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  1. and you really think it's worth the money for a few hours? i'd rather book a haven suite, stay on board, have my butler take care of my needs, and fully utilize the haven amenities, and drink mojitos that being said, to each his own, i'm not trying to criticize anyone's use of their time, money or resources, its just personally i think gsc is a massive waste of time and a crushing bore and a major league rip-off
  2. that would make the answer even easier. sure, there's nothing i enjoy better than sharing a beach, and fighting for a chair, with a few thousand other close friends, even better with more than 1 ship in port. imagine all the fun you'll have waiting for the tenders to dock and return to the ship. have FUN. if i never see gsc again i wont be the least bit upset, and i'd much rather stay onthe ship and drink mojito's .and dont even ask me about the cabana's, what a rip off!!!!!
  3. im looking at the 10 day copenhagen to south hampton oct 8-18 2022, since my april 2021 has just been cancelled
  4. how benevolent of them. the poor folks still had to shell out $15000 out of their own pocket. and a surgery in a mexican hospital.. OMG!!!!! hope the people sued ncl
  5. we are booked on the spirit out of athens, on april 8th. as of this morning many cabins in all categories were listed as available, although i havent checked lately. i assume the cruise will be cancelled. are you certain this includes ncl cruises?
  6. i did some checking for you.. i tried google for rose whiskey, and nothing. i then checked total wine and more and the only things that came up was either 4 roses, or yellow rose wiskey. sorry i couldnt be of any more help
  7. been there a couple of times, for me and wife, it's much ado about nothing. i'd rather stay on the ship when it's not crowded, then share the beach with a few thousand of my closest friends. also , since this is a "tender"port, sometimes the seas are rough and the ship doesnt even stop there. having read a great number of these posts, i have noticed that many people love this port. me, meh!
  8. sorry, i gotta have a balcony. may be at sea for a number of days, but nothing beats sitting on the balcony with a glass of wine ,and watching the sunset. a number of haven suites have tub and separate stall shower
  9. just did the research 4 u. there are cruises from athens (7) june thru sept,
  10. easiest way to get this info: log onto ncl website. it will ask you to indicate what month, year, amount of days, and departure point. just fill in all the info, when it asks for departure, put in athens, venice or rome and they may all have port stops in athens. good luck. a few years ago we did a b2b from venice and one of the ports was athens. saw the acropolis, it's beauriful
  11. we're booked on the spirit apr 8th 2021 out of athens. still holding my breath, but waiting for the cancellation notice
  12. for years, i booked my ncl cruises through casinos at sea. one fine day i got a call from an ncl cruise consultant. i asked her if using her services would provide any different benefits than if i just continued booking on my own. although there really is no appreciable difference, when i tried to book on my own, sometimes it took over an hour to get through, then if you got disconnected, you needed to start the entire process over again. some of the people i had to deal with thru casinos at sea, didnt have the brains of an eggplant. happily, however, my cruise consult
  13. im sorry, i didnt come off as a joke, it came off as a rather tacky complaint. believe me, ive been on enough ncl cruises to have things to complain about... a free bottle of sparkling wine,however, isnt one of them. and if you actually read the quote, i indicated i have the butler swap it out for something more agreeable. i stand by my prior quote, no one is asking or forcing you to drink it. if youre getting something for free, and you complain, i call that ungrateful. i hope you liked all your christmas gifts and didnt complain about them
  14. WRONG!!!! there are a number of sushi dishes available and not just with the imitation crab. order a couple of bottes of cold saki and you wont even care if theyre serving goldfish
  15. (1) it's free, be grateful you're getting anything ( when ncl doesnt give out ice cubes in winter )(2) no one is forcing you to drink it (3) there is absolutely no reason to complain (4) we usually ask our butler if he can exchange it for something else, (my wife likes proseco) and they have always been most accommodating
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