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  1. MSC is good at doing the things in a bad way. I am quite tall so I would definitely prefer the chairs with the larger back... not talking about I would love to sit next to my partner...
  2. Thanks. I wasnt sure if this is included in the YC or if you have to pay extra. And also, if this is something others do as well. Don't want to ask the butler for something he isn't used to 🙂
  3. So it is "normal" to have your butler deliver drinks from the bar to your cabin?
  4. Have the same tour booked... was it worth it? When did it start?
  5. Different Question Markus: did you have an excursion booked for Malte? If so, did you need to fill out the EU Form (dPLF)?
  6. Thanks! Regarding Hola Tacos: can you get the beer on the menu (Desperados etc.) and the Frozen Magaritas with the YC/Premium drink package? I see myself sitting there eating one taco and having a dozen drinks 😜
  7. Hi Markus! Did you disembark yesterday? How did it go? Did you have to do another antigen test onboard?
  8. Hey Markus, seems my question went away with the power that night, so I bring it up again. Thanks.
  9. Please keep us updated what happened. I expect the sea wasn't rough during the night? Cause this could be an issue that can cause the power shutdown. Regarding music und full light: remember the Titanic? SCNR 😉
  10. Don't break the ship Markus, I will board in exactly two weeks! 😁 Marine Traffic also showed she docked at about 8AM so I hope everything is okay. Speed was reduced at 4.30 AM from 16-17knots down to 2-3knots within 1 hour. Then speed increased to almost 22knots which is a good sign. Internet was fast because at this time, most people sleep so you have it all yourself 🙂
  11. Thanks again! Looks better than what I thought. However, no GPS data in the uploaded pictures... any chance pointing out the beach on Google Maps? Your picture library on your phone should be able to do the trick.... sorry for asking, but I am soooo curious 🙂
  12. Thank you! Sounds good to me 😀 Do you maybe have the exact location of the beach (maybe through pictures you have taken)?
  13. Hey Markus, thanks for all the information so far. Can you give some more details how that beach thing works? I have booked it aswell, will be there in two weaks. Gerne auch auf deutsch - mich interessiert, wie das mit der Bubble funktioniert am Strand, wie lange die Anfahrt ist und wieviel Zeit man effektiv am Strand hat. Danke!
  14. Thanks. I wonder where the "big bottle" discussion started...
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