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  1. She arrived in Valletta, Malta and it seems to be beautiful wheather: https://www.skylinewebcams.com/de/webcam/malta/malta/floriana/grand-harbour-valletta-waterfront.html
  2. So if the (quick) Antigen test is positive, you have a second chance to board at later time by doing the goldstandard PCR test. If this tests negative two times you are allowed to board. I would be very interested how MSC takes care about this as if both PCR are negative, it's the "fault" of the antigen test provided by MSC that causes you to be not allowed to board. In that case I hope MSC takes care of hotel cost, transportation and partly refund of the cruise fare as you missed some days.
  3. She arrived in Palermo, there is a nice live webcam after all of this small and blurry ones that did update only every few minutes. I love the picture - with the traditional boat in front and the beautiful Grandiosa in the back.
  4. I was watching the ships since Saturday in Miami. Some left very late. One left and anchored right in front South Beach just to return the next morning.
  5. Hi all! I just read the mail telling me that everyone from Europe will be denied boarding. We are supposed to board Equinox tomorrow. So no hotel, car etc for us ans currently onboard a cruise that will arrive in Miami tomorrow. No other message on Celebrity‘s side, just the global notice. What should we do? Show up at the port and ask for help? Will they just turn us away without anything? Our flights are booked independently. While I can (partly) understand the ban, I feel left alone so much. It is so close to our cruise and all we get is notice who will be de
  6. true - however, I somehow understand @The_0neuk question. Thought the same - on the webcam, it looks different. In real (or on my pictures above), it really reminds me of warship color 🙂
  7. She has arrived and I took some pictures. Hope you like it.
  8. I am worried that MSC did not update their policy on the website. It still says you only certein regions in Italy are denied boarding. Inconsistency is not what passenger need those times.
  9. Any news regarding the italian passengers being not allowed to board in Miami?
  10. MSC should update their website notice BEFORE denying people from Italy to board. If they keep doing this (banning europe countries), ships will sail empty quite soon.
  11. I am with you. Maybe worse - after that sailing, we (try) to board Celebrity Equinox the same day as this cruise returns for another week. It is just out of our hands. Waiting one year for this (expensive) vacation and now we are struggling with all the fear. So sad :-(( Should we skip s MSC?
  12. First of all, thanks for all the answers - very comprehensive! Isn't that the Paradise Sands? https://www.mscoceancay.com/en-us/map-of-the-island We will be on Seaside, too. The first beach to the left of the entrance should be the largest, call Lighthouse Bay? The second one was Sunset Beach from what you say https://www.mscoceancay.com/en-us/map-of-the-island Ah! So Ocean House Beach is the only YC only beach? That is good to know. Thought Paradise Sands is YC only, too. So one more vot
  13. Hi everyone! I have been reading a lot regarding Ocean Cay and found some useful (scanned) maps and hints regarding snorkeling (Sunset Beach). However, I still wonder which beach is the less crowded besides the YC only beach and has enough chairs? Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone! The Park itself at St. John has no entry fee from what I learned. However, there is a fee for Trunk Bay. Regarding the annual pass ($80) if found conflicting or unclear (to me) informations: At https://www.nps.gov/viis/planyourvisit/basicinfo.htm the passes are not mentioned and it says it is $5 per day pass. At https://www.nps.gov/viis/planyourvisit/fees.htm it shows different passes, "Interagency Access Pass" should be the $80 annual pass which would be $2.50 for card holder and three guests. Not much but for the four it would be $2.50 vs. $20 per day/
  15. Same for Seaside/Seaview. I asked the staff about that at the black party, they said they will get back to me with an answer - but didnt. Too bad I didn‘t ask the Captain when I met hin on an earlier cruise. Will ask again onboard in few weeks 🙂
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