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  1. I would suggest this isn't the first time this guy has done this. If that's the case....he wouldn't have done it to you if the last person he tried it with REPORTED HIM!!!!!
  2. I almost always book 2 cabins (side by side) when cruises are first announced. In 20 years, we have only canceled both cabins once, due to the death of 1 of our children. Most of the time, say 75%, friends have said they'd like to go and we set them up in the second cabin. Not doing that now. In that time frame, Celebrity has canceled 2 of our cruises and left us with little recourse in booking a new voyage. The whole Celebrity thing is getting tiresome. It's a nice cruise (we've been on better) but getting more expensive and difficult to deal with.
  3. OK.....I DO NOT develop any cough(s) on a cruise of any length, and I label someone as sickly if they did this routinely.
  4. Me!!! I don't get sick on cruise ships. If you're saying most people get sick on cruises, I'd say you're wrong.
  5. I retired form the airlines after 29+ years as a crewmember. IF you fly in on the day of cruise departure, it's only a matter of time before you get burned. Weather, strikes, maintenance, computer gliches, medical issues, security issues, inflight diversions, baggage issues, catering issues, fuel issues, missed connections (crew/airplane/you), etc, etc, etc ad naseum. I've been delayed and canceled by all of them and more than I can remember. I t ' s o n l y a m a t t e r o f t i m e!
  6. One big negative is the fact they Celebrity keeps chartering this ship......and displacing loyal customers!
  7. Are some of you implying that a broken ankle is "self-inflicted?"
  8. Wow. That's all I can say!
  9. Ooh, double good for you!
  10. Sorry in advance if this has been covered previously, but I found no reference using the new CC Search function.....Does anyone know anything about Celebrity starting a new "Sunset" suite on its M class ships. I'm seeing their availability as sold out when I do a cabin search. As these cabins may be added/converted during upcoming dry dock work, that could explain why they don't show up as available. Anyone hear anything about this? Thanks, g3
  11. When were you bumped?
  12. Seems that the Summit has been chartered for the 13 Feb 2021 cruise. LGBT cruise company is taking over the whole ship. Second time we've been bumped from Summit. Anyone know what the latest offer for a NONVOLUNTARY bump is? Thanks, g3
  13. What is a Voyage Planner? Where do I find a Voyage Planner?
  14. As I understand the situation.....you may NOT use any OBC for shore excursions prior to boarding, so it doesn't depend on whether the OBC was refundable or not. So it would have to be purchased using either cash (who the heck uses that anymore) or a credit card. Everything I have seen says that the refund goes back to OBC and not the credit card. So, I guess my question is; "is that portion of the OBC that was due to a refund of a canceled shore excursion now refundable?"
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