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  1. You read into whatever you want..maybe I used the wrong words...jeez......I just said I give them all their options...when it seems like we are at the end of the line I reach out....if they’re asking me to...I don’t abuse the relationship with my business manager, but I will reach out after all other avenues have been exhausted. Some clients are a lot more patient than others, or perhaps I should say, not in dire need.
  2. In her case, the client canceled and only paid the $750 deposit. Because his trip wasn’t cancelled he was offered a FCC but didn’t want that...wanted his money, so he did a chargeback and the supplier is holding the rep liable unless she sends all correspondence plus cc authorization firm to supplier so they can contest chargeback. That’s all I know about it. I know I wasn’t eligible for the PPP because I asked my tax accountant for help. I had to wait for Ohio to open the PUA...hopefully I’ll be approved. Thank you for your service. My son in law graduated from the Naval academy. He’s retiring this year as a Lt Col from the Marines. Flew the Ospreys among other things....picked a great time to retire😊
  3. What am I saying wrong?? I simply asked people to please give the cruiselines some time and reconsider doing a chargeback IF they used a TA...many did not know they lose commission and can be held accountable for the full charge. I never implied anything else..I never said not to do it...you have to do what’s best for you, and many of my clients are on here because I recommend cruise critic. This is why I got on to ask for time and consideration, because one of my clients did this and had no idea they would recall my commission. I also told my boss about it and the posts I’ve been getting. I never thought in a million years I would have opened up this can of worms by simply asking to please think twice. Jeez..
  4. I agree there. I don’t think they had a clue to the amount of refunds that were going to be requested. They should have stared on the high side, then if you received it earlier, great. I do know a client who was suppose to sail May 6 th received her refund with Celebrity. I know the first rounds of refunds I did with NCL and Royal and Princess have all been received...60 days is fair, I think given the number of returns, 75 maybe, but then it is getting in the ‘this has been long enough’ phase. Then I’d say do what you need to do...a chargeback, a letter from an attorney..sometimes if there is a clear monetary need I will reach out to my sales rep to see what, if anything, they can do.
  5. That is totally fair. Most of the time we wait 6-9 months or more since we book so far out. But I agree with you, the clients should get their refund and then the TA.
  6. Possibly, but we usually sell Nationwide insurance. Perhaps it’s different for CAN vs US? 100% cancellation yes, but in the first 3 phases after final payment, we get nothing.
  7. They have come after another rep in my office. I act as your representative to the cruiseline, like the go between and I give them your credit card in good faith. I applied for unemployment but did not qualify. I also don’t qualify for PPP in my state but I have applied for the PUA once it opened last week.
  8. I was answering the questions to the poster on this, saying I really wasn’t working for free since commission was protected, but our commission is only protected IF final payment has been made, but if there is a chargeback, it is recalled. There are a lot of other things besides booked cruises. I honestly didn’t want it to sound like I was complaining ....I honestly was just asking people to give the cruiselines some time and to think twice about a chargeback IF you used a TA...in case they didn’t know the downside to it. I never thought it would blow up like this. as for the other questions...I may go back and read some but so many comments have been hurtful..and most were from people who didn’t use a TA...like I said, I was only asking to think twice. I don’t know about the other TAs...I didn’t begin by complaining...I was again asking to give the cruiselines some time and think twice. I’m a million+ seller so maybe the others don’t have as many to deal with as I do. I’m also a single woman who depends on this as my income. I don’t want to lose my commission, who wants to lose their paycheck, but that’s not what worries me...it’s the $5000 cruise that you got your money for, but now the cruiseline is coming after me..yes, theoretically speaking because they have not come back to me yet, but they have another rep in the office. I give my clients options...I’ve told some not to pay their final payment, even though I knew my commission could be protected, but I didn’t want them to be waiting on their return, knowing Europe wouldn’t be sailing. I’ve never advised to do a chargeback, unless it was a case where they weren’t being offered any compensation. The cruiselines have offered refunds or FCC in these cases. In the end, you have to do what is best for you and I totally get it.
