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  1. They must be having issues. My FCC’s are not showing
  2. As far as I can tell this is a temporary stoppage of b2b bookings. My bet is that they will contact those of us who have already booked b2b cruises closer to the final payment date. A b2b cruise in May is a lot more likely to be canceled than one in September
  3. It won’t be the cruise lines that require the vaccine it will be the countries that they visit that will require it. Many countries for yeas have required proof of protection from malaria and yellow fever. The cruise lines require you to have whatever documentation each country requires to board. You can find this requirement in your cruise documents
  4. Vaccines have been required for many of my past cruises for various locations. I would be very surprised if countries would open up their ports to ships without proof of vaccination
  5. Mine was booked over a year ago. I will wait and see so far my PVP is still saying to stay put
  6. Wow you must not have traveled too much. Many countries require proof of vaccination even to enter their country. I couldn’t even get on a plane to Manaus Brazil without proof.
  7. I would go as far as to say that once vaccines are readily available that they should be required to board a cruise ship
  8. Bring on the vaccines. I am ready to get protected and then sail
  9. Good luck dealing with Park West
  10. If that will be the case then it should be fairly simple to also test b2b passengers. By the time our cruise sails we will have been vaccinated. It should not be a big deal. Testing will not do it but vaccination will
  11. If we cannot do the b2b then we would cancel both. We don’t really like short cruises and these itineraries let us go to Glacier Bay and Hubbard Glacier
  12. So why would the passengers need to be retested but not the crew?
  13. You are only mentioning 1 vaccine there should be at least 4 ready to go by March
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