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  1. I have to wear a mask at work. All 17,000 of our employees do. I have no problem with it if it keeps us all from passing this thing around and then losing our jobs.
  2. First day on the Getaway, we had asked for a supply of M&M’s and cashews in our cabin. The butler said no problem on the M&M’s. but they did not have any cashews. He said he would see what he could do. I figured there was no way that would happen. When we reached our first port, he went into town and got us a huge supply of whole cashews. Filled a salad bowl sized serving dish and brought them to our cabin. Definitely above and beyond.
  3. Most of my family lives there and I agree with your assessment. Just like the cruise lines, the NFL announced a full schedule of games for Met Life starting in September and started selling tickets. BUT, who truly believes that they are going to jam 80,000+ people in there for three to four hours each game any time this year?
  4. This! With over 30 million workers unemployed, which directly impacts more than 60 million people, I do not see the masses returning to cruises for quite some time. Many families will take years to recover from this virus-induced depression, and many near-retirees have lost too much to ever recover. Luxuries like cruises are gone for the middle class for a long time. Only the wealthy will be able to cruise again.
  5. Savannah Yacht. 😁 https://www.yachtcharterfleet.com/luxury-charter-yacht-47976/savannah.htm
  6. People Express was the first “no frills” discount airline that formed right after Congress de-regulated the airline industry. They were based out of Newark, NJ. They basically invented the model that Southwest actually made successful. They were the first to charge for baggage and they even charged for soda in the cabin. It went bust in 1986 and the assets were bought out by Continental Airlines.
  7. For those who say NCL is too big to fail: Pan Am World Airways Trans World Airlines Eastern Air Lines Braniff National Airlines Continental Airlines People Express Airlines All of these were multi-billion dollar transportation companies that went bankrupt and disappeared. They were either liquidated, or their assets were bought by a different company. In business, never say never.
  8. Anyone want to buy a couple of Cruise Next certain for face value? 😂
  9. I plan to cruise again. Maybe 2026, if I get to retire.
  10. https://www.carnivalcorp.com/news-releases/news-release-details/carnival-cruise-line-announces-plan-phase-service
  11. The press is currently crucifying Georgia for reopening our economy. We had three deaths yesterday state-wide that were from Covid-19. Three deaths in a state of 10.62 million people.
  12. https://www.fool.com/amp/investing/2020/05/02/nothing-seems-to-go-right-for-carnival-royal-carib.aspx
  13. However, all passenger aircraft are required to have air filtering systems that remove viruses, bacteria, etc. Cruise ships do not. And the CDC has said that recirculated air conditioned air carries this virus very well.
  14. Your last statement is most likely. All of the cruise lines are in desperate need of cash. If they keep accepting deposits for cruises they know will not sail, and then tell people it will be at least 90 days to get a refund, the customers become short-term lenders for them.
  15. I do not see any way cruises are restarting in June. They would have to use ships to bring in new crew again, as almost every country has bans on flights outside their countries that will last through the summer at a minimum. Plus, where will they cruise to? No one is going to accept ships from the US anytime soon with the top infection numbers in the world, and most ports are closed anyway. They can’t do cruises to no where anymore due to the PVSA.
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