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  1. It was the outstanding fare, put back on my credit card. We had previously received the refund of fees.
  2. @Bluewake @dexddd we got our full refund today. Happy one year anniversary! I hope you get yours too. Quite a nice surprise to see this morning.
  3. Not sure if you were asking me, but we did get our taxes and fees really quickly, if I recall. Then, eventually an incorrect FCC and the TA has been working on it ever since. "happy" anniversary Bluewake and dexddd. My one year mark is 3/15. Good luck to us all.
  4. Two weeks shy of a year since my March 2020 cruise was canceled. Closest we came to getting anything was an FCC that was 100% and not the promised 125%. While efforts were supposedly in progress to find and apply the additional 25% to a new cruise, that new cruise was also canceled. TA confirmed that we could now request a refund of the original amount and has submitted that request multiple times since November, but still no refund. Just posting because... well. Still waiting. Thinking about the new money we are spending on this year's spring break, a year later. Would be nice
  5. I had trouble getting the full FCC amount from last March applied to last December. Then the December cancelled before it was resolved, have not gotten any FCC. I do not recommend tying up any money with MSC.
  6. I'm seeing on social media that March 2020 cruisers have been getting refunds this week. Maybe it's a "batch" getting sent out. Good luck everyone, maybe we'll be in it...
  7. Yes, that's how I understand it is supposed to be. My TA thinks that we will be an exception because of our previous negotiations and the clout of her parent agency. I'm just trusting her at this point, but I'm not exactly optimistic. Not much I can do anyway. I tried to use the FCC as instructed and that didn't work out, so... I hope you get to use your credit in 2022. Good luck! Booked an all-inclusive in Mexico for this spring break. Needed something to look forward to!
  8. No movement on my FCC/refund. I just heard from my TA yesterday asking if I'd received anything because she hadn't and she was going to be checking with them again. She's got it in her calendar every two weeks to contact MSC. We had tried to use the FCC from our March 2020 cruise for a Dec 2020 cruise, but it was "complicated." The Dec 2020 cruise was canceled before they had all the issues figured out, but they were going to make it work. Nothing from MSC since the Dec 2020 cruise was canceled, but my TA is trying to get a refund because the FCC was such a mess. Sadly, just want t
  9. Never officially got my 25% additional FCC, but was promised that it would be manually applied to my December cruise, which is now canceled. We went through multiple levels of escalation to get that cruise held with the FCC, I'm hoping it was all in order on the back-end by the time things got canceled. So they are saying mid-December for FCC's for that newly canceled cruise. We shall see if it all shows up in good order. My TA was going to push for a refund just so that we could wash our hands of them. It has been so much work and waiting, work and waiting. If I got a pretty littl
  10. I'm coming to terms with the thought that my 12/27 cruise won't happen. Particularly since I'm sailing with kids, so we wouldn't qualify as "experimental." But I'd still like to hear from those posters who have/had Nov/Dec 2020 cruises in regards to how MSC has been (or starts to) handle your bookings. I'd love to lift my cruise to Thanksgiving 2021 on the Seashore because they have the same cabin categories as the Seaside and I'm really attached to trying the 2BR Grand Suite that I have currently booked. Would love to hear from those who were booked for November 2020 what has hap
  11. well, in light of the news today, I think it's time to revive this thread. I recognize there are so many conditions that must be met and this is in phases and blah blah blah. No disrespect intended for those trying to shed a little realism on this optimistic news. But here we are as the first people paid in full for sail dates that could possibly happen. No doubt itineraries could be changed and etc. Please update as you hear from your travel agents or MSC. My TA has no new information currently, but she's promised to keep in touch.
  12. Well, I am now in the position now of waiting for my $98 deposit to be refunded. Glad it isn't more, but still annoying. I had heard that these new deposit refunds had been happening quickly, but that's not the case for us.
  13. I saw several just pre-covid, and all non-alcoholic drinks were under the easy package price point.
  14. If we get to go on our December 2020 cruise, we're assuming we'll be limited to ship excursions. We are only in port 9am-1pm and thinking water park is the best of the current offerings (traveling with pre-teen & teens.) But the water park website says it's closed until further notice- hasn't been updated since last spring. Anybody have any inside info on reopening plans? I just saw a post from Maya Chan that they are preparing to be able to receive cruise guests, so I hope that means other local venues will be doing the same.
  15. I'm scheduled for a Dec 2020 cruise, and I'm hungry for info too. But I don't agree that they haven't announced their general plan. I think that maybe you don't believe the plan they have, but you can see what is scheduled. Seaside/Meraviglia from Florida in December now instead of November. I've only been paying attention to US sailings, but I think another ship is about to sail from Italy in addition to the Grandiosa ? People are talking about Dubai too. Not to say that you don't have good reason for disbelief- they were still selling 11/7 even when their cancellations page was
  16. I had the same thought. I know what the word means, but what does "backstop" mean in this context?
  17. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5655 MSC CEO says North American cruising "not far off."
  18. I wonder if it is because there will be different terms for the November refunds. Perhaps a later FCC deadline. I remember when those guidelines kept changing early this spring for the first cancelations.
  19. Thanks for the tip on the Palladium and noting that Xcaret doesn't have a good beach. We've only got a few more years before we are empty nesters, so it's all family vacations for now. My kids really want to go to the new Xenses park (we saw it come up as a Coz excursion) and that's why I started looking at Xcaret. But maybe we'd just do that as a day trip from a different resort, because the beach is a big draw for us. I hadn't thought of it in terms of market share, but it makes sense that if there are limited numbers of ships in ports the big players would get first dibs. I don'
  20. @LeeW that is really helpful. Thanks so much!
  21. Good luck @Orange Blossom- I hope your TA can get things done for you. As my final update on this thread, I just logged into my MSC USA account and my new cruise is fully and properly booked, with my FCC applied. It took two weeks from the time I heard Ken Muskat got involved. So do not give up, my friends. As impatient and frustrated as I have been with this since March, we're going to have quite a nice upgrade from what we would have had in the spring. Now if we're allowed to sail in December is another question, but MSC has done their part.
  22. I now have to give credit where credit is due! I have been very critical of MSC and how they have handled my FCC from March up until this point. But I've just logged into my MSC USA account and it has me fully booked in that 2BR Grand Suite (I misstated "Royal" suite in my pp.) I had run out of patience and faith. But if this ship sails (which is a different subject entirely), my family and I will have an entirely upgraded experience from what we would have had last spring. In any case, MSC has followed through on their promises to me, and I'm thankful. It's only ever
  23. Agree. I wish I could have it both ways... if there was a cruise I wanted to take in 2022 then it would be nice to extend the date as an OPTION each time an FCC cruise is canceled, and keep that bonus 25% if we really are going to sail again. But I also don't want to NEVER get my refund that is supposed to come if I don't use by Dec 2021. If they cancel this Dec cruise, I'd like to lift & shift (like BB describes above) to same cruise 2021, which would be on the Seashore, rather than Seaside. If they won't let me do that, then I will likely be running out the clock to get my refund Dec 202
  24. I've been told by MSC and my TA that my FCC cannot be changed back to a refund. It will just stay an FCC in the same booking number as before, until 12/2021. Would love it if someone gets a different answer. I'm assuming that means they won't add another 25% on top of the original FCC. If my December cruise is canceled, I'm going to see if I can just lift the booking and place it on a later date rather than use the dollar amount. I won't be able to get the same value again, all the later cruises with the same cabin category are way more expensive now. 😞
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