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  1. If there were no masks we would have one heck of more deaths and over crowded hospitals. India could be us !
  2. If you have not been vaccinated knowing the risk why should a hospital put aside a bed for you since knew what could happen ?
  3. Fake cards are a violation of federal law. Does anyone want to take that risk just to take a cruise ?
  4. I believe that within 6 months those areas requiring tests will accept proof of vaccination
  5. There is no way without changing laws and international agreement. Or you could abolish the minimum wage. Like that is going to happen. What he wants does not exist
  6. And with the US wages and taxes your cost for the cruise would easily double or more likely triple
  7. Any cruise from Canada for 2021 was not canceled only due to Canada where all cruises from or to their ports are not allowed by their government
  8. As soon as a ship has an outbreak among unvaccinated passengers that would spell the end of cruising. Especially if there are numerous deaths
  9. This country has a long history of “states rights”
  10. We are we’re basically set up as a confederation of states. That is why every state is different and why you have a state drivers license and not a federal one
  11. In the US they data is held in each states IIS (Immunization Information System)
  12. It is my impression that grab and go meals are an alternative to the buffet not dining rooms. Otherwise they would not be promoting the medallion dining options for reserving dining times
  13. What I really want is to walk off the ship and go to my favorite restaurants for lunch and sample a local beer or wine. If that is not possible then we may have to think hard about whether we want to consider cruising
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