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  1. We just disembarked the MSC Meraviglia on the 12th Jan 2020, and Happy Cruiser is 100% correct. We met a couple that wanted to upgrade their drink package while on board in order to drink Champagne and after some confusion regarding the price they were able to purchase the premium plus package.
  2. Thanks for all of your info! We are so excited and can not wait ! One week to go!!
  3. Amazing reviews and photos! Thanks so much for all the effort and information!! 12 more days till our cruise on the MSC Meraviglia!!!!
  4. Hello. We are so excited to be sailing in Yacht Club, MSC Meraviglia on the 05 January 2020. On the ticket it states the check in opens in Terminal F at 1200 hours. Is that a firm time or do they sometimes open up earlier? No hurry to get in the cabin but so looking forward to getting on the ship!
  5. I also was in the top sail lounge when the tour came through. They were a small and well escorted group and seem to go as fast as they came. I thought was an excellent way for people to get a chance to see and experience a bit of YC before committing to it. I saw nothing wrong with it at all and it does help MSC branding. AND only 28 more days to go till my 2nd YC cruise, this time on the MSC Meraviglia out of Miami! Sooo excitied!
  6. I was on the second sailing of the MSC Seaview. I had some concerns about being on a brand new ship, but was also very excited about it as well. The Seaview was delayed so some people on the first cruise were effected, but from what I read MSC took great length to take care of them. There was a few minor tech issues but there was nothing that bad or disturbing. As for new crew, MSC learned a lot with the introduction of the Seaside, and now move experienced crew onto the new ships in a better way. I loved the multicultural mix of passengers and I never has any issue with language barrier with crew. The ship was beautiful and new and showed it well. There were a few spots that you can see where it was rushed but that is normal. A great experience for sure!
  7. No, the water slides are free, however all users must sign a waiver and wear a bracelet to show they did so. On the Seaview (not sure about Seaside) one of the two side by side slides was quicker and more fun !
  8. Thanks for the info! Hope all is well for that person!
  9. She sailed close to the coast of Sant'Antico, stopped and is now underway towards Barcelona.
  10. My personal opinion would be if you have the time, GET A NEW PASSPORT! I have many people that have their travel/holiday plans messed up because of the 6 month rule. Also I had conflicting information from MSC when I called them, so better safe than sorry!
  11. My two cents worth, In YC I never needed the card or band, but I used the band for the cabin door the entire time and elsewhere on the ship. I loved it, and it was also useful as I could leave the power on in the room with the card and charge my camera batteries while I was out ! I never had a problem with the band not working. They may not be reusable as they have your muster station written on it and if you have a different cabin, your muster station could change.
  12. Was thinking of my past cruise and wanted to see where the Seaview was, and noticed that she has according to marinetraffic.com deviated from her normal course to Barcelona. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Hopefully it is nothing serious such as medical or mechanical issues!
  13. Yes, I heard only faint noises on a couple of times but not near enough to be disruptive. Don't know if it was due to quiet staff or insulation but like I said, was not bad at all.
  14. I never used the booth in the sports bar, but there are many of them, and no you do not have to pay to use them. Just sit on a chair or comfy bean bag and enjoy the game and good libation!
  15. The F1 simulator on the MSC Seaview is 10 Euro for 5 minutes or 3 full laps, whichever comes first. It is great fun and quite challenging.
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