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  1. to add my 2 cents, we're booked on the star trans-atlantic from lisbon to rio, 14 days, in a suite. although they dont have a haven, the suites are nice, and i thought the prices for the suite category was very reasonable
  2. toddw2u: your chances of being up graded from a balcony to the haven especially if you intend to bid lower than the "poor" are exceedingly slim, but good luck trying, stranger things have happened
  3. for safety reasons, no cabins in any of the ncl ships provide irons.
  4. i think it should go without saying that people who book carribbean cruises are looking for the island experiences. obviously, some cruisers like you are not . i'm not knocking either your choices or grand stirrup caye itself, it's just another port where i wouldnt bother to leave the ship. if this is a "perfect day" for you, the only thing i can say is "ENJOY"!
  5. personally, i just feel that any cruise line that uses a port like gsc, harvest caye, or the ones utilized by carnival and rcl, is just wasting a stop. with so many different and beautiful carribbean islands, rich in culture, history, food and local goods, i'd rather see those then somewhere like gsc. i've posted before, sharing a beach with 3-4000 of my closest friends is not my idea of a good time. i'm staying aboard with a cold beer, chivas or a mojito, and if the stay in port in long enough, maybe all 3.
  6. with the drink package, you can order a drink wherever a rink is available
  7. contrary to the other post, we've been there twice, and for a 3rd time, i wouldnt even bother to get of the ship.
  8. bluesea777: that's reassuring, as we're booked on the star trans-atlantic nov 2022. i didnt have any complaints about the ship, just pointing out that in the past there had been mechanical problems. the thread asks opinion on worst ncl ships, we've been on a number of them, and i have no real complaints about any of them. just sailing to different ports on a luxury cruise ship, sitting on my balcony with a cold brew and watching the sunset, cancels out whatever problems may arise on board. the only minor mishap was when we were at the cocktail party for platinum, platinum + and the waitress didnt understand chivas regal. since that was the only problem after 18 separate cruises on ncl, i consider myself very lucky with absolutely nothing to b**ch about.
  9. while it's been awhile, and hopefully the problems have been fixed, but i find the star seems to have ongoing mechanical problems
  10. seems to me, if you want more privacy the haven sundeck wins hands down. also since youre in a haven cabin, there is no extra cost to you, so you dont need to pay for thevibe
  11. this may be the hard way to do it, but i would get on the website, click on the getaway, december and the type of cabin you want. it will direct you to choose your cabin number and you can then tell how many are available for each category. hope this helps
  12. this post,may or not help you. most cruise websites, suggest you arrive a day or 2 before the cruise actually sails. if youre flying into a port city, this gives you a little time to relax and unwind, if youre flying from a u.s. port to a foreign destination, this also give you a little time to explore the host city. that being said, even taking a red-eye to the departing port, i have never had a problem getting a cab to either the hotel or the port. i think they're usually cheaper than cost of the ncl shuttle. if i'm at a hotel the front desk can usually arrange some type of transportation to the port. only used the ncl shuttle service once, and i think it was $60 per person. we were in barcelona airport, had to wait for about an hour, and the shuttle had to stop and pick up passengers from each airline. took a cab from the following airports with no problems coming or going to either our hotel or the ship. miami,tampa, new orleans, hamburg, venice, barcelona, seattle , etc. also, i like making my own flight reservations, regardless of the bogo offers. i leave and return when i want, and stay at the embarkation, and disembarkations for as long as i want.
  13. this is funny, but unfortunately true. when my daughter was about 8 (she's now 50) someone jokingly told her if you send something back, they''ll spit in your food. to this day, she will never,ever send anything back.
  14. linswi, forgive me, but i am the eternal pessimist, and always see the glass as 1/2 empty. ncl told you the difference would be credited to you account. i dont have a lot of faith in their accounting procedures, and would take their advice with the ever slightest grain of salt. what will you do if the 14- 30 days pass and you dont get the refund or if the time of final payment passes and it's to late to change anything. i would play it safe, cancel the booking and immediately rebook at the lower cost. you could even try and totally upgrade your cabin if the difference isnt to great. it only takes a few minutes to get either a cancellation notice, and/or a booking confirmation by email. these posts are full of comments from people who have called ncl, gotten numerous responses and still been scr**ed. i suggest you protect yourself and dont rely on anyone from ncl. i dont distrust them, i just dont have a great deal of confidence in their system. what say you traveling man?
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