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  1. Yes, but only if you wear it backwards ..๐Ÿค 
  2. You can also add all of the businesses that supply those cruise ships in the many ports around the United States and the world. I have a friend that owns a produce company in Miami. He supplies Port Everglades and Port Miami. Those 2 ports are 90% of his business. And the suppliers of the small wares / paper goods. It might just effect some around the ports but it adds up quick when those ships don't sail.
  3. My first ever sailing on The Victoria out of San Juan, 1977.
  4. I booked a 4 day for 3/23/20 5 hours before they shut everything down. I had a sailing booked for July with just a deposit. I took the FCC and applied it to that sailing and got the $300 OBC. My PVC did it all after I emailed him. Got confirmation in 2 hours after I emailed him.
  5. Following. I'm actually trying to do the same thing today with my PVC. Balcony to an Aft Balcony.
  6. Interesting procedure I'm going thru. Had my 3/23/20 sailing cancelled by Carnival (paid in full). I'm sailing on 07/17/20 (only a deposit on this sailing). Had my PVC put entire amount paid including pre paid gratuities on that sailing. He did that last night. Got a Cabin Confirmation Email about 2 hrs. later but with just the Taxes, Fees, Port charges and pre paid gratuities deducted from my final payment amount. Waiting to see how long it will take for the FCC to hit that sailing.
  7. I know Carnival is busy but I was suppose to sail in 8 days and it still shows my upcoming cruise and trying to get me to purchase Spa treatments for a 10% discount. I filled up my cart with items to see if it would allow me to purchase and, yes it would have.
  8. I never got any notice either. I can still purchase things for my March 23rd sailing on the site, that's weird. I know it's a crazy time right now, however they should notify on ALL social media sites.
  9. I'm wondering. I had a 3/24/20 sailing, I also have a 7/17/2 sailing that has only a deposit. Could I apply the FCC to that sailing and still get the OBC? That would be cool.
  10. Sailing in July, so here is the new letter for those sailing thru Sept. March 11.doc
  11. Pulled this from John Heald's page. John Heald 3 hrs ยท I wanted to make sure I shared that we had listened to your feedback and guests sailing on cruises from May through September, 2020, may now cancel by 30 days prior to sailing. We also are giving you more time to redeem your future cruise credit so you can travel within one year of your original sailing date. details here and emails coming soon KEEP CALM AND CRUISE ON
  12. Website is not working properly either. Can't get in to look at my 2 sailings coming up.
  13. Jack and pepsi?????? Not a good option. Any drink with Coke cannot be substituted with Pepsi. Totally different flavor profile
  14. Yes I did. 1989. Also sailed on the Carnivale that same year.
  15. I'm not cancelling either, however, If the ship is quarantined you may not be allowed out of your room. My sailing is not until July but I did upgrade to a balcony just in case.
  16. Anyone have a 2020 Reserve Wine List for the Steakhouse?
  17. This will be the first time I've every booked a cabin with anything above or below other than more cabins. I received the upgrade email from Carnival to go from an Inside to a Balcony for $70 (3 day on Liberty). Here's the twist, I'm also booked on the previous Liberty 4 day (I like that class of ship and have friends in Nassau) . I had the same inside cabin so as not to have to change cabins for the 7 days. I called Carnival and after some back and forth they offered me an 8C cat. # 8437 for an upgrade total for both sailings of $290. I was a little hesitant because of the aft pool being directly above me. It's my 65th birthday cruise so I took it. Anyone have any experience with those aft balcony cabins having early or late noise from the pool deck above? ๐Ÿค”
  18. Totally agree. I'm Diamond status on MSC because of their status match. I have to sail within the next 2 years (sailed on Divina last year) or I lose my status. A 3 year requirement is not unreasonable. (Gold on Carnival)
  19. Sucks that as a solo cruiser I can only bring on 1 bottle of wine. Oh well...
  20. Says right on the menu... "Charges apply for additional entrees". Don't see an issue if you wish to substitute. They'll just charge an additional fee.
  21. As stated by shof515 if the Visa/MC logo is on the card you're OK. Be advised that if you are using that card as your primary payment method at check-in Carnival puts holds on the account depending on purchase habits which, after the cruise, sometimes take a week to clear. Learned that the hard way a few years ago.
  22. The one thing that I like with the Loyalty status with all the lines is the Priority Embarkation. IMHO all the rest is nice but to me not standing in line wins every time. As we say at work, "come to Disney, stand in line". ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
  23. Just an FYI...No shorts in the Steakhouse.
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