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  1. UniPac

    Bed by balcony or closet?

    Hello! I wonder if there is a rule on the placement of the bed - is it always by the balcony? We sailed in a S2 on Seaview deck 14 and it was next to the balcony which was nice. We will sail on Seaside on a regular Balcony cabin on deck 13 and wonder if the bed will be on balcony or what the rule is on alternating as we are used from Celebrity? Thanks! UP
  2. UniPac

    18 Drink Vouchers package

    Wrong. Currently on Seaview and I was buying vouchers for beer, wine, water and softdrinks. We also got the 12 fantastica vouchers.
  3. UniPac

    New Blu Menu ?

    Which ship? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. UniPac

    Classic Package Prices?

    So Bailey's is removed from the classic pkg.... again? Didn't they learn it last time? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. UniPac

    Celebrity Silhouette - current cruise?

    Thanks, I found the company even though I never heard of them, but it's a billion dollar company (therefor chartering not one, but two S-Class Ships at once :o) I hope they leave the ships in good shape :rolleyes:
  6. UniPac

    Celebrity Silhouette - current cruise?

    Okay so it is Reflection aswell - however, I didnt find the charter for . Can you give some hints regarding what to search for? You should have done as I and others did - ignore this post. And/Or hit the report button next to the posting if you think this post is problematic. PLEASE stick to the topic and help me satisify my curiosity :)
  7. UniPac

    Celebrity Silhouette - current cruise?

    Thx kimlovesfl. Did you hear anything about what kind of charter it is? Normally you can find anything about it if it is a special interest charter, but this time it is really "secret". Maybe a big company? Gesendet von iPhone mit Forums
  8. UniPac

    Celebrity Silhouette - current cruise?

    Make sense that even the itinerary is not listed anywhere. Would be interesting what kind of charter it is, often it is a LGTB in the med (was on the Equinox right after Atlantis cruise charter). How was your cruise? Anything I should know about "current" Silhouette?
  9. Hi all! As I will board the Silhouette in a few days, I wonder on what cruise she is now. Marinetraffic says she left Civitavecchia yesterday and is heading to Mykonos. But I can't find the cruise she is on right now and I didnt find a roll call. Is this a special cruise/charter she is doing right now? Thanks!
  10. UniPac

    Unexpected Benefit of Aqua Class

    We always book AQ and except for one cruise we always had noisy neighbors next to us. Some of them smashing doors/drawers etc. at 6am, the others laughing and chatting at midnight. The "one" cruise was amazing... We are light sleepers and yes we do use earplugs. But as we have learned on one cruise, it can be different. If it is worse on non-AQ... well good we didnt learn it the hard way :-) Sidenote: it would be nice if non-light-sleepers would care as much as we do about noise... Gesendet von iPhone mit Forums
  11. UniPac

    New Blu Menu ?

    This has been discussed many times. It depends on the ship, sailing date and staff if you can order from MDR or not.
  12. UniPac

    Sushi at the buffet?

    That's how it is meant. But as I said, we were offered cover charge from the first time. And when we didn't "eat enough" to make it worth, they automatically switched to "pay per item" without asking for it or calculating. Was it because we were in Blu? Or because doing B2B? Or because we were kind? I don't know, but I guess we weren't the only "chosen" ones so it IS possible. We love Sushi back at home, we loved it in Hawaii or in Sydney. And so we did in Sushi on 5 - it was really, really good. Friends of us have been on the Equinox two months ago and they went to Sushi on 5 several times because it was so good!
  13. UniPac

    Sushi at the buffet?

    It did include unlimited food but I think there were some specials on the menu that were still at a price (dont remember it any more). The cover charge was $40 pP as far as I remember.... or was it $50? We asked our Maitre'd from blu about Sushi on 5 and he made the reservation for us. So it might be something for AQ+ guests only? Just in case... I didnt know it is all about Summit in this thread so I thought it would be good to tell.
  14. UniPac

    New Blu Menu ?

    Of course I know I can order what I like. But with the old menu, it seemed to be "normal" to have 4 courses. Now it looks like 3 so maybe people who are new to blu will stick with 3 then... to balance it, I will from now on order 5 instead of 4 (and gain even more weight as I can eat it, believe me :'))
  15. UniPac

    Sushi at the buffet?

    And also no sushi at Silk Harvest menu since Sushi on 5. However, we loved Sushi on 5 - ate there three times on our 24days B2B cruise. And yes you can pay a cover charge instead of pay-per-item, but this is not promoted. As the OCV sushi was simple and we didn't like the crepes, to us Sushi on 5 is a big plus!