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  1. How long did airlines take to rebound after 9/11 and bring back normal traffic patterns and revenue? At the end of the day humans are the ones who invest in these companies, not robots. Humans make decisions based on emotions, this will not be a rebound stock anytime soon.
  2. As more reports start to come out about recent positive cases of covid-19 on their ships, expect class action law suits to start popping up which will be the nail in the coffin for this stock.
  3. This virus hasn't even peaked yet, do you really want to be on a boat in a few weeks? Airlines are suspending flights left, right and center.
  4. Considering Canada has banned any cruise ship from docking in its ports until July, I doubt you are going to Canada.
  5. Canada just closed its borders to non-citizans with 2 days notice. Don’t be so sure your alternate vacation country won’t do the same. We cancelled our land based Mexico trip hours before flying out. Airports are ghost towns except the arrivals hall from people trying to get home.
  6. You guys realize these are basically temporarily workers from 3rd world countries that have thousands of others lined up for a job. They work like 12+ hour days serving you drinks not because they love their job but because that’s all they could get to support their families back home.
  7. I can guarantee you more people have it then you think. In Canada they are reporting that 30 to 70 percent of the population will get it. Most of us will have that annoying itchy throat, maybe headache. We will pop a halls or Advil and go about our day. The people with underlying conditions or elderly won’t be so lucky. Unless we take drastic actions like quarantining major metropolitans like China, Italy and South Korea did, people will go on about their day. Look at the NBA player on the Utah Jazz who caught it, he said he felt fine to even play that night before they confirmed he had it.
  8. Dow Futures are down 1100 points, S&P down 121, I hope it’s just a knee jerk reaction..
  9. Oh man, those circuit breakers are going to explode come opening bell tomorrow. Absolute annihilation on the stock market.
  10. Folks I think it’s time to start thinking about cancelling those dream Euro cruises, especially the TA’s coming up. Just because you are healthy it doesn’t mean the people you interact with have the same immune system.
  11. Probably the latter, if we were talking ugly ship I would try to pawn off the Star. "Gently used, sometimes has propulsion issues, might strand you in some port. No low ballers I know what I have!"
  12. Why should you have to pay something? Even after government officials stating people should not get on cruise ships, cruise lines are still sailing and issuing "credits" with an expiry date. Either the cruise line cancels all cruises going forward in the affected areas or just like the FAA grounded the 737 Max, the Coast Guard issues a no sail order.
  13. Investors are about to take another bath with cruise ship stocks. This credit is all about keeping cash flow going and stop the bleeding. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/b-c-s-health-minister-urges-people-to-avoid-cruise-ships-as-start-of-vancouver-season-nears-1.4843586
  14. This should be like a flow chart. Are you over the age of 60 and have pre existing conditions, if so cancel. Are you healthy and under the age of 60 with no pre determined health issues, heavy smoker ect.. enjoy your cruise!
  15. Maybe I’ll be able to score a Haven upgrade for real cheap with all these cancellations.
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