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  1. I find it cheaper to Uber from the hotel to the port than to pay for the Carnival shuttle.
  2. I will have OBC, so I will definitely earmark some of it for laundry! I am an over packer to begin with, and knowing that we will be in both cool and warm temperatures makes me want to pack even more!
  3. This is all great to know! Next year I will be on my first Holland American cruise. It is a 14 day transatlantic. I will definitely need laundry done. On Carnival, laundry is free for me, and I have gotten spoiled. It is nice to know that since I have to pay for it, they do a nice job!
  4. My husband and I will also be on this sailing! I have only been to Bermuda on a 4 day before, so really looking forward to this one. We have things planned, but we will be with a group of others, and someone in our group planned our excursions. You can look for catamaran boat rides, and since staying overnight, you can look for a sunset one. I also know that many people take the public buses/shuttles to the beach.
  5. Champabay Limo. Champabaylimo.com i totally recommend them. (813) 729-2352. Family run business and really professional. Also, just really nice people.
  6. I loved the Horizon! I am curious about the area right near the port in La Romana. When I was there a few years ago they were doing construction on what looked like it would be a port area very similar to Amber Cove. I am curious if you could give me an update on it. I am looking forward to your review!
  7. YES! I promise you I am old, out of shape and not exactly skinny! I was a bit worried, but the people who work on these ships are great and really help you!
  8. I will have to remember to put them in my Apple wallet. I have 3 more cruises this fall, so I will be buying cards almost every month now. I need to start making my specialty dining reservations and buying CHEERS.
  9. Great!! Yes I keep a spreadsheet with my gift cards!
  10. I am well aware, I am one of those who has using gift cards down to a science. I was asking the person ab199002. They mentioned using their Obc, but didn’t discuss how they pay for the cruise.
  11. I also own stock. I like that extra OBC. How about paying for the cruise itself?
  12. I understand that reasoning, but we cruise anywhere from 2-4 times a year. We know what we spend money on. The cost of the cruise is the cost of the cruise. I don’t say to myself I am saving 10% so I will do a balcony instead of an inside. We do at least one specialty dining. We get 10% off that. We will do CHEERS, so another 10% there. We don’t buy a lot on the ship, but we do gamble. Plus we can withdraw through a slot machine what we don’t use. I spent less on the NCL ship because we didn’t gamble much because we went with a large family group.
  13. Oh no! Let us know what happens and if you know what caused it.
  14. Champa Bay Limo we used in January. We had 14 people, but they have all sizes of transportation. I can’t recommend them enough!! We couldn’t get into any of the hotels by the port, so we stayed at Holiday Inn Express Ybor City. They have a shuttle that will take you to dinner and I believe the port. But first come first served. I think their van held 8 or 9 people. We used it along with an Uber to go out to dinner. They had a decent breakfast that came with the room. There is a Wawa in the parking lot, so you can always pick up sandwiches, drinks or coffee.
  15. Awesome! I do love the Red Frog Pub on other ships, so that is good!! Thanks!!
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