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  1. I wonder if this is just for the Med cruises. I was on the Costa Fortuna in March from Singapore to Rome and there was plenty of choice plus as I said the every day menu. Never had to pay an upcharge for the every day menu.
  2. I have only been on 3 Costa ships but there has been a lot more than 2 choices of main course. Would say a choice of fish, two or three meat choices and a vegetarian. There is also the everyday menu which consists of chicken breast, salmon, spaghetti with tomato sauce etc. This is MDR not pay restaurants. Have never had to pay extra on Costa. Not sure where Tenpin gets only two choices.. There has been tables for two and four and larger. As I sail solo I like to share larger tables. They do seat English speaking guests together. Breakfast in MDR is usually 8am to 9.30 am on sea days.
  3. I sailed with her on the carnival Spirit to Hawaii. You are right have not seen her posting recently. As others have said sail the older ships first before they are retired. I used to do TAs on all the new ships but they are getting too expensive for solos now. Now I sail MSC, Cunard ,Costa, Celebrity, Royal etc but Carnival is always my line of choice.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to do this review. Sorry to hear about your dog.
  5. Looks like a roll call has been started Costa Mediterranea 24 july from Amsterdam
  6. As usual BBC gets it wrong! Fancy showing a Costa ship! CONFIRMED: Scientology’s ‘Freewinds’ is the ship quarantined for measles in St. Lucia | The Underground Bunker Another thread. Cruise Ship Quarantined - Ask a Cruise Question - Cruise Critic Community
  7. The piu gusto package includes bottled water by the glass. I took a refillable bottle from home with me and filled it up from glasses at a bar to keep in my fridge in the cabin. It`s a great package and includes coffees cocktails liqueurs etc.. The new drink ginger mojito is really good. None of my tours were cancelled but some were changed possibly by the tour operator. There seems to be groups of Swedish German Danish guests who are included with the English tours. My cruises are always longer so cannot help you with the formal or theme nights.
  8. You will need to speak to the maitre'd about this too. Usually she would choose from the menu the day before. There are several 'every day " choices as well as choices for that day. Always a vegetarian option but that could contain cheese. Always a fish option too. It would probably be best for her to have lunch also in MDR as they can accommodate her restrictions better there.
  9. There are 2 set times for dinner on the Costa Fortuna 6.30 pm and 9.30 pm. When you board it will show on your cruise card which seating and table you have been allocated. If you want to change it see the maitre'd the day you board. The time he is available will be in the daily 'Diaro" I did not see any tables for two so you will probably be sharing. They do seat English speaking guests together.
  10. You are right free on Cunard ships. No need to ruin your clothes. Can wash and dry on warm or cool. The free D+ benefit is only good for tshirts underwear socks etc. Washed and dried on HOT. Carnival and Princess also has washers and dryers on several decks. Not free like Cunard though.
  11. How did you survive the long flight to Singapore? Any hints please.
  12. So it is only costing you 22 pounds each to upgrade? Is that each day or the length of the cruise? How long is your cruise?
  13. Last year on the neoRiviera they had a red and black night, Italian night ( red green and white) and a white night. No toga nights.
  14. National Express coach every time. Paid 13 pounds in Dec.
  15. Agree the Premier Inn West Quay. Paid just 25 pounds a night in December.
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