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  1. As long as you arrive after your assigned time and before last embarkation time you will be fine. Have you already received the time?
  2. To ensure a quite cabin looks on the deck plans and pick one with cabins above below and either side. Don't go for a cabin above or below any entertainment or dinning area or pool decks or gym or runny track etc
  3. Question 2. Sometimes once all cabins allocated to travel agencies to sell ( but not sold) are released back to Costa then other cabins become available. And you can ring and enquire about upgrading . Thie new cabin will cost you whatever the cost of that grade of cabin was in the day you made your initial booking so no late savings to be made
  4. Have never seen any promo codes for Costa. Costa is one of the cheapest cruise lines anyway. You get loyalty points from cruise bookings flights booked through Costa and in board spending. This gives you discount s for future cruises so make sure you sign up for the loyalty scheme which you can do as soon as booking made. It will save you some money in these cruises in terms of on board spending and then some off initial cruise cost for future bookings but points only last three years so so make them worthwhile you have to cruise with them at least once every three years
  5. Hi it's not to do with the final destination being in or out of the EU so to speak. It's to do with the UK no longer being in the EU so EU couny won't take bonded luggage from non EU countries. The Carribbean countries will take it. It think it's the EU spitting the dummy out over Brexit. Like a lot of things to do with travel Brexit has not acted in our favour
  6. Ring them and ask. They are very helpful and don't take long to answer the phone
  7. The Italians party late and loud lol. Multi generational family groups. Entertainment is visual in the theatres but lots of music everywhere. Dancing of all types depending on time of the evening and location. Food I love it. My husband not so much likes but not lives he would prefer simpler food( am taking him on O and I). The rest of the family love the food options too. I have sailed on 8 costs ships on a total of 14 cruises. Some with hubby. Some with mother. Some with my grown up kids and one glorious one on my own just after COVID when the ship had less than one third capacity of passengers on it...bliss
  8. Spa is co ed. It's beautiful but at times very busy Depending on route you may get hoards of people looking round whilst the staff try to sell a package or treatments to them whilst you try to relax. Pick your times to go and it's great ( open much longer than any other ship Spa have used). Has a snow room sauna steam room etc etc . You have to pay to use any of it. Can pay per day or for whole cruise At times there were no seats or beds left to sit/lie on at other times almost deserted VID_20231229_145520.mp4
  9. The experience truly depends on the ship and the itinerary. Sail on Costa 14 times now and each ship has a different vibe and experience Didn't really enjoy smerelda at Christmas. But loved Delisioza last June ( sailing on her first the third time in June this year) Firenze was beautiful and really enjoyed that . Enjoyed all so far except Smerelda. Luminosa in rank 2nd bottom for me so far but Serena Favoulosa and Facinosa were amazing but not quite as good as Delisioza
  10. It's always been a payment per day when on the ship. I am from UK and always had to pay at the end of the cruise
  11. Arh maybe that's the difference. I always book on the phone so maybe that's why that option doesn't appear online for me.
  12. To make final payment from UK we have to ring them up and it's due 60 days before cruise. So my Christmas cruise is due end of October
  13. I ring them direct when doing this . It so easy. They are so helpful and really pleasant. Unlike some cruise lines I get though to Costa in less than 10 rings
  14. Had my first suite on Costa last year. Suite itself spacious. Lots of storage space ( this was on Deliziosa)Butler and cabin steward fantastic. Didn't ask them for much but when we did they were quick and accurate. One of our suitcases got damaged in the flight over. Butler fixed it enough to survive flight home. Canapé were nice Suite dining room was great. More relaxed than MDR and they couldn't do enough for us. The fact the top drinks package is included ( including mini bar and room service) meant that the staff encouraged you to try something new and if you didn't like it no problem. Coffee after meals was a step up.from MDR ( although I got excellent service in the MDR on Firenze but they were 3 passengers per waiter due to COVID restrictions then. They reserve seats in theatre front row but we often sat further back to get a better view Slippers and robes in the suite. One day at the spa Next year we have 2 suites next to each other as there are 4 of us and some suites only take 3. However when you take into account the cost of paying for the other 2 to join us in the suite restaurant. The cost of the spa day and drinks package it was cheaper than putting the other 2 in a balcony. Added bonus one sink each ( 2 in each suite) a wardrobe each ( again 2 in each) 2 hairdryers 2 toilets 2 showers/baths. 2 bottles of fizz. 2 bowels of fruit. 2 lots of canapes and once opened up a maga wide balcony.
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