and condition of some of her passengers lol!
  10. Thank you, but as usual when one doesn't know all the facts, you are way off base. Son lives halfway across the country (New York) and certainly knows how to entertain himself. He has been to Europe half dozen or so times, and in fact is going to Denmark later this month to perform Hamlet with the Oxford Shakespeare Company. He has been on ocean cruises and does enjoy the "nightlife" there which is why I questioned if he would be bored. We travel a lot (we are not that far in our "twilight years") and he occasionally goes with us so we can spend some time together. Thanks to those answering my question about the ages on board. I'll let him know, if he doesn't decide to go, we will be making other trips he may decide to accompany us on.
  11. What would you say is the average age of river cruisers? Does it vary somewhat by which company you use?(we're early 70's, but 30 year old son is interested in coming along. I'm afraid he will be bored from looking at the brochures).
  12. I have an idea. Let's bring back a steerage class. Same price and amenities (because some of us are elite and own Carnival stock) but you are sent there based on what you wear to formal night as determined by the "upper class" (self-designated) on here.
  13. We just stayed there in February. I believe there was also a Subway and a grocery store in the shopping area across the street. Of course, Hampton always has a good breakfast. The hotel itself was typical Hampton.
  14. After returning from our recent cruise on the Regal, I'm beginning to think there needs to be some limits put on electric scooters. We had a man down the corridor from us who would sail by very rapidly. You really needed to stick your head out and look and listen before stepping out. Another instance occurred in the buffet area, when a woman on a scooter obviously going too fast cut a corner too sharply and knocked over several chairs before running into a table. I realize they are a great convenience for some people, but they are also a hazard to others is not used responsibly.
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