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  1. I guess my point is more directed at the people saying NCL should cancel all cruises and refund all money due to COVID-19. If that is the case, are we also going to cancel all school, close all offices, shut down stores, etc., etc.? Based on sheer numbers, the flu has been much more devastating this year, resulting in over 16,000 deaths, 250,000 hospitalizations and 26 million illnesses per the CDC. Should we have not shut down everything when those cases started back in September?
  2. We had a Haven CN certificate and a regular CN certificate and they let us use both as our down payment. The Haven was the one that actually equaled the required down payment to hold the cruise, and the regular was just used as a credit toward the final payment.
  3. The same could be said of ventilation systems in schools, office buildings, shopping malls/stores, etc.
  4. Best advice: Don't disembark! Do a B2B!! 😁
  5. Here is another one. Now ships are being denied in the Caribbean. Jamaica and Caymans deny cruise ship, industry stocks drop as coronavirus spreads
  6. It is not on the banned items list and it collapses to a size that easily fits in a suitcase. On our last cruise, I saw a few people who had the small "golf tournament" chairs with them in ports that they used while waiting in line for their excursions.
  7. Loved Harvest Caye. It was our favorite "port"!
  8. Just based on our Haven experience: 1. We arrived early and waited in line for Security like everyone else. As soon as we cleared Security, there was a special check in room for Haven. They then escorted us to a special waiting area with plush chairs and breakfast food to wait. We were the first people escorted onto the ship and were brought staright to the Haven Lounge. Very easy process. 2. Both my wife and I each had a carry on and each checked a large bag. 3. Once we were done with the Concierge introduction in the Lounge, we were able to drop our carry ons in our room, where we met our Room Steward. By the time we had finished lunch in the Haven restaurant, our room was ready. 4. The latest you need to board is usually 2 hours before sail away time. Other things: - Meet your Butler the first day and let them know what snacks you like and which you don't. They can work miracles if you get a good one. - We found the Haven restaurant better than the specialties. They will make you items that are not on the menu if they have the ingredients available. - We loved hanging out in the Haven lounge! Met some wonderful people that made our trip a great memory.
  9. Me, I just bring my own portable lounger. 😁
  10. This time of year is also not a very good time to hope for upgrades. The ships are booked out early and very few people cancel, so very little room for upgrades. There are other times of the year where you probably have a better shot.
  11. The shortest time it ever took to produce vaccines for a new strain of coronavirus/flu illnesses was three years. The article I read last night that included an interview with an official from the CDC was they were hoping to have something for this one in half that time (18 months). I really do not think it is possible to get something before late 2021.
  12. And that is why more and more families are home schooling. The schools are completely out of control and power hungry IMHO. Parents control their children's lives much better when they are home schooled.
  13. We did it even when our kids were in high school. My wife worked in the school district, so we notified all of the teachers well in advance that they would be gone and had them get all assignments due during that time to them a week or two ahead. They usually finished all the work before we even left on our trip. Did not seem to hurt either of them, as they both graduated as 4.0 valedictorians. I think the life experiences they had on the trips far outweighed anything they would learn in school during those days.
  14. I grew up in NY. I would never go on a vacation during Presidents week. I remember years ago we did that when I was a teen and everything in Florida was packed. Once my kids started school, we always pulled them out the second or third week of September for vacations. Never had an issue.
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