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  1. Sorry but I am not much help to you. I actually cancelled about a month before the cruise when I saw what was happening on the Diamond Princess in Japan. This was of course after final payment but Costa allowed me to transfer the funds to a Med cruise later in 2020. Then transferred same funds to March 2022 Dubai to Marseilles. My flights had been booked with miles so I was able to get full reinstatements on both. Hotels were refundable.
  2. Also thanking you for sharing your experience.
  3. You are lucky to get a good deal. My solo quote with age and stable pre- existing was $900 for 18 days!!!
  4. I'm already booked on Celebrity Solstice Vancouver to Japan in Sept 2022. First time to Japan after being cancelled 3 times.
  5. Thank you. Great site and not an arm and a leg quotes either.
  6. I agree far too expensive. I did a TA on MSC Meraviglia in Sept.2019. Started in Copenhagen, stopped in Southampton, Belfast , overnight in Reykavik, Halifax ,St John's NB and ended overnight in New York. So didn't need an expensive hotel in New York. Paid $1300 solo . So a way to see Iceland. Not Greenland though.
  7. Deck 4 has the 4K cabins which used to have doors that opened onto the lifeboats. Now sealed shut. Classed as interior with windows with blocked view. Deck 5 has balcony cabins overlooking the tops of the lifeboats.
  8. Actually it looks like a Bi-Pap apparatus ,not connected to oxygen. His father was wearing an ALS mask in one episode so putting 2 and 2 together perhaps his mother had ALS. Very sad situation. She did seem to be enjoying spending time with her family. Should she be cruising during a pandemic is probably a decision not taken lightly by her family.
  9. Just checked there are also policies for USA travel. Covers Covid.
  10. I am sailing on the Costa Diadema in December. I don't have discovery but have Crave and the older series are on that. Seems like I have to get discovery now LOL.
  11. I have also been searching for travel insurance for a TA in December. Locally BCAA does not cover covid. Pacific Blue Cross does but really really expensive with pre-existing. My usual annual coverage with GMS does not cover cruise ships. I did a search with Squaremouth and see that they have Trawick International Safe Travel International, excludes USA.policy . Only single trips available but does cover covid. Evacuation $2,000,000 Medical $100,000 with the upgrade. ( I was searching for medical coverage only as not interested in cancellation) This policy obviously is no good for travel to the USA. https://www.squaremouth.com/
  12. I agree. Seems that Celebrity is doing the PCR tests on board for returning Canadians. Wish Carnival did it and then I too would be able to take advantage of these really low prices offered. Downloaded B.C. vaccination passport last night. Takes effect next week.
  13. Check your points. (Thank you Patrick for letting me know) Suddenly I have been elevated to perla diamonte. Hope it's not a glitch. Says points expire June 2022.
  14. A friend just returned from The Miracle and people were not wearing masks indoors and it was not enforced.
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