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  1. Not anything negative about your post, as I know you just copied the info from NCL. BUT, on the facial and shave, what do they do if they finish in 15 minutes? Do it again until the time is up? And what could you possibly do to someone's face that would take 50 minutes? Other than plastic surgery. 🤣
  2. If it's okay for tailgating, it must be okay for a cruise.
  3. Our pool cabana on Harvest Caye was definitely worth the money. The service was excellent, had a nice picnic table to eat lunch at, was steps from the outer bar and restrooms, etc. Definitely better than sitting with the masses!
  4. As long as they do not run out of booze, you should be good. 🤣
  5. Stainless steel straws. Work great. Straws
  6. Yes, it is not looking too nice for the Meraviglia right now.
  7. And now the cruises along the Gulf and the southeast coast will scream for refunds too. TC 16
  8. She has company too. Based on the seas report, I would not want to be on either ship right now.
  9. Here is a good idea of how prices can change graphically.
  10. That's not a pork rind on that stick, is it??? 🤣
  11. Not really that rare. My wife had hers is less than 2 weeks as well. I hate to admit it, but I think this is something that the government is actually getting better at. 🤣
  12. When we went to St. Thomas, we went to Al Cohen's Discount Liquor Mall. We like to make Voodoo Juice with the flavored Cruzan rums made in St. Croix. We bought the max allowed for half the price we pay here in GA.
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