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  1. And unlike on O, when you're finished unpacking, they will actually put the bags under the bed for you!
  2. I've never heard of this happening.
  3. I log into the Crystal site, find the cruise and then click the link for Onboard. When you get to the Onboard page, there's a link that says View Entertainment Programs. See photo below. Click on that link and it will say who the lecturers are, etc.
  4. Yes you can ask your butler for a magnifying mirror. I always do as I can't see without my glasses. And yes you can bring a strip or ask for one.
  5. He's not. John Randel is slated right now to be on the cruise. While he's an excellent piano player, he's no Joel Spire, Colin Salter or Mark Farris. He plays music and sings. He doesn't really connect with the audience. At least he didn't on the Atlantic Crossing we just got off. (However he'd be terrific in the Cove!)
  6. Well if you're on the June 19th cruise, I hope you're wrong because we're on that cruise and not only do we normally eat late (8-8:30 PM) but also tend to like to stay up late in the Avenue or wherever there's entertainment.
  7. I don't think it has to do with adult or non adult beverages as I only order water. 🙂 And yes, I agree about always room for improvement. On every line.
  8. Serenity was in Port Everglades today?
  9. I developed an allergy to the Regent shampoo. As Keith says, you can't please everyone. I happen to like the Crystal shampoo.
  10. Not your favorite O line. When that other line fed me an egg salad sandwich with shrimp in it at tea time (I had asked the waiter what kind of sandwich it was and was told it was egg salad), I went up to the maitre'd to voice my concern that the waiters needed to be better trained as it could be life threatening to someone with a true allergy. (I have a shellfish sensitivity. Thankfully my only reaction would have been stomach cramps). The maitre'd was very blasé about my concern and his only comment was that he'd look into it. So I then went to the head concierge to voice my concerns. (About that and our unclean room when we first boarded). He listened to our concerns and I was told someone would get back to me. They never did. So when we got home, my SO wrote O to voice his concerns. That was 3 years ago. Never heard a word. Trust me when I say that if we have a concern, Crystal is all over it.
  11. Yes I had to wait a total of maybe 2 minutes for my drinks on the Lido deck. Such a long wait...NOT!
  12. Creamed spinach and in the other bowl caviar
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