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  1. Glad to hear that Gerry. Yes you are right , there are huge differences.
  2. As BVILady has kindly replied you need to compare the prices with the different websites yourself.
  3. Not as a rule. We did stay overnight in Monaco on the Dream many years ago. This was because there had been a bad storm in the Med and we had to miss Barcelona!
  4. Yes you are right. I was thinking about the good old days!! Possibly because I think about 500 people were doing the B2B. How are you doing Lynn and Dennis? I am booked on the Celebration TA Nov. 2022. Hope the ship is ready by then.
  5. It's official. Lift and Shift to 2022 allowed at same rate.
  6. Thank you for posting this. I just called Celebrity (booked directly) and was able to L&S Solstice TP from Sept 2021 to Sept 2022, same price. Had already L&S from Millennium Sept 2020.
  7. The Canadian Rockies are similar to the Swiss Alps without people.
  8. Yes I have done many B2Bs in Europe. Usually the last European cruise followed by the TA. Really great as you can relax on the TA. Often works out to be a 28 day cruise, 12 days in Europe followed by a 16 day TA. As sailingships mentions you get a fruit basket and bottle of champagne at the start of your second cruise.
  9. Generally the reason behind allowing wine to be brought on in Europe is for one to be able to enjoy the local wines. Just don't try to take on cases of wine!
  10. There was a cruise a few years ago that started in Athens. I think the Vista. Actually a problem getting there as there was an airport strike. Just announced a few days before the cruise. Ended up staying in Athens for 4 nights instead of 2 prior to the cruise. Great cruise.
  11. The French doors no longer open. The view also can be completely blocked by a lifeboat. I love the Miracle too.
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