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  1. Hi all, I am assuming that if I book a clamshell for our beach day that I am guaranteed one, of course it doesn’t guarantee WHERE correct? Like the cabanas have numbers but not the clamshells TIA
  2. Thank you all for the information! I knew I could count on this board!! 🤓❤️
  3. Hi all. For the life of me I cannot find out where our princess ship will be docked at our ports. (I know it’s subject to change) I can find the times, what other ships in port with us but not where. I used to know a website that gave this info but can’t seem to find it. we are at Vancouver, Ketchikan (I think this one we are right at the town), Juneau and Skagway(are we at Broadway dock?). Any help would be appreciated thank you
  4. Oh I so hope you guys get to do that and that all is fixed and your return is all good! Thank you so much for the update!!
  5. I’m on that one and yes. Princess called me two days ago (not related to this) and I asked about it and they said nothing has changed. And I’ve seen nothing since then saying anything else.
  6. Oh I am sorry. I meant how did I miss this post. I’m on the 25th sailing so I am really paying attention to what happens with this next week’s sailing but I had missed that person posting that they had a communication from Princess.
  7. How did I miss this?! 🤦‍♀️ Did you receive this by email? And thank you for posting. Here’s praying you have a great cruise with no incidents! oh and as far as the insurance, we got ours off of the squaremouth website.
  8. I would love this option! I wasn’t ever going to cruise with Princess again before all this happened so a FCC wouldn’t do me any good. Especially if it had an expiration of a year and a half. Just let me get out of this deal now so I can plan something else.
  9. That’s what we were told a couple cruises ago and then when we tried to get the Princess insurance they said it again. Sure wish I would have tried harder if this isn’t true.
  10. I mean, on may 25 they will have known the ship had problems 2 weeks prior.
  11. Yes, Ruby, which sails 2 days later is sold out. I get what you’re saying but this isn’t like a port cancelled because of weather or something unforeseen. They are dealing with it right now so they can’t claim ignorance. But I agree with you. I don’t think they will cancel and we will be at their mercy. Can’t cancel because I’d lose all my money. And there is another couple with us also. Good grief, what a mess.
  12. Sorry, at this point, I don’t even want to chance it. (I’m on the may 25th sailing) But I’m forced to go if Princess doesn’t cancel ahead of time because as a NY resident we cannot purchase CFAR travel insurance. We’ve got insurance, just can’t have that kind. If we get on that ship and we don’t get the full tour…while Princess KNEW 2 WEEKS before that Sapphire was in trouble? 😡
  13. We are in the same boat. No pun intended as I am not in a joking mood today. I just can’t believe all this. I’m stunned.
  14. Which sailing are you on? I’m on 5/25
  15. There was a move over offer? What was it? We are sailing 5-25. I’m wondering if we could do something now.
  16. Thank you for the idea. But we are with family, another couple and their first cruise so wanted it special. It’s ok. Now reservations are the least of my concern with a ship that needs help. Haha
  17. Man if I would have known that I’d just eat in the MDR. Much quieter I’m sure. But now I’ll never get a reservation there. Idk. So, so many things have happened with our cruise planning, it’s been a nightmare. And now propulsion issues? Second cruise with princess and I believe it will be our last. We’ve been with 3 other cruise lines and they were much better. Ugh.
  18. Sterling steakhouse was in the buffet area?
  19. My ressies have been switched to the Brazilian restaurant from sterling steakhouse. Ugh. We just went last month to one of these for my bday. I wanted more of a fine dining experience being it is our 39th anniversary. Crud.
  20. Oasis class ships, specifically Symphony of the seas, I’m trying to see which cabins would kind of overlook where they have the musicians in Central Park. I think it would be above Jamie’s on one side and Park cafe on the other? Is this correct? And I’m thinking like deck 11 if some are available. We’ve done deck 9 with CP window and loved it but would like the balcony.
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