  9. Sorry but you are wrong...when there are chargebacks, I lose money...when I’m moving cruises to next year that is work I’m doing now, but again won’t get paid for until next year IF they still take the cruise. The hours on the phone checking on refunds and FCC’s...all the land tours that were cancelled I get nothing for...the cruises that were only deposited and wanted cancelled...work, but again, no pay. Look...I honestly never thought this would blow up like it did...I was just sayin please to think twice...I don’t mind losing my commission, it’s the thousands of dollars they can come after me for because I used your credit card...I’m the rep for you, but when you chargeback, you get a credit and the cruiseline comes for me...we are hoping since the cruises cancelled they won’t, but they can...other suppliers are going after others in my office for the deposits etc.
  10. Actually they are protected at this time if they are paid in full, and Princess cancels...if there is a chargeback however, they recall commission. If you cancel in penalty phase during non Covid times, you get part of your money back, but no commission is paid.
  11. First of all you do not know me, I'm anything but selfish or pathetic. I agree you should get your money, but...can't you wait 60 days or so? These cruise lines are faced with hundreds of thousands of requests and not one is more important than the other, but you all seem to think yours is. If it were just the commission I would care less, but to pay for your cruise that you never got, but got your money for, to me is unacceptable. It happens....perhaps because the cruise is cancelled it won't, but another supplier just went after another rep in our office...yes, office, I don't sit home booking just cruises on the internet, and she has to come up with the $750. Luckily we have insurance in the office, but it's got a limit. Your cruise is $7000 and I pay for it with your credit card, on your behalf, but you chargeback and get the whole $7000 and I'm out $2000 because our insurance only pays $5000 per claim IF it even will pay since this is a pandemic. I have gone to bat for a lot of my customers to get their refunds back. I've called and waited on hold for 2 hours, I've checked online, I've sent them their invoices and made ones that said cancelled so they can have proof....so don't tell me I'm not a good agent. All I was asking is for people to think twice.
  12. Seriously? You do not know me and have no idea who I am. I can tell you that most of my business is from referrals because I care about my clients and pride myself on my customer service. I have worked more, for not a penny, in these past 2 month because of all the refunds, FCC's and lift and shifts, than I did before. I'm 6th in my company countrywide in sales and have been a Million + sales rep for the past 2 years and was on my way to the best year ever when this hit. All I was saying is to THINK about it IF you used a TA. I get it...you want your money, but so do I AND I don't want to give it back or be on the hook for your cruise that you got refunded for. It happens. It happened this week to a rep with a land supplier. Now they are coming after her for the deposit of $750. Maybe in this case, where the cruises were actually cancelled, they wouldn't come after us for payment BUT they can...we act as a representative of you when we pay the supplier. The supplier takes your credit card from me in good faith. I have 2 cruises cancelled as well. I get it.. but all I was asking was to have some patience for the cruise lines. I want my clients to get their money in a timely fashion, but I do not want to have to give money back, IF I received my commission, and I do not want to be held accountable for the cost of your cruise, when you were refunded your money.
  13. As I said before, I think my clients should do what they have to do, BUT I think they and anyone could wait 90 days. If at 90 days nothing, then by all means. I had 2 cruise cancelled personally....I GET IT... All I was saying is that you should think about it. I truly didn't think it would be this big of a deal. I just thought that people who booked with a agent didn't know the ramifications, that maybe they would think twice, or wait a tad longer.
  14. You know.....people are cruel. Look at you. Being a big bully and all. I'm just saying to be patient with these cruise lines. I've not heard of one refund going over 90 days. They are coming in around 60 or so. These are unprecedented times, those times call for different measures. I bet when the price goes down, you demand they do that immediately, or you want that on board credit they promised you to show up NOW on your account. It's different when it's the other way around isn't it? All I was saying is to think of your TA IF you used one and to be patient with the cruise lines. Wow....that is all.
  15. Your cruise will show booked not cancelled so that accounting does not get confused when issuing the refund or FCC. If it was showing as cancelled, that would mean you cancelled within your penalty phase and that could keep you from getting your full refund. Be thankful it showed cancelled!! There is no way any cruise line will ban anyone that files a CC dispute.
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