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  1. Trust me they were hogging the loungers on Oceana Sirena too. It is not something that only happens on Crystal despite what some folks want you to believe
  2. I am so sorry for your loss.
  3. Actually it's now up to 135 cases. Scary.
  4. I am very surprised as even in the morning when I eat in the MDR, and ask for a chocolate croissant (which they don't keep in the MDR) they manage to go and get some for me. I don't have to ask in advance. And they arrive with a smile. Very strange. Each day in the Bistro I noted a few GF option on my Nov cruise on Serenity.
  5. Yes if I have been anywhere else but coming out of the bathroom, I do use the hand sanitizers as should everyone. If I inadvertently touch anything after coming out of the bathroom, I use the hand sanitizers.
  6. Say it isn't so that Erica is going to Endeavor. One of our favorite bar servers.
  7. The only time I don't use the hand sanitizers is when I've just come from the bathroom (after washing my hands and using the door handle tissues) and am going immediately to the dining facility. So there are a few of us who do have clean hands when entering the dining room. 😉 But I agree with you 100%. Even worse is seeing women give a cursory rinse in the washroom or just walk out without washing their hands. In this day and age, you'd think they know better.
  8. I am sure Crystal and all the other cruise lines have never encountered a situation quite like this. Honestly, cut them some slack.
  9. We will be on the June 19th Symphony cruise and look forward to meeting Raphael!
  10. No she didn't misquote. The ship is being quarantined off the coast of Japan for the next 14 days and the two upcoming cruises on the ship have been cancelled. Additionally the 10 passengers who have tested positive for the virus were taken off the ship and brought to local hospitals.
  11. We were on Symphony both in April and in July and on Serenity in November, and I have to agree with Keith.
  12. Well Mahogany suite size doesn't always tell the story either. Sometimes Crystal is cheaper. Yes Regent includes some tours but we've taken those tours and found them to be somewhat lacking compared to those you have to pay for or booking on our own. We don't consider them worth it. For example, here is a link to a 8 night cruise on Crystal Symphony in June of 2021. Penthouse fare with a butler is $6649 per person and the PH including balcony is 368 sq ft. https://www.crystalcruises.com/voyage/monte-carlo-to-barcelona-ocs210630-07#suites-and-fares Regent has a similar 8 night cruise on the Voyager in June of 2021. An H cabin including balcony is 356 sq ft and (their lowest priced cabin for that cruise) is $8,699 and that's only for a guarantee. https://www.rssc.com/cruises/VOY210612/summary#tabs
  13. One doesn't need to pay for wine on Crystal because their daily choices are quite good.
  14. You will have no problems meeting people. I'll be on the first leg of the trip too.
